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Manager Quality

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
October 09, 2016

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Manage in a Production Environment/Production Supervisor


A knowledgeable Manager/Supervisor with extensive manpower planning and management experience in a

busy high traffic manufacturing work environment. Proven experience in robotics and improving product

quality. Excellent people skills with Supervisors and Production Workers, which has produced the following


Work Planning and Manpower Allocation

Supervising and Implementing of Quality Programs

Communicating and Motivation


Blanco Canada 2013-Present

Production Supervisor

At Blanco we manufacture kitchen sinks

Interview and Orientation for new employees

Scheduled weekly meeting to set Goals and Objective

The shifts run three days, 12 hours.

At the end of each, the group goes over Quality issues

Before shift starts, there is a safety check each day

Ensuring safe environment

Bakkavor Foods Canada 2012-2013

Production Supervisor

Orientation for new employees

Ensuring safe environment

Meeting government guideline in relation to food standards

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction and demands (Loblaws/Wagmans)

Providing guidance in sanitation in the work environment

Ensuring all aspects of plant production: sealing of product and daily preparation to meet customer


CPP training

Sanitary training

CMP training

Black Diamond Cheese 2010- 2012

Production Supervisor

Maintaining customer demands

Scheduling workloads

Maintain safe working environment

Assuring quality demands are met

Daily reports

Meeting standard production

Matcor Automotive Inc. 2005-2010

Production Manager Second Shift

Responsible for Welding, Stamping and Shipping on second shift.

Six Supervisors are on shift with One Hundred and Sixty Five Employees.

Our Customers are Honda, Cami, General Motors and Toyota.

Set Goals on Monitoring Overtime and Manpower requirements.

Scheduled Meeting Daily, setting Objective and Goals for the Shift.

Review all Quality issues from our Customers, Daily.

Reduce Overtime by 100% on Sundays and 65% on Saturdays.

General Motors of Canada (Contract) 2005

Third Shift Supervisor

Supervised fourteen drivers in Car Plant 1 Body Shop

Have taken GMS training (Global Material Standards)

Provided a safe and healthy work environment, through monthly safety talks

Ensure the delivery of parts to the line and avoid any down time

Have taken active roll in the rolling model change over from 2005 to 2006

Practical knowledge of CAW Local and Master Agreement.

DELPHI BATTERY PLANT (Contract) 2004 - 2005

Third Shift Supervisor

Supervised twenty-two Production Workers (Third shift).

Ensured daily production count - efficiency rating 98%.

Provided a safe and healthy work environment.

Worked with the Maintenance Department, PM Schedule was put in place.

Ventra Plastic 2004-2004

Supervised thirty-five Production Workers (Second shift).

Set up their new Fascia platform for General Motors (Buick) and

run to rate. (When launching this program, set up GP12 area)

Provided direction for the employees on PPAP and the purpose PPAP

has for new platforms.

Set Goals for Production on both shifts and point out Quality issues.

When problems arise with the tool, maintenance and quality were involved

immediately to ensure no delays to production.


Second Shift Superintendent/Manager 2001 - 2004

Responsible for Stamping, Plastics and Paint Production on Afternoon Shift

Scheduled Production Meetings in each area of the Plant, Setting Goals and Objective for the Shift

Reported directly to the CEO each night on the plant performance

Twelve Supervisors were on shift, with six hundred and thirty five employees

Provided a shift report to the Manager each Night.

Worked directly with the Supervisors in each area to Improve Production/Quality issues.

Practical and working knowledge of Workplace Legislation, Workplace Human Rights

Practical knowledge of ACSYS/CAW Local and Master Collective Agreement.

Proven record of motivating, organizing to work safety and effectively as a team

With the launch of new programs in plastic and stamping I set-up GP12 area and Introduced the employees

on PPAP and the purpose of PPAP to new product.

Parts in Stamping: Rad Support, Control Arms, Instrument Panel, Oil Pans, Battery Trays, Hood

Reinforcements, Anchor Plate, Valve Covers.

Parts in Plastics: Fascia (Buick, Regal Century/ Pontiac, J Car, Sunfire/Impala/Monte Carlo), Rocker Panel,

Air Baffle Deflector, Splash Shields, Console, Spears (Side Molding), and Defroster Drills

Production Supervisor 1997- 2001

Supervised 15 Production Workers (midnight shift)

Followed Set Schedule, Ensure Daily Production Count

Provided a safe and healthy work environment

Parts were for the Buick line instrument panel


Midnight shift consisted of new employees who were trained in the quality of the Part.

Achieved high production counts with quick reaction to down time and innovative problem solving.

Scored the highest goal for production and quality between all three shifts in four weeks.

A.G. SIMPSON CO. 1993 - 1997

Area Manager 1994 – 1997

Responsible for Stamping, Welding, and Shipping on the Midnight Shift.

Four Supervisors were on Shift, with Ninety Three Employees.

Reported to the Plant Manager each Day

Knowledge of the Local and Master Collective Agreements

Provided a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Enforced the P/M Work on the Presses With the Maintenance Department

Parts Stamped (Bumpers), Ford (F-150, Ranger), GM Truck, and Chrysler Truck

Instrument Panel, Hitch Plates

Production Supervisor 1993 - 1994

Supervised Twenty One Production Workers

Ensured Daily Production Count

Provided a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Delegated Task and Authority to Lead Hands and Production Workers

Maintained “Hobart Robots” to Ensure Performance

Welded Instrument Panel for Quest Van.


Improved Quality Audit Scores Consistently by Educating Operators on the Importance of Quality and the

Concerns of the Customer

Achieved High Production Counts with Quick Reaction to Down Time and Innovative Problem Solving.

Significantly Improved Housekeeping Practices and Achieved Highest Audit in the Plant.


Production Supervisor 1991 – 1993

Supervised Forty Two Production Workers in a Unionized Environment

Controlled Budget Spending on Tools, Aprons, and Gloves Etc.

Maintained Quality Targets.

Co-coordinated Health and Safety Training for Employees

Minimized Waste Material

The area consisted of welding the side panels to the floor (Gate Line).


Used direct and persuasive communication skills to keep absenteeism at a


Assisted in study of Sub-Assembly Area to reduce manpower requirements by two people per Shift; total of

four at $160,000 per year savings and increased efficiency in area.

Used Communication and Training Skill to Improve Relations between Workers and

Management and in turn

Production Quality and Counts.

Production Operator/Repairman

Obtained Work Experience in all Area Body Shop

Identified and Repaired Discrepancies.

Maintained Repair Record to Establish Area of Possible Quality Concerns.


York University: Successfully Managing People

Birchmount Park C.I.


QS 9000

ISO 14001

Decision/ Active Management

Excelling as a Manager

Supervisory Training Course

Supervision 2000

Leadership Skills Course

Canadian Training Resources: Strengthening Supervisory Skills

Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety

WHIMS Training

Accident Prevention/Ergonomics

Work Refusals Training

Human Rights Training, Labour Relations

Welding/Hobart Arc Welding Systems

Continuous Improvement Program - A.G.Simpson

References available upon request.

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