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Senior software Engineer

Faridkot, Punjab, 151203, India
13 LPA
January 01, 2017

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Ajay Sharma

C.No - 767*******.

Current Location - Mumbai

Email : Skills

● Languages : PHP, Javascript, C#, C++(intermediate), Java, jquery, Ruby

● Databases : Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Solr(intermediate)

● In-memory databases : Redis, Microsoft Appfabric, Memcached.

● Web Frameworks : ExpressJs, Sailsjs, Cakephp, AngularJs(1.4), LARAVEL, ROR, ASP.NET MVC,Jquery.

● Analytics :ELK, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Logstash(http, kafka, lumberjack ), Shield, alerting, Marvel, Sense.

● Backend REST frameworks : LARAVEL, StrongLoop, Microsoft WCF, C++ COM(with C# web service wrapper).

● Automated Deployments : Gruntjs, Windows Powershell, WIX Installers, Saltstack.

● Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, Node Js HTTP server, IIS.

● HTML templating engines : Razor, Jade, Blade, Rails

● Cloud Infrastructure : AWS-EC2, AWS-S3, AWS-CloudFront, AWS RDS, AWS ElasticCache.

● Network Messaging Queues - MQTT, Mosquitto

● LDAP, Windows Active Directory setup, configuration and integration with multi admin user system for application deployments.


Mindcrescent wellness private ventures,Mumbai- Senior Software Engineer June 2016 - Till Date

● Maintaining current ASP.Net application, MS-SQL.

● MQTT broker(Mosquitto) and client implementation for communication with other MQTT brokers for third party integrations with ASP.NET application.

● Windows service implementation for MQTT broker client job.

● Refactored current app to Ruby on rails.

● UX - conceptualizing product roadmap.

Fitternity Health E-Solution Pvt Ltd,Mumbai- Senior Software Engineer March 2016 - June 2016

● Rolling Builds(SQL/No-SQL) for data backups, data sync across multiple databases.

● Jquery SPA implementation.


● Redis Cache implemenation.

● Kibana implementation on and in house implementation of logstash on 10 million documents growing at speed of 100k documents/weekly

● Elasticsearch.

● Data pipelines integration with other systems.

Pivoting Softwares Pvt Ltd(, Ahmedabad - Senior Software Engineer Dec 2015 - March 2015

● Cakephp, Angularjs, MySQL.

● Database migrations, modelling from SQL to NoSql for platform migration.

● Email scheduler implementation using Resqueue.

● Third party software integrations using OAuth on slack, zendesk, Github. Fitternity Health E-Solution Pvt Ltd,Mumbai- Senior Search Engineer. July 2015 - Dec 2015

● Full stack development role - but more oriented toward backend architecture and implementation.

● Data pipeline design, implementation, data-modeling for MongoDB-Elasticsearch multi node cluster.

● Build Indexes MongoDB, automated deployment scripts, security, Authorization.

● Business Analytics Aggregations implementation on MongoDB for 1.5 million events documents of 25 types.

● Elasticsearch score relevancy implementations(groovy scripts), function score, context switching of search.

● Single page application implementation in angularjs + angular material + expressjs, performance optimization, scaling.

● Search functionalities, ecommerce autocomplete, scoring relevancy, aggregations, build indexes Nosql(Elasticsearch, MongoDB).

● ELK and EK(in-house implementation of logstash) implementation for analytics, insights, funnels, targeted marketing, coherents on user events data.

● Logstash lumberjack input implementation to parse apache server logs.

● REST backed in LARAVEL and MongoDB.

● OAuth Server implementation on password type grand for different clients Mobile App, Web App, Admin backend.

● SE optimization,,automated deployment for node apps, defining business entities and modelling them both for multiple NoSQL databases. July 2013 - June 2015

Wipro Technologies Ltd, Pune- Project Engineer for SYNCADA(US Bancorp).

● ASP.NET MVC application, WCF SOAP SOA, Windows Service(Background job). 3

● Entity Framework, .NET 4.5.

● Cache Implementation on multiple layer between data models, business domain models and service contracts.

● Microsoft Appfabric(2 node cluster) implementation in SOA architecture for business model caching.

● Elasticsearch - search engine implementation with near realtime data sync with MS SQL.

● Load testing elasticsearch cluster for bulk indexing.

● MS-SQL stored procedures, service brokers, triggers, tmp storages implementation on distributed and multi-databases data system.

● Indexer Job(windows service job) to sync realtime data and bulk(in event of disaster) upload to ES cluster.

● WIX installer for deploying/configuring/environment preparation of web apps, backend service, elasticsearch, JVM.

● Windows Active Directory(LDAP) integration with Elasticsearch shield for role based authentication.

● Security elasticsearch clusters - ssl, authentication, authorization.

● B2B search functionality layer implementation in C#.

● Build Manager for deploying daily builds to development, integration and Q/A environment along with maintaining/updating/modifying build scripts for daily requirement.

● SOAP service implementation in WCF, C++ COM.Reverse Engineering from C++ COM to WCF.

● Automated Data Sync between Microsoft -SQL server and Elasticsearch with real time indexing using MS-SQL service broker, triggers and windows service.

● SQL database script to fix/move/remodel data for re-engineering legacy application.

● Maintaining queue system and batch jobs on 150 million documents to sync data between across all databases(sql/nosql) in application.


● Awarded Certificate of Recognition for Inspiring Performance by Account Delivery Head, BFSI, Wipro Technologies Ltd.


● Music(60-90 rocks), Sufi Music, Reading Economy News, Watching old cricket test matches.

● Exploring new technologies, libraries on github for data-analytics. References

● Reference will be provided on request.


● Linkedin - h ttps://


● Stackoverflow -

● Github -

Academic Projects/Trainings

● 500 Megawatt stator bar manufacturing assembly line at BHEL, Haridwar.

● Power Transformer Protection using Wavelet Transform based Energy Function, Manipal Institute of technology, Manipal.


June 2009 - June 2013

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal - Electrical and Electronics Engineering 6.7 cpga with Major in Electrical Machinery, Power System Design, Solid State Drives, Digital System Design, Power Electronics.

April 2008 - April 2009

D.N Model Sen Sec School, Moga(Punjab) - All India Senior School Certificate Examination,

85% in PCM.

April 2006 - April 2007

D.N Model Sen Sec School, Moga(Punjab) - All India Secondary School Examination 86% .

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