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Tamil Nadu, India
October 09, 2016

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Location: Chennai.

Career Objective:

Intend to build a career with outstanding corporate and work with proficient people, which help in self-development and contribute technology development. Professional Summary:

• Software professional with 3.10 years of exp in Software Development.

• Good knowledge in iOS/MAC App development.

• Hand on experience on the instrument Profiling(performance testing) usage.

• Decent knowledge of UI/UX feature development of application.

• Client interaction and providing solution for the bottle neck problems and experiment with iOT.

• Self learning toward technology.

Professional Experience:

Technical Skills:


• Programming Languages : C/C++, Objective – C, Swift, NodeJs

• Mobile Operating Systems : iOS10

• Mobile App Development Tool : Xcode 8

• Frameworks : Cocoa, Core Animation, Quartz Core, Core Plot, OpenGL, Core Data, Corebluetooth, Core location

• Develop Tools : SVN, Git, Bugszilla and Fileszilla

• Scripting Languages : Bash

• Desktop Operating Systems : Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OSX Secondary:

Employer Designation From Date To Date

Renault Nissan

Business Centre India



2 Nov 2015 today

Brisa Technology Pvt


Senior technical staff 24 May 2015 30 Sept 2015

We-do-it pty ltd iOS developer 20 Aug 2013 12 Jan 2014 Fusion Charts iOS Developer 10 July 2012 31 July 2013 Persistent System Ltd Software


7 July 2011 17 April


• Web Technology : HTML, JavaScript, CSS

• Web Interface : XML, JSON and MQTT

• Hardware Description Languages : VHDL, Verilog

Project Experience:


Platform : Objective - C

Duration : 2 months

Time size : 1

Description: This app collect the driving information for GPS depending speed it calculate the time speed in urban, rural and motor way. It is main use with company for the emission check of the vehicle. It also the route of vehicle travelled over the app and this report can shared by mail. Role Played: Involved in development of iOS


Platform : Objective - C, MQTT, JSON

Duration : 3 months

Time size : 1

Description: App is used to monitor the status of user, car, traffic and weather update around him. User health data is monitored by using MSBand 2 which gives the heart rate, skin temperature and user other details from MSHealth cloud regarding the calories and sleep records. Car sends it data to app by using MQTT protocol with car information like tyre status, maintenance, wiper fluid level. Traffic update are received according to user location displaying current temperature, visibility, wind and traffic incident. All the status value of user, car and surrounding over the MSBand.

Role Played: Involved in development of iOS app.

PROJECT : RConnect

Platform : Swift 3.0

Duration : 4 months

Time size : 2

Description: App is used to access the car doors locking and unlocking form phone and the watch by making network call to the global backend server. Role Played: Involved in development of mobile and watch app. PROJECT : Seamless

Platform : Objective - C, Node js, Ubuntu

Duration : 8 months

Time size : 1

Description: App connect to the Bluetooth and WiFi network of the car on launch of app with asking password by transfer the secure data for car to the app. Role Played: Involved in development of Nodejs app for linux box and iOS App PROJECT : SmartDrive (This app is in the process of Appstore submission process) Platform : Objective - C

Duration : 6 months

Time size : 3

Description: App act like companion for driver by getting car data from CAN. CAN data is pulled from bluetooth OBD 2 dongle. Which help monitoring trip records, maintaining no. of laps, excess speed alert, time trail to check car performance and document holder to have some important document.

Role Played: Involved in developing car data extractor and development of feature over the fetched data.


Platfrom : Objective - C, swift 2, iOS 7,8,9, js

Duration : 5 months

Description: Tapplent provides the enterprise to build the mobile application, with all customisation as per the requirement. In this application you run javascript for running the rule. Application interact with server through the Rest web service, over framework act like cross platform for the mobile application. Current the product is support the HR services mobile product, still under production.

Role Played: Implementation of the javascript rule engine, Data visualisation tool to show the data and building the other basic container component. PROJECT: Latlongo (GIS application)

Platform: Objective - C, iOS6,7

Duration: 5 months

Description: LatLonGO provides users with a system for distributing GIS information seamlessly to any mobile tablet. The simple user interface is ideal for mobile workers who require access to an up-to-date copy of corporate data both online or offline. Role Played: Creating new UI mock for phone, code optimization, unit testing and additional feature enhancement. From application development to testing. App Store URL: PROJECT: Visual Mocha (Charting Library for an iOS) Platform: Objective – C and C, iOS 5,6, MAC OS 10.7 Duration: 1.1 yrs

Description: Charting library for iOS devices for data visualization with user interaction. Which help user to analyze the statistics quickly. With all native feature support and configure into native apps.

Role Played: Development of the graphic library, animation required for the rendering charts. PROJECT: Exploriments Apps (Educational Apps)

Platform: Objective – C and html, iOS 4.3,5

Duration: 8.5 months

Description: To explain the concept of the educational topic with animation and interactive learning.

Role Played: Creating common components and development of the electricity applications. App Store URL: Professional Training:

• Embedded System Designing by using XILINX EDK Tool conducted by Xilinx on February 2012 at Pune.

• VLSI and Embedded System Designing by using XILINX ISE and EDK Tools conducted by XILINX on May 2009 at Hyderabad.

Educational Qualifications:

Academic Projects:

1. Design and implementation of Cache controller

Description: The goal of the project is design and implement of cache controller for Von Neumann architecture of 8-bit processor. The features implemented in the design 4-way set associative, FIFO replacement policy, write-back policy and read allocation. Target technology Xilinx vertex-4. Operating frequency of the design 225 MHz Role: Architecture designing of controller and RTL coding by using VHDL. 2. Implementation 32-Bit R.I.S.C Processor

Description: The aim of the project is to implement the R.I.S.C processor of Von Neumann Architecture to support 32 instructions with the three stages pipelined, operating frequency of the processor 65MHz. The instruction set also consist jump instruction also included and the floating point multiplication. Target technology Xilinx vertex-2. Role: Architecture designing of processor and RTL coding by using VHDL. 3. Implementation 32-Bit PCI Bus Controller

Description: The goal of the project is to design and implement of the PCI Bus controller.The PCI Local Bus is a high performance 32-bit or 64-bit bus with multiplexed address and data lines. The bus is intended for use as an interconnect mechanism between highly integrated peripheral con- troller components, peripheral add-in cards, and processor/memory systems. Course Specializatio


Institute University/



PG –



VLSI and


System Design


ACTS CDAC 2010 – 2011

B.Tech Electronics



ns Engineering







JNTU – A 2006 – 2010



Math Physics

and Chemistry


Vigyan Co






of Education

2004 – 2006

10 Math Science Board of



2003 – 2004

Role: Designing and implementation of the Bus operations and PCI fundamental protocol RTL coding using VHDL.

Extra activities:

• Stood second in the project presentation in XILINX university training program Xilathon 2k10 with the project on “traffic light controller depending sensitivity of traffic” at KMIT institute of Technology, Hyderabad.


• Participated in N.C.C camp at Kurnool.

Personal Skills:

Integrating knowledge from different disciplines, problem solving abilities, good communication skills, commercial awareness, willingness to learn, team management, hard worker. Personal Profile:

Father’s Name : T. Satya Seela

Date of Birth : 20-01-1988

Gender : Male.

Marital Status : Single.

Nationality : Indian.

Languages known : English, Telugu, and Hindi.

Permanent Address : #5/4-8, near new summer storage tank, Aluru road, Guntakal -515801. Current location : #5/4-8, near new summer storage tank, Aluru road, Guntakal -515801. Place: Chennai (T. Sunil Kumar)


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