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Engineer Project

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
January 02, 2017

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Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

Position(s) Held : General Manager / Sr. Project Manager / Engineer Area of Expertise : Oil & Gas Facilities, Power/Electrical/SCADA/DCS/SIS Email :

Mobile : +1 (403) ***-****

Nationality : Canadian

LinkedIn : Executive Summary

Registered Professional Engineer (APEGA) with +30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry including traditional Upstream E&P and Oilsands Projects with +20 years experience in international overseas Projects in the Middle East and Africa (Yemen, UAE, Syria, Sudan and Gabon) working with companies such as TOTAL, Imperial Oil, Shell Gabon and Talisman. Experience in Oil & Gas Facilities/Pipelines, Electrical Generation, Transmission, Distribution Systems and Automation Systems possessing strong Project Management, Business Development, Technical and Leadership skills. Have managed and coordinated multidiscipline engineering teams and activities in all areas of the Project Lifecycle including Concept and FEED, Studies, Preparing Estimates, Tender Preparation and Evaluation, Basic and Detailed Engineering, FAT, SAT, Construction, Commissioning and Handover to Operations Execution Engineer (Imperial Oil Limited/ExxonMobil: Kearl Expansion Project) Assist in Project Execution Construction/Commissioning activities providing engineering support for the MSF Buildings and KEP Main Plant Road Sr. Project Engineer U&O + Froth Treatment (TOTAL E&P Canada: Joslyn North Mine Project) Worked on preparing the Tender Documents for the four (4) main silos including Site Services and the MAC as part of the Client Project Management Team (PMT) on the Joslyn North Mine Project MLMR OPP Engineering Lead PMT (Imperial Oil Limited/Syncrude: Mildred Lake Mine Expansion Project MLMR $5.0B) As part of the Client Project Management Team (PMT) supervised Discipline Engineers and oversaw Contractors Scope of Work through Detailed Design of the Ore Processing Plant (OPP) and the 75kV Electrical and Instrumentation Scopes of Work of the MLMR Project General Manager (TG Engineering Inc. / YemCan, Sana’a, Yemen) responsible for setting up Engineering Office(s) in Sana’a, Yemen from a staffing level of 1 to 46 Personnel including Sr. Project Engineers, Discipline Engineers Sr. Project Engineers, Lead Discipline, Senior and Intermediate Engineers, Draftsman and Project Administration personnel. Responsible for Business Development in the region, handling and signing of Contracts and daily running and administration of the Company as well as Project Management duties of the various Engineering work Senior Project Manager (VECO) for Dublin Oil International (Syria) managing Facilities Projects including Produced Water Disposal/Injection, Casing/Vent Gas Systems and Electrical System Upgrade/Troubleshooting supervising a Team of eight (8) Discipline Engineers on a variety of Field Projects Lead Project Engineer for the (US$1.2B) Utilities & Offsites (U&O) with Bantrel Engineering for the Suncor Voyageur Upgrader Project (US$12B) responsible for the (US$110M) 34.5kV Electrical Distribution Substations and Systems and the Distributed Control System (DCS), Safety Instrumented System (SIS), Fire, Security and Machine Monitoring Systems

Project Engineer for (US$78M) Power Plant Projects consisting of two sites using 7 X 5.6MW Wartsila 18V32 and 4 X 2.5MW Wartsila 8R32 crude fired diesel gensets, plus a (US$21M) 66kV Transmission Line and 33kV Distribution Projects for the Petrodar Operating Company (PDOC) in the Sudan (Africa) Project Engineer for (US$42M) 29 MW Unity Power Plant for the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company

(GNPOC) as a Secondee to Talisman Energy in the Sudan (Africa) Project Engineer for (US$24M) DCS, SIS and Fire+Gas System (CAO) for Shell Gabon based out of West Africa Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

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Industries Conventional, Offshore and Oil Sands Production Facilities, pipelines, electrical power generation, transmission and distribution systems, and real-time SCADA / DCS / SIS control systems for the oil and gas industry.

Power Plant Generation, Transmission

and Distribution Equipment

Engines: Allens Diesel 4012, Wartsila 18V32 and 8R32, Rustin Turbines, Solar Turbine Gas Compressors

Network: 33/66/34.5/260kV Electrical Transmission and Distribution Network with associated switchgear, transformers and protection relay systems.

DCS Emerson Delta V, Triconnex, Yokogawa Centum CS, Foxboro I/A, Honeywell TDC 3000

SCADA: PC Based Intellution FIX, USDATA FactoryLink, Wonderware InTouch SCADA: Workstation Based HP RTAP/PLUS, Valmet OASyS SCADA: RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) DATEK 8000 Series, Willowglen 2000 Series, other Custom RTUs PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) Standard: A-B PLC-5 and Siemens SIMATIC S5/S7 Safety: Pepperl+Fuchs and Triconnex TMR

Electronic flow measurement devices

(flow computers)

Bristol Meci Flow Computers

Software languages C, FORTRAN, Pascal, PLM-80, PLM-86, Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0

Assembly languages Motorola 6800/6809/68HC11, IBM 360/370, PDP-11, Intel 8085/8086/8748/8051

Operating systems DOS, HP-UX, OS/2, UNIX, VMS, Windows, Windows 95 and 98 Hardware platforms DEC VAX, HP 9000, Intel x86, PDP-11 Network technologies (LAN/WAN) Ethernet, Internet, Novell, TCP/IP, Token Ring Development of Training Courses Designed and prepared Course Material for the 5 day RTAP Training Course offered by HP to developers in order to design, configure and program systems based on the RTAP platform. Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

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Formal Education

B.Sc., Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

Specialty in Computer Science

1986 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA Additional Oil and Gas Training

H2S/BA Awareness Course SN: 40561 2008 Venture Gulf Training Centre, Doha, Qatar Introductory Courses on GeoScout 2008 GeoScout, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA WHMIS Training, OSSA Regional Orientation

Program, Upgrader Familiarization, TransAlta


2006 Bantrel Engineering, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA Introduction to the Western Canadian

Sedimentary Basin

2005 Aryton Exploration Consulting, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Evaluation of Canadian Oil and Gas Properties 1999 Sproule, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)


Employment Details

Imperial Oil Limited

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

July 2014 to October 2015

Execution Engineer: Kearl Expansion Project – Infrastructure Projects

Part of Client Project Management Team (PMT) providing Construction Management Team (CMT) support and assisting in resolving engineering issues for the MSF Buildings including Site Mechanical Maintenance Shop BLD-601D, Heavy Duty Wash Bay BLD-605 and Admin/Locker BLD-201/225

Provided Commissioning support for the MSF Buildings TOTAL E&P Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

November 2013 to June 2014

Sr. Project Engineer U&O + FT : Joslyn North Mine Project

Part of Client Project Management Team (PMT) preparing Tender Documents for the four (4) main silos including Site Services and the MAC for the Joslyn North Mine Project

Worked with various internal groups to review scope and contracting strategies

Assisted Basic Engineering Project Team as required for yel low-off Plant design reviews

Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

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Employment Details

Imperial Oil Limited

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

June 2011 to August 2013

MLMR OPP Engineering Lead PMT: Syncrude MLMR Project

Part of Client Project Management Team (PMT) supervising Client Discipline Engineers to oversee Contractors (Krupp) Scope of Work through Detailed Design of the Ore Processing Plant (OPP) including Double Rolled Crushers, Surge Bin Feed Conveyor, Surge Bin and Slurry Preparation Plant consisting of a Wet Stack of Secondary and Tertiary Sizers

Responsible for the all Electrical & Instrumentation Technical and Project related activities for the $5.0B Mildred Lake Mine Replacement Project (MLMR) for Syncrude

Responsible for the Technical aspects of the D05 Substation DCS Upgrade and 12 X 75kV Substations and Transmissions Lines

Responsible for the Electronic Control & Management Systems (ECMS) and integration into the main DCS system and Substations

Responsible for the Fiber Optic and Communications Systems integration into the Substations

Responsible for Co-ordinating Project efforts in the OPP area for the Crusher, Feed Conveyor, Surge Bin, and Slurry Preparation Plant in the Electrical and Instrumentation areas

TG Engineering Inc.

Sana’a, Yemen

May 2008 to January 2011

VECO Engineering for Dublin

Oil International (Syria)

Hasseka, Syria

April 2007 to August 2007

General Manager

General Manager responsible for setting up the TG Engineering Inc. Sana’a Office to provide Engineering, Construction and Procurement services to Oil and Gas Companies operating in Yemen.

Grew the Office from an initial head count of 1 up to a peak staffing level of some 46 personnel including 25+ Expats including Sr. Project Engineers, Lead Discipline, Senior and Intermediate Engineers, Draftsman and Project Administration/Support personnel

Increased revenue from zero to seven figure annual revenues

Responsible for Business Development, handling and signing of Contracts and daily running and administration of the Company, preparing and managing Change Orders

Sr. Project Manager on a variety of projects including overseeing the development of Studies, Conceptual/FEED and Detailed Design for various Facility and Pipeline projects for various clients including TOTAL, DOVE, Calvalley, DNO and OMV

Projects include, but not limited to, Basic/Detailed Engineering for Gas Supply System, Pipeline/Facility Studies, Produced Water Disposal and CPI Separation, Truck Offloading Facilities and Procurement Services

Sr. Project Manager for Client OMV on Basic Design for Gas Gathering System/Facilities and Pipelines for their Project in Yemen

Sr. Project Manager for Client TOTAL Gas Plant to process gas to pipeline spec to run 30MW Reciprocating Power Plant to provide power for local facilities Senior Project Manager

Responsible for overseeing development of Facilities Projects including Produced Water Disposal/Injection, Casing/Vent Gas Systems and Electrical System Upgrade/Troubleshooting for both the Tishrine and Oudeh Oil Fields of Dublin Oil International based in Syria

Supervised a Team of eight (8) Discipline Engineers performing the Technical portion of this work

Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

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Employment Details

Bantrel Engineering

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

February 2006 to April 2007

Lead Project Engineer – Utilities & Offsites (U&O), Suncor Voyageur Project

Responsible for Technical Project Engineering related activities on the $2.2B Suncor Voyageur Upgrader Utilities & Offset Project which was awarded to Bantrel

Responsible for overall Plant Layout, working with Piping Discipline to optimize Plant Layout

Responsible for the overall $110M 34.5kV Power Distribution Main Substation and eleven (11) Substations for the Suncor Voyageur Upgrader Project

Responsible for the Main Automation Contractor (MAC) suppling DCS/Fire/SIS systems

Responsible for leading both Project + Technical issues of the Project, managing the Discipline Engineers and their Team of Engineers, Designers and Draftsman Petrodar Operating Company


Khartoum, Sudan

September 2004 to

September 2005

Project Engineer - Power Projects

Responsible for the overall Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Projects for PDOC, including a 10MW crude-fired diesel station at Al Jabalayn, 40MW crude- fired diesel station at Palouge, a 70km 66kV transmission line, 33kV distribution lines to oil wells, and two (2) 33kV substations

Duties similar to those for GNPOC (described in full detail below) Greater Nile Petroleum

Operating Company


Khartoum, Sudan

April 1999 to

August 2004

Project Engineer - Power Projects

Responsible for the overall Power Generation Projects of GNPOC, including preparation of the Load Forecast, review of feasibility studies, front-end engineering, specification, tender, detailed design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of the 29MW Unity Power Plant Project (US$42M, Phase 1) located in Unity field, consisting of 5X18V32 Wartsila crude-fired diesel gensets, switchgear, control room, tank farm and crude processing facilities. Phase 2 added an additional three (3) gensets with a budget of US$27M. Diffra Power Plant is a new Power Plant for the Diffra field in Block 4, and the Heglig 7&8 Upgrade added an additional two (2) 3.5MW Allen Diesel gensets to the existing six (6) gensets in Heglig Power Plant

Responsible for the provision of a 10MW rental power system (from Aggreko) to provide temporary power during the construction phase of the Unity Power Plant in o rder to meet production targets

Responsible for overseeing and reviewing the conceptual/basic design of the overall network basic design including short circuit, load flow, motor starting and protection studies, prepared by GNPOC’s technical power consultant (PB Power) in addition to overseeing the front-end engineering for the specifications of the power generation, transmission and distribution systems

Responsible for electrical modifications to facilities, consisting of five (5) crude oi l processing plants and 200+ oil wells, with ongoing modifications to improve the performance of the electrical system, including the installation of autoreclosers, the study, recommendation and implementation of retrofit modifications to well site power lines in order to increase reliability and provide support to other projects including the initiation of an ESP Harmonic Study to study the impact of harmonics caused by ESP VSDs on the overall electrical system providing support to Production Department Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

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Employment Details

ACM Automation Inc.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1997 to 1999

SCADA / SIS Project Engineer

Performed safety integrity studies for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) using the ANSI/ISA-S84.01-1996 standard

Prepared a risk matrix, which was used during a process hazards analysis in which Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) were assigned

Reviewed current SIS designs, using the simplified equation approach (ISA dTR84.0.02

– Part 2) and CaSSPack reliability modelling software, and made recommendations, prepared proposals, conceptual designs, and specifications for tender

Prepared project execution plans for national and international SCADA, safety, and telecommunications projects

Prepared SCADA specifications for gas pipeline in Libya, which consisted of 60 RTUs and a host SCADA system

Shell Gabon

West Africa

Gamba, Gabon

Amersfoort, Holland

Camberley, England

1992 to 1995

DCS / SIS Project Engineer

Responsible for conceptual design, specification, tender preparation, detailed design, procurement, construction, implementation and commissioning of the Computer Assisted Operations (CAO) DCS/SIS Refurbishment Project (US$24M) which included the installation of a new Yokogawa DCS system, new Pepperl+Fuchs SIS system, and replacement of all pneumatic instrumentation with electronic instrumentation for the Shell Rabi oil field in Gabon, West Africa and served as liaison for vendors, design team, and operations representatives

Prepared and reviewed Technical Specifications and Tender Documents with Fluor Daniel engineers in Camberley, UK

Evaluated Vendor Proposals and submitted recommendations to Shell Gabon’s Tender Board, and reported to Shell Gabon’s Senior Management

Prepared detailed Technical Specifications including a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the Yokogawa Centum CS DCS, and a detailed RS-232 Serial Interface Technical Specification to transfer data from various vendor packages (including Pepperl +Fuchs emergency shutdown system (SIS), Bristol-Meci metering skid, and Power Management System) to DCS

Provided technical consulting for software application configuration, including well testing and automated export pump configuration used to meet contractual shipping agreements

Willowglen Systems


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1991 to 1992

SCADA Software Engineer

Troubleshoot, designed and implemented software enhancements and bug fixes for new and existing SCADA and RTU projects

Installed a 3.11 Novell network and Developed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) procedures and documentation

Upgraded an RS-232 serial communication to a “Laptop-to-RTU” communication program, and verified automatic well testing and flow calculations for an existing SCADA installation in Liaohe, China


Canada Limited

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1988 to 1991

RTAP Product Support Engineer

Provided online technical support for HPs RTAP/Plus SCADA software development package used by OEMs to create custom Data Acquisition applications in a variety of industries

Developed five-day RTAP programming course for system developers, including support software and course material

Taught the RTAP programming course to customers onsite in Calgary, Palo Alta, Houston, Zurich, and Barcelona

Todd L. Wunderly, P. Eng.

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Employment Details

DATEK Industries


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1986 to 1988

SCADA Software Engineer

Designed and programmed real-time process control software for industrial oil and gas Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and SCADA systems in a variety of hi gh level and assemble languages

Designed, developed, and programmed application software for an ASCII serial interface unit protocol converter, a power-fail temperature-averaging computer, ASCII RS-232 serial data communications protocols, floppy disk management software, and various operator interface commands

Prepared functional design specifications and test procedures for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and performed FAT tests

Organized, prepared and wrote system management documentation including Operating Manuals, software, and hardware documentation

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