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Programmer Analyst Management

Cincinnati, Ohio, 45231, United States
January 02, 2017

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Kenneth L. Lockett

**** ******** ****

Cincinnati, Ohio 45231-2341

(513) ***-****


I have over 23 years of data processing experience. I have been involved in all aspects

of the System Life Cycle Development process. Heavy enhance has been placed on analysis,

design, programming and testing. My work has been primarily on the IBM mainframe utilizing

both online and batch skills. I have had some exposure to the Client and Server environment.

I have had 10 years of US Army Reserves training experience in various duties.


Languages: COBOL, COBOL II, Easytrieve, Familiar with JAVA, SAS, Assembler, Front Page, Prime

Database: IDMS, DB2, SQL, IMS, Sybase, MS Access, DMS, DBMS, Dbase III


FTP, Connect Direct

Utilities/Command: Expediter, Fileaid, ISPF/TSO, Librarian, JCL, Panvalet, VSAM, Changeman


B.B.A. in Electronic Data Processing, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky, 1979.


Financial Administrator

Temple Church of Christ Written in Heaven, Cincinnati, Ohio 2000 – Present

1. Responsible for maintaining the church financial stability through GL transaction processing.

2. Responsible for overseeing contributions that are correctly entered and posted to the right Fund code.

Programmer Analyst

Keane Inc. /Metro IT Consulting, 2001 – 2002

1. Primary responsibilities for converting several Treasury Management (TMA) modules.

2. Head up the TMA Disaster Recovery process.

Programmer Analyst

Metro IT Consulting, 2000 – 2001

1. Coded, tested and developed the monthly reporting of the Multi-Rate Single Premium Fixed Annuity process.

2. Responsible for maintaining the online Agent Data Communication System. The environment for the project included COBOL II, CICS and VSAM running under OS/MVS/XA.

3. Responsible for maintaining the Advance Life Insurance System agent’s commission payment system.

Programmer Analyst

SSI/Theoris, 1997 – 2000

1. Responsible for interfacing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae investor reporting into the bank’s Mortgage Loan System using EDI transmissions into the Government Investor Reporting Agency.

2. Prepared time requirements analysis for Fees Phase II process to created General Ledger interface files.

3. Designed, coded, tested and implemented the conversion process of restoring Sub-Servicing Mortgage Loans.

Conversion Specialist

Millennium Dynamics, Inc., 1997 – 1997

1. Responsible for determining time and resource requirements necessary to make client’s systems, and subsystems year 2000 compliant.

2. Developed an Inventory Assessment from the client’s pertinent systems information.

3. Designed an Impact Analysis to reveal the time constraints, and personnel allocation needed to correct date pervasiveness.

Programmer Analyst

SSI, 1990 – 1997

1. Responsible for modifying, coding and testing MQ Series Managed Care Acceleration Program (MCAP) applications from Unix RS/6000 to IMS MVS mainframe.

2. Solely responsible for training, designing, coding and testing in a manufacturing/distribution environment applications for SYBASE Open Client/Open Server, ISQL, Powerbuilder, MQUEUE, DB2, CICS, COBOL II, VSAM and IDMS.

3. Responsible for developing, coding and testing a homeowner’s on-line inquiry System under time and cost constraints. Had an instrumental role in helping other team member’s code and test their homeowner’s new business and endorsement processing tasks. The environment for the project includes IDMS, CICS, COBOL II and ASSEMBLER.

4. Responsible for designing, coding and testing the Medical Decision and Provider subsystem of a Health Care system.

5. In a supervisory capacity directed the work efforts of several personnel on varied processes within the account maintenance history team, while at the same time redefining, coding and testing the separate and combine service process. Had sole responsibility for designing, coding and testing the account statement selection process. Played an integral role in calculating depreciation by spreading work order dollars to appropriate accounts in the Plant System. Accurately determining the remaining value of the company property saved a considerable amount of money. The environment for the project included COBOL II, CICS, SQL, and DB2 running under OS/MVS/XA.

Programmer Analyst

GE Consulting Services (GECON), 1984 – 1990

1. Developed dialogues for the Change Management Subsystem of the Engineering Assembly Configuration Management Test (ENACT) System ahead of schedule and under cost. Participated in the development and testing of two major subsystems within the Product Support Provisioning and Recommendation system (PROSPR).

2. Responsible for the designing and programming of an on-line Government Property System (GPS). All functions for the project were developed in IDMS ADS/O utilizing the AMDAHL 5990-1400 operating under OS/MVS.

3. Participated in the design, programming, implementation and maintenance of a Factory Management System (FMS) develop in Prime utilizing the Primos operating system .

4. Developed specifications for terminal code, and worked on both the coding and building of test cases for all shop transaction processing programs.

5. Designated an advocate for the software quality control review board (QCRB), due to my analytical ability to think through a given process or processes, and to adhere to the proposed standards. This allowed me to make recommendations for resolving any problems found in either the impact or code analysis processes.

Lead Programmer/Programmer

Ohio Casualty Life Insurance, 1980 – 1984

1. Designed, programmed, tested and implemented an automobile rating new business system. The environment for the project included CICS/DMS running under IBM 360/370 OS.

2. Solely responsible for designing, programming, testing, implementing and maintenance of a rate maintenance project.

3. Programmed, tested, implemented and maintained a rating system to calculate comprehensive and collision coverage rates for cars.


1. Twice awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding service and contribution.

2. Letter of Appreciation from client for valuable service.

3. President’s Leadership Award for IT Consulting Excellent.



Responsible for battalion and battery operations to include unit and individual training in mission essential task to ARTEP standards, both nuclear and conventional, maintenance management, security, supply accountability and administration.

Commanding Officer 1987 – 1989

1. Led team of up to 87 personnel with full responsibility for work assignments, scheduling, performance review, disciplinary action and long-term career planning/development/promotion.

2. Qualified in evaluating personnel needs and developing responsive training programs.

3. Spearheaded the analysis, operational test and review of incorporating the Battery Computer System (BCS), telecommunications and operating support systems to evaluate performance and reliability.

Battalion S4 1986 – 1987

1. Management experience in the strategic planning, staffing, budgeting, resource allocation and leadership of administrative, field, maintenance, equipment, technology, training and logistics operations battalion wide.

2. Administered up to millions in annual budgets to support operations battalion wide.

3. Extensive qualifications in the planning, development and leadership of occupational workplace and transportation safety programs supporting operations throughout the battalion.

Executive Officer 1985 – 1986, 1981 – 1983

1. Management experience in the strategic planning, staffing, budgeting, resource allocation and leadership of administrative, field, maintenance, equipment, technology, training and logistics operations battery wide.

2. Direct and decisive leadership qualifications with particular strengths in planning, performance improvement, quality improvement and productivity gain.

3. Equally extensive qualifications in safety training programs design and instruction.

Liaison Officer 1983 – 1984

1. Planned and directed cooperative operations between host unit and battalion in directing Forward Observer missions.

Fire Direction Officer 1979 – 1981

1. Strong communications, ability to remain cool, confident and clearheaded under stress.

2. Extensive qualifications in the planning, development and leadership of fire operation safety programs throughout the battery’s fire direction center.

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