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Management Active Directory

New York, New York, United States
January 03, 2017

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Patrick J. Merkle

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New York, NY 10065

Home 212-***-****


Disaster Recovery, Change Management, Problem Management, Incident Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Client Services, Networking, Help Desk Support, PC software and Hardware Upgrades.

System Administration on various machines, network devices and Sharepoint.

Bank of America ITSM - ITIL Certified.

Merrill Lynch Six Sigma Certified.

Moved Trading floors and Data Centers.


Relational Databases, DHCP, Web-Ex, Tele-Presents, Windows Servers and Desktops, NT, XP, Windows 7,8 & 10, Mac, TCP/IP, SQL Servers, LAN/WAN, Midrange Systems, DNS, AirWatch, Active Directory, Networking, Software and hardware upgrades. CISCO Remote Connection, LogMeIn


Consulting New York, New York 2014 - Present

Tech Service Today @Capital Business Credit – Systems Administrator gradually building out disk arrays.

@Quadriga @60 Sixty Lex - Technical trouble shooter upgrading or repairing cable boxes for hotels.

@ KKR & Co. L.P. – Removed legacy/retired technical equipment from 10 IDF live datacenter closets.

AxA Professionals @Louis Vuitton – Desk-Side Level 2 Support configuring Windows7&8/Office 2010 desk and laptops with company profiles for deployment to remote locations. Image machines to support adverting monitors. Configuring cell phones with AirWatch. Maintain accounts via Active Directory. Used BMC Remedy to close out trouble tickets. Prepared and sent out equipment for store openings including but not limited to computers, monitors, I-Pads, point of sale printers, scanners, credit card pin pads and cash draw boxes.

NCS Global (Atos) @Towers Watson @LAZION – Desk-Side Support Imaging Windows7/Office2013 desk and laptops. Updating Active Directory and Asset Management databases. Use Atos system to accept, work and close out various tickets.

SA IT Services @Chicos @White House Black Market @SOMA – Upgrade cash registers and configure wireless printers and I-Pads so sales people can wirelessly ring people up on the floor.

@Bank of America – Move around trading desks with 11 monitors and special caballing to discourage insider trading.

@Monster Media/Macys/Guess? – Trouble shoot 9 screen monitor display replacing 46 Inch TV screens if needed.

Bartech Group @Dow Jones @New York Post - Tech Support in office space relocations.

AVP – Information Technology New York, New York 1990 – 2014

Bank of America – Merrill Lynch

Worked for Smith New Court that merged with Merrill Lynch and then was taken over by Bank of America. During my 24+ years of experience I worked for numerous different Directors mastering diverse job functions:

IT Service Management (Change, Incident, Release and Problem Management)

Visual / Audio Support for WebEx, Tele-Presents and Link for desk to desk or conference room meetings.

Performed Root Cause Analysis by looking over similar tickets that were auto generated or manually entered into the ITIL system to come up with a final solution to prevent reoccurring problems.

Mandated systems report into the Maximo Incident Management system to auto generate tickets for problems that included but not limited to Disk Full, Disk or CPU to Busy, Parts going out of service, Processes going down. Files for batch processing not received in the appropriate time frame.

Configured NEWS with a rotating shift where it E-Mailed and Paged the person on call. If after a given time frame the ticket was not claimed it went to the second support person and then the department manager.

Setup eSMART reports to show incident and change management statuses of opened and resolved items.

Configured IBM’s ITSM Business Model product with the migration from BMC Remedy to Maximo to handle Request for Changes, Work Orders and Incident Management.

Worked with the CAB to put together SEP’s so Change Requests would Auto Approve.

Constructed various automated reports off of the eSMART relational database for statuses.

Produced ADSF - Application Development Security Framework Control documentation for banks STRONG rating.

Disaster Recovery

Built “Test Scripts” that comprised of several sections: Test Objectives, Internal Support, External Support, Server Mapping, Integrated Detailed Test Script, Standalone Detailed Script, Network Information, Participant Contact Information, Dependency App Info and Version History Changes.

Constructed DR/BCP -Run Books on systems that included System Overview (Hardware & Software), System Overview, Dependencies, Recovery Procedures, Communications Overview, Quality Assurance Plan, and Contact Information. This included RPO-Recovery Point Objectives and RTO – Recovery Time Objectives.

Document Approvals, Test Scripts, Run Book and test results on a Sharepoint and Web Page.

Supported the power down and up disaster recover test of each data center once a year for electrical work.

Made sure each system had up to date documentation and tape backups at remote sites.

Configured IBM’s ITSM Business Model product with the migration from Remedy to Maximo to handle Request for Changes, Work Orders and Incident Management to prevent or minimize outages.

Executed the tests there were different check points and updated the Standalone Detailed Script that appeared on a dashboard for everyone to see. They included start and end times for: PHASE 1 - Pre-Test Preparation, PHASE 2 - Managed Shutdown of Production, PHASE 3 - Application functionality validation to Contingency Recovery Location, PHASE 4 - Managed Shutdown of the Contingency Recovery Location, PHASE 5 - Application functionality validation to Productions and PHASE 6 - Post Exercise Requirements.

Operations Supervisor

Supervised Operations staff during the day.

Covered night shifts when operators were on vacation or sick.

Had backups made to offsite storage devices or had tapes moved to remote places.

Made sure Batch job executed on time.

Achieved data to Microfiche.

Prepared employee evaluations.

Release Management

Documented the release on a Stratus Web page and Sharepoint site.

Organized weekly meetings to discuss changes needed and the best schedule for implementing them.

Tested releases with the developers. When the developers coded their changes in their DEV environment I had them move it to the Staging Area for testing. I Performed scripted install\fallback exercises testing out the code in a DEV-PROD environment.

Set up calendar invites and a bridge line with sign-off parties for the day of the instillation. Moved and installed code into the production environments. Performed final testing. Scheduled and monitored morning conferee calls when feeds became life.

Systems Administration

Constructed System and Application Alerts to open Incident Tickets with the ITSM System.

Produced Stratus Continuum documentation for the Sarbanes Oxley auditors.

Analyzed ACI MaxPro product to monitor the Stratus systems performance.

Administrated a Novel server with CC:Mail and On-Time software before upgrading them to Microsoft.

Evaluated and used PMRS, TP Solutions and TCAM tools to stress test Stratus equipment to evaluate what machine would meet growing business needs.

Administrated the Mac Server for User Accounts including Mail, Calendar and Data Storage.

Ran reports on phone usage and pulled recordings for trade disputes.

Executed many hardware, operating system and software upgrades.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

DeVry Institute of Technology Phoenix, Arizona 2/1988

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