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Administrative Assistant Real Estate

Baldwin, New York, United States
$56,000.00 - $110,000.00
October 10, 2016

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Ronapam Weissman

**** ******** *****

Baldwin, New York 11510-5012

Telephone #516-***-**** / Cellphone #516-***-****


Utopia Abstract Corp. Flushing, New York 1976 – January 2016

Title Examiner; Title Reader, Title Clearance Officer, Title Closer, Title Attorney

Familiarity with transactions, including feofments and leaseholds, with multiple parties (i.e. “Sire Plan” with 1/36th of 1/600th interests), and multiple properties; air rights, subterranean rights and development rights; Letter’s Patent, Lands under water, Lands Adjacent to Lands (previously) under water, title to the beds of Navigable Waterways, rivers, creeks, (vernal) streams, lakes; “Ground” Leases, Subleases, Lease Assignments, Extensions, Surrenders, Modifications, Lessor’s/Lessee’s Consents and more.

A party may be an individual, corporation (general, religious, not for profits, formerly subchapter S corporations, former cemetary associations and more), partnerships, limited, LLP’s, LLC’s, governmental and quasi-governmental entities, Referee’s in Bankruptcy or Foreclosure, Sheriff’s and/or Marshall’s with respect to Debtors or (criminal) Forfeitures upon court order, trusts, estates, and more

Condominiums, Co-operatives, Planned Unit Developments, Developers, Sponsors, Substitute Sponsors, Subordinate Substitute Sponsors, RPL Section 339eee(i)(i)(i) Affidavits, Unit Resales, Lease Assignments or Surrenders

Covenants and Agreements with respect to UCC, Security Agreements, Pledge Agreements, Assignments, Mortgages; Severance, Splitter, Consolidation, Spreader, Releases, Subordination and other Modification Agreements.

Bridge Loans, Mezzanine structured financings and Preferred Equity Loans.

Fixed Rates, Adjustable Rates, Deficiencies, Negative Amortization, Credit Lines, Revolving Credit Lines, Reverse Loans and Mortgages.

New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk counties Industrial Development Agency transactions through the issuance of Municipal Bonds to close.

U.S. Housing & Urban Development, The City of New York, Subsidy Bonds, Subsidy Mortgages and other low and middle income housing development projects.

Research and reference services; due diligence.

Pictorial drafting and mapping; Determination through drafting of filed map overlays and gores; Royal Dutch Patents for British Royal Patent gores (WTC); Surveys and Survey Readings.

Reading, drafting and examination of collateral documentation.

Classification of writings, instruments and documents;

Dispute resolutions.

Individual and group interactions with clients and others.

Duplicating and varying recordable instruments for concurrent multistate and multiple county recordings, including applicable apportionments for and/or prepayments of transfer taxes, if any. HUD1’s, Escrows & Reports of Closing.

General office tasks and administrative duties.

Ronapam Weissman, Attorney at Law 1986 – 2010

Concurrent general practitioner with concentrations in contractual obligations, loans, real estate matters with and without the purchase or sale of small businesses, and estates. Legal letters and Legal opinion letters.


Bachelor of Arts - State of New York College at Geneseo.

Juris Doctor - Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of Law, Touro.


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, and QuickBooks

Research and reference services

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