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October 09, 2016

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Personal Information

Name: Fabian Andres Moreno Chacon

Address: Cr. 3E north No. 70-90, Oasis de Confamdi, Building 9, door Number 302 - Cali, Colombia

Phone: +057 (2) 305 9312

Mobile: +57-305-***-****




I am a dedicated developer with over 5 years of experience in front-end and back- end technologies. I am always looking for personal and professional growth. I like to accept new challenges because they force me to become better. Also I am a friendly, self-motivated, proactive and driven person. Willing to help, teach and guide to my partners. I am the kind of person who does not give up because of the problems. Solving the challenges with the tools available and acquired new methods and processes through learning and experience. I love to code and solve challenges through it.

My personal projection is to become a good software architect who helps in the communication and understanding between functional teams and functional systems, promoting good standards, equity, honesty, integrity, self-management and self-organization on a team. And also enlighten the people surrounding me with my technical and personal knowledge and experience. Experience:

Company Name: WWB Bank.

Job Title: Project Software Developer Analyst

Period: August 2012 – until now


C# ASP.NET Application Management and Development.

Boosting applications in C# ASP .NET with Framework 4.0.

Web Applications and Web Services Development in C# .NET using SOAP/REST and XML protocols.

ORM: Entity Framework.

Configuration Manager using Team Foundation Server 2013 as version control and tracking system.

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) Oracle Development.

All of the preview items would be integrated with Oracles and SQLServer Data Bases, where we can write some kinds of code, like: Functions, Stored Procedures and Types.

During the time I have worked in the WWB bank, I have been involved in projects like:

1. Yo ahorro y gano, con el banco WWB: Lead Developer of the Sweepstakes Web Application, in which the final user can set sweepstakes with a sort of parameter from a front end, for enabling the Application to choose randomly a winner, based on the applied configuration. The user can define if the Sweepstakes would run manually or automatically with a set of periodicity and a set of date ranges. In this Sweepstakes any client of the bank who owns an active saving’s account would participate.

2. CLI (Crédito de Liquidez Inmediata): Lead Developer of the CLI Application, this application approves a pre-approved loan’s application, then creates and makes the disbursement of the loan in the core placement system of the WWB bank.

3. Sincronización BUC-SIIF: Lead Developer of the solution for migrating the client’s data from the core deposits system (SIIF) to the Unique Client Database named BUC.

4. Redescuento – Finagro: Lead Developer of the Application, the objective of the application was: create, analyze, approve and make the disbursement of the loans to the agriculture sector. 5. Re-estructuraciones de Créditos: this was an assignment for collaborating in the analysis of the project‘s requirement definition. 6. IC3: The bank’s most important project of the year was to perform the migration of the new mobile platform. From PDA’s to Android operating system. In this project I was in charge of: design and development of the analysis module. This is a centralized web service which has the capability of analyze in real time the client’s personal and financial data and take a decision for knowing if the client is financially suitable for a loan. This Web service has the capability of executes decisions flows that can be create, update or delete by the configuration system area. This web service was design to execute validations in a specific order determined by the configuration system area. One of its most valued qualities is that it’s highly configurable and the user can configure: decision flows, validations, output messages and incoming variable to the web service.

7. Banca Móvil: Connect and support the existing banking transactions of the WWB bank with its correspondents banking entities to provide services to far zones and places where the bank cannot establish an office. The Solution is a Web Service developed with Framework and Microsoft Generics. In this project I played the role of lead developer and I was in charge of the next activities: design, and Development of these Web Methods: Request client’s Application Number Transaction, client’s Loan Disbursement Transaction and client’s Loan Withdrawal Transaction, client’s Creation Saving Account Transaction. In this project I had two people in charge to help me out with other duties, like: Client’s Reverse Transactions and Web services integration with the correspondents banking entities. 8. Design and implement a process management configuration, CMMI level 2, for the Bank’s Development Software Area, supported with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 platform. Also supported with the leadership of the Development Software Area, sponsors, GreenSQA an Expertise consultant and I played the role of process’s designer and implementer. We create a process management configuration and adapt a software methodology for the Area. These activities gives the area a software process, with the goal of being capable of growth and mature our processes with the purpose of being able to develop, document, control and track software items in the application life management (ALM).

Besides, I had the opportunity to be the substitute team leader while the team leader was on vacation. In this position I had new duties to do, like: 1. Leading and guiding four teammates.

2. Managing two projects in testing phase.

3. Managing requirements with an outsourcing software company for starting the development process.

Company Name: Assenda CARVAJAL S.A.

Job Title: Software Developer Engineer

Period: June 2011 – August 2012


C# ASP.NET Application Development with Framework 2.0 and 3.0.

Boosting applications in C# ASP .NET with Framework 2.0 and 3.0.

C# Desktop Applications Development with Framework 2.0 and 3.0.

Fix Bugs in Oracle PL/SQL for the process of billing and settlement generation, for big distribution companies in Mexico. During the time I have worked in Carvajal I’ve learnt and used software methodologies like:

Agile unified process.

Object oriented.

When using these methodologies I learned to use design patterns, depending of the context and the problem to solve. Company Name: Indra Colombia

Job Title: CPD Operator at Datacenter in EPSA

Period: August 2010 – June 2011


Operate and support to the Data Base.

Operate The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) from IBM for supporting the company’s data backup.

Check, verify, operate and maintain the infrastructure install at the CPD.

Do incremental Backup to the databases Oracle 9i.

Execute billing’s generation procedures.

Send the billing’s documents to the printing center. Education:

Informatics Engineer, Autonoma De Occidente University. May 2012, Santiago de Cali.


a. C++ Data Structure and programming language

SENA – Santiago de Cali, December, 2008

b. HTML and JAVASCRIPT Web Design

SENA – Santiago de Cali, february, 2009

c. Training WorkShop Team Foundation Server Essentials Microsoft (Last 70 Premier hours) - Santiago de Cali, May 21, 2014. d. Desarrollo basado en conceptos de Ingeniería de Software para Visual Studio Microsoft Virtual Academy, August 11, 2014.

e. Scrum Master Certified (SMC)

ScrumStudy – march 14 from 2015

16 Hours of Classroom Course Finished in December of 2014. f. English, The Meyer Institute

Conversational English.

Santiago de Cali – June 2, 2002

g. Advanced English, The Meyer Institute

Applied Linguistics Workshop for English teachers. Santiago de Cali – September 06, 2003


Languages Proficiency

Spanish: Native

English: Fluent












Unit Testing

Entity Framework


BPEL(Business Process Enterprise









Scrum Master

WCF Applications.

WEB Applications.

RESTFul Services

Version Control


Team Leadership


Spring Framework

Pattern Design
















Effective communication

Good writing and verbal skills

Agile Methodology

Web Services (.asmx)


Cali, Valle Del Cauca – Colombia.

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