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Process Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Engineer, Engineering

Sachse, Texas, United States
October 10, 2016

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Engineer in Training (EIT) and graduate of ABET-accredited bachelor’s in the chemical engineering program backed by three years of accumulated professional experience in process system design and analysis for oil and gas production facilities.

Process equipment experience includes pumps, pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, high pressure piping systems, fire protection systems, pressure-relieving and depressurizing systems.


Engineer in Training (EIT) Certification, License 54597, Texas Board of Professional Engineers 2016

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, The University of Kansas (3.53 GPA) 2010 to 2012

Honorable Award - The William Cunningham Award (AIChE National Student Design Competition)

Won 1st place in a prestigious national design competition (team category).

Delivered a compelling, innovative, and economical method for brewing non-alcoholic beer in the form of a retrofit to an existing brewery.

Attained an internal rate of return of 40% for the plant design with a production capacity of 30,000 BPY.

Engineered an Ethanol Recovery Unit to recover ethanol byproducts, reduce environmental impact, and add $173,500 annually to the project revenue.

Collaborated with team members to meet project objectives and deliver high quality standards on time.

Conducted a comprehensive IRR-based economic analysis in according to the methods of Blank and Tarquin.

Designed a micro-scale plant of the brewery to provide research and development of new products.

Established safety procedures for workers working in close proximity to high pressure operating equipment.


Application software:

Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Flare System Analyzer, Honeywell UNISIM, Navisworks, MS Excel/Word/Power Point, ChemCAD, MathCAD, Polymath, MATLAB, ENARDO Soft Calc II, Master Flo Sizing, Dresser Consolidated SRVS, Pentair PRV Size

Industrial Codes/Standards:

API RP14C/E/G, API 520 Part I/II, API 521, API 2000, ASME B31.3, ASME Section VIII


Process Flow Diagram, Piping and Instrumental Diagram, Piping Isometric Diagram, Safely Analysis Flow Diagram, Process Safeguarding Flow Scheme


Waldemar S. Nelson & Company Inc., Houston, TX 2013 to 2016

Process Engineer II

Implemented the principle of chemical processes to separate components of liquids and gases.

Prepared complex engineering deliverables including the flare and vent system evaluation, heat and material balances, process safeguarding memorandums, emergency blowdown time, firefighting study and utility systems.

Provided recommended actions or mitigation plans after receiving hazard concerns from clients.

Utilized process modeling tools to provide data for analysis, equipment sizing and field operations.

Provided process input data for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation inquiry packages.

Performed advanced engineering calculations following codes and standards pertaining to the Oil and Gas industry.

Sized pressure relief devices, piping, separators and control valves.

Computed gas temperature, hydraulic pressure drop, NPSHa and water hammer pressure rise.

Engineering Weight Management SPA

Oversaw estimated weights for offshore projects from manufacture weight and drawings.

Provided Center of Gravity (VCG) by work pack to the Topsides Project Team Weight Management SPA.

Collected mechanical design information from Vendor/Manufacture and Piping Isometric Diagram.


Shell Western Exploration & Production Inc. L. P. 2015 to 2016

Permian Water Recycle Facility

Functioned as a process engineer for the design and construction of a centralized water treatment, a 310,000 BBL fracking water storage facility, and pipelines delivering fracking water to well pads.

Responsible for the development of Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrumental Diagrams and Process Safeguarding Flow Schemes.

Shell Exploration and Production Company 2013 to 2016

Coulomb Low Pressure Conversion

Successfully completion designed for the conversion of the Coulomb Gas Production System.

Performed a debottlenecking study to upgrade the system capacity to 60 MMSCFD gas and 10,000 BPD oil.

Constructed complex HYSYS model of the Na Kika platform to evaluate the impact of the modifications and the additional equipment on topsides.

Identified overpressure scenarios and calculated relief loads for pressure safety relief valves protecting downstream process equipment.

Coulomb Phase 2 Redevelopment

Developed project deliverables for the process design of a multi-million dollars mega project.

Reviewed vendor calculations for equipment packages.

Evaluated relief and blowdown systems together with the existing flare system.

Determined Process Safety Times by simulating overpressure scenarios from the dynamic models of Aspen HYSYS.

Jordan Oil Shale Company B.V. 2013 to 2015

Jordan Field Experiment Project

Prepared engineering documents throughout Front End Engineering Design and Detail Design phases.

Managed Specification List, Piping Component List, Line List, Valve Count and Equipment List.

Esso Exploration & Production Chad Inc. 2013 to 2015

Crude Firing Project

Designed crude oil treatment process based on data collected in laboratory experiments.

Prepared commissioning procedures that included detailed instruction for startup, shutdown, purging, and testing the functionality of the equipment and instruments.

Sized and selected pressure and vacuum relief devices for atmospheric storage tanks and pressure vessels.

Provided Control and Alarm set points.

BP American Production Company 2013 to 2014

Galapagos Area Development

Involved with ongoing gap analysis and development of BP Global Practice Technical Standards.

Provided detailed comparison of the requirements from existing BP specifications and the new BP standards.

Worked with multi-disciplinary engineering team to incorporate new requirements into existing Galapagos specifications.


University of Kansas - Pharmaceutical Honors Research 2010 to 2012

Student Research Assistant

Published “Interface Induced Disassembly of a Self-assembled Two Component Nanoparticle System” article.

Studied interfacial phenomenon in biological amphiphilic molecules using both experimental techniques and theoretical analysis to understand the dynamic of self-assembly at cellular interfaces and in bulk systems.

Engineered nano-materials and lab instruments to measure the viscosity of various organic and non-organic media.

Collaborated with research teams to invent methods of safely injecting nano-particle rods to microstructures of cell tissues.

Developed MATLAB programs to analyze large data files and execute reports to the users. Integrated a friendly user interface to import inputs that support Excel, Origin, and MathCAD files for successive calculation operations.

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