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Construction Design

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
October 08, 2016

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MARIO EDWIN R. DIAZ Licensed Architect

Cell: KSA +635******** Line: PH 1 +63-45-491-**** PH 2 +63-45-324-**** E-mail:

Linkedin: merd5564


Professional Profile

Statute Level Chief Architect/ Senior Architect/ Consultant Philippine Professional Regulation Commission License number 0030251 Affiliates

United Architect of the Philippines Membership number 26262 Saudi Council of Engineers Membership number 207045 Integrated and Accredited

Professional Organization of Architects Registration number 262**-****** 030313 Rotary Club member Membership number


Major: Bachelor of Science in Architecture SLU I.D. number 374399 Minor: Building Technician SLU I.D. number 374399

Work Experience

Duration 22 years

Professional Qualification

Management Construction Director/ Consultant Management Project Management

Construction Management

Administration Principal Designer

Site planner/Space Planner/Interior Designer

Specification Writer/Program Planner

Cost Auditor/Material Evaluator

Tender Evaluator/Building Code Assessor

Quality Assurance/Quantity Surveyor

Project Proposal Author

Coordination Client/Consultant/Contractor

Supervision Architectural/Structural/Mechanical



Gender Male

Age 52 years

National Filipino

Language proficiency Pampango/Tagalog/English

Aspect: Architecture influences values and intentions, a science of conscious act to produce in unifying ideas and it is a timeline in its self that makes history. Conceptualize and BUILD.

MARIO EDWIN R. DIAZ Licensed Architect

Cell: KSA +635******** Line: PH 1 +63-45-491-**** PH 2 +63-45-324-**** E-mail:

Linkedin: merd5564



2014 -to present

Employer: Dar Al Andalus Consulting Engineers, Jeddah KSA

Position: Senior Consultant, Chief Architect

Duration: July8, 2014- to present

Project: SMC Specialized Medical Center

Description: 130,000 square meters

Location: Al Ahsa, Al Mubarraz, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Construction cost: SR533million

Job Description: a. Carries architectural responsibility for the design verification review services and advices the Project Manager on all matters relating to the architectural elements of the project.

b. Administering and managing the work of the architectural team assigned to the project.

c. Reporting to the Project Manager on matters relating to the architectural aspects of the project.

d. Responsible for reviewing the documents submitted by the contractor that relates to the architectural aspects of the project for compliance with the Owner’s requirements on contract documents. e. Approval of drawings prototypes and samples.

f. Responsible for the acceptance of the finished architectural works of the project.

g. Contributing to the monthly reports on all architectural aspects. 2014

Developer: Hollywood Development Corp. Korea

Position: Designing Architect by contract, Consultant

Duration: February 6, 2014-March 17, 2015

Project: Hollywood 3 Unit Town House

Description: Php 14 million

Location: Malagu St. Clark Freeport Zone

Developer: Sambon P and E Phils. Corp.

Position: Designing Architect by contract, Senior Consultant

Duration: March 10, 2014 to May 17, 2015

Project: Electronics Assembly line Building Renovation

Description: Php 55 million

Location: Lot 1,2,3 Claro M. Recto Highway, Clark Freeport Zone

Developer: TPR, CORP..

Position: Principal Architect, Project Director

Duration: January 2013-April 2015

Project: TPRC Hotel and Resort

Description: 131 bedrooms Hotel and Resort

Location: Lot 1 E. Aguinaldo Ave. Clark Freeport Zone, Clark 2013

Developer: Canopus World, Inc.

Position: Site planner, Design Director, Consultant

Duration: January 2013- June 2013

Project: Victoria Suites

Description: 170 bedroom Hotel and Casino

Location: Claro M. Recto Ave., Clark Freeport Zone, Clark 2012

Developer: Zenco Inc. Korea

Position: Interior Designer, Contractor, Design-build

Duration: October 2012- November 2012

Project: Zenco Fusion Restaurant

Location: Berthaphil 3 Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Cark Freeport Zone

Developer: Y and K Development Corp.

Position: Architectural Author, Consultant

Duration: January 2012- June 2012

Project: Golds Hotel Project Feasibility Study and Proposal

Claro M Recto, Clark Freeport Zone

Developer: LK Development Corp.

Position: Proposal Intent Author, Design Director, Consultant

Duration: May 2012- January 2013

Project: Nevada, Sub-Urbia Hotel and High end Villas

Description: 13 hectares Leisure Park

Location: Portion of Mimosa Leisure Park, Clark Freeport Zone CONTRACTOR DESIGN-BUILD



Villa 716 Pavilion Design and Construction

Florida, Fontana, Clark - November

Villa 746-747 Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna, Pavilion Design and Construction(Miss Peimin Zhang)

Florida, Fontana Leisure Parks, Clark - October

TPRHC The Palm Resort Hotel, Clark, Design and Construction (TPRC Corporation)Clark Freeport Zone Clark Ph – February


Interior/Exterior Design and Construction (Dr. and Dra. Leonardo Ritos) Quezon Hill, Baguio City – December

4 Bedroom Residential Building

Design and Construction (Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kim)

Angeles City - June

Fontana Swimming Pool Gym, Bar, Office Project

Design and Construction (Fontana Leisure Park/Vivian Tang) Clark, Pampanga - May

Retirement Village Conceptual Planning and Proposed Construction Project Proposal for CDC

(Mr. Jung Sang Chule)Clark, Pampanga – March


Villa Interior Design and Construction (Mr. Jung Sang Chule) Fontana Leisure Park, Clark, Pampanga – December

Commercial Arcade and Office Building

Design and Feasibility Study For Blue Bonnet Corp. (Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Son) Clark, Pampanga – November

Soil and People Condotel Conceptual Planning and Proposed Construction Proposal for CDC

(Mr. Jun Sea Lee)

Clark Pampanga - May

3 Bedroom Residential Design and Construction(Dr. Tiburcio Sembrano)Luna, Sn. Fernando La Union - March


Soil and People Resort Retirement Housing Conceptual Planning and Project Proposal for CDC (Mr. Jun Sea Lee)

Clark, Pampanga – May

Ritz Ville Hi- End Residencials Conceptual Planning and Proposed Construction Project Proposal for CDC (NWB SPA Corporation)

Clark, Pampanga – April

Clark Palm Resort Project Proposal,Conceptual Planning and Construction for CDC (Mr. Jae Kang Hwan)Clark, Pampanga – January


Clarkville Home State Development Conceptual Planning, Proposal for Application at CDC

(New Welcome Invest, Mr. Kim)

Clark, Pampanga – December

Fontana Garden Tent Design and Construction (Mr. Jung) Clark, Pampanga - November

Asiana Greenville Resort Architectural Planning and General Construction (Dongsun Co. ltd) Clark, Pampanga - November

New Wellbeing Spa Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Spa, System Planning and Construction (Mr. Hong)

Clark, Pampanga - October

Mabalacat Rotary Club Library (Mabalacat Rotary Club)Mabalacat, Pampanga - May 2006

Php 12.5M Jnk Greenville Resort Design and Construction(David Kim) Clark, Pampanga - April

Jnk Resort and Villas Conceptual Plan (David Kim) Clark, Pampanga – February

16 Guestroom Hotel & Resort Design (Ms. Romina Catacutan) Capas, Tarlac - February

Canopy Steel Frame Design and Fabrication(Mr. Fred Catacutan)Mabiga, Pampanga - January


5 Bedroom Residential Design (Mark Gomez)

Antipolo, Rizal – October

Bachelor’s Pad Design(Noel Diaz)

Capas, Tarlac - October

4 Bedroom Residential Design and Construction(Januario Diaz) Sn. Fernando, Pampanga - October

Kitchen Cabinet Design and Fabrication(Lucia Diaz) Capas, Tarlac - August

3 Bedroom Resdential Design (Mr. Rolly Gomez)

San Fernando, Pampanga - August

Steel Spiral Staircase Design and Fabrication(Mr. Manny Lo) Capas, Tarlac - August

Iron works and Plumbing Design and Installation(Engr. Rodolfo Pineda) Baguio, City - July

Wood Parquet Restoration (Mr. Bo Carlsson)

Capas, Tarlac - July

Trusses and Sheeting Repair/Replace (Mr. Jun Marasigan) Capas, Tarlac - June

Residential House Painting (Mr. Bo Carlsson)

Capas, Tarlac - June

2 door Apartment and Spa Clinic Design (Ms. Beth Chan) Sn. Fernando, Pampanga - May

Exterior Floor Design and Construction (Mr. Bo Carlsson) Capas, Tarlac - April

3 Bedroom Residential Design (Mrs. Filipina Vite) Nueva Ecija - March

Residential Facade Design and Construction (Mr. Bo Carlsson)Capas, Tarlac - February 2004

Kitchen Cabinet Design and Fabrication (Mr. Bo Carlsson) Capas, Tarlac – September

Bedroom and Bath Room Design and Construction (Sor. Araceli Diaz) Capas, Tarlac - August

Bachelor’s Pad Design and Construction (Adonis Dizon) Capas, Tarlac - August

Pawnshop Construction (Rowena Diaz)

Pampanga - May

3 Bed Room 2 Storey Residential Construction (Manuel Borja)Mariveles - March 2003

3 Bed Room Residential Design and Construction (Irene Nacu) Mariveles – December

Warehouse Gate Construction (Edna Ong)

Capas, Tarlac - October

6 Bedroom Residential Design and Construction (Mr. Joseph Cortez) Capas, Tarlac - September

20 Units Motel Design (Mr. Jun Gomez)

Capas, Tarlac - August

3 Bedroom Residential Renovation Design & Construction (Mr. Alex Tanhueco) Angeles City - March

Wooden Window Design & Fab. (Mr. Joji Ocampo)Capas, Tarlac - February

3 Bedroom 2 Storey Residential Design (Atty. Ma. Magdalena Balderama)Antipolo, Rizal – February


2 Units Apartment Design (Mr. Alejandro Capati)

Dolores Capas, Tarlac – December

4BD Room Residence Design (Engr. Joey Oriola)

Marinduque - December

4 Units Apartment Design (Mr. Rene De Guzman)

Sto. Cristo, Angeles City - November

Mausoleum Design and Construction (Angel Tanhueco) La Pieta Cemetery, Angeles City - September

2 Storey Commercial Bldg. Design(Rene De Guzman) Sto. Cristo, Angeles City - July

3 Bedroom Residence Design & Construction (Mr. Nestor Dayrit) Villa Teresa, Angeles City - June

Steel Trusses & Roof Sheeting Supply and Installation(Mrs. Del Gwaizda)San Rafael, Bamban, Tarlac – May

3 Bedroom Residence Design and Construction (Angel Tanhueco)Pacimar Pulong Bulo, Angeles City - February


Tile Works 8 unit Villas 8 Units Main Doors, Auxiliary Door Supply and 8 Units Pebble Works

(Fontana Kanlaon)

Clark, Angeles City - December

Clubhouse Tile Works (Fort Bonifacio)

Fort Bonifacio, Makati City - October

Steel Gate/Sliding Glass & Aluminum Steel Fence and Gazeebo Steel Frame,Tile Works Basketball Court Design and Construction(Rowena Diaz) San Fernando, Pampanga - August

Solar Drier Construction (Mr. Danny Cortez)

San Pascual, Tarlac - July

Mausoleum Door & Window Grills Design and Fabrication(Mr. Jun Guzman) Lutgarda Capas, Tarlac - June, 2001

Floor Tile Works & Supply and Cabinetry Paintings (Mr. Ong) Sto. Domingo Capas, Tarlac - May

Counter Glass Divider Design and Fabrication(Mrs. Mayuyu) Capas, Tarlac - April

Door/Window Screen Installation(Ms. Rivera)

Calumpit, Capas, Tarlac - April

Swimming Pool Design(Ronald Ritsma)

Vigan - March

3 Doors Apartment Design and Construction(Judith Salas) Texas, San Miguel, Tarlac City - February,

Steel Window Grills & Steel Staircase Design and Fabrication(Mr. Bong Jorque) Capas, Tarlac - February

Residential Roofing/Trusses Design and Construction(Mr. Capiendo) Salanggi, Cut-cut II Capas, Tarlac - February

NFA Trusses Frame Estimates (Mr. Gerry Lopez)

San Quitin, Pangasinan – January


Swimming Pool, Molave Windows Installation & Gutter Repair, Gazeebo Trusses & Bath House, Residential Interior Finishing, Well Pipe Drilling and Installation, Grotto Modernization, Main gate, Plumbing & Sanitary (Hot & Cold), Steel Fence, Master Vanity/Comfort/Jacuzzi Room Architectural Design and Construction (Mr. & Mrs. Borree) Vigan, Ilocos Sur – September

Steel Tank Cover Design and Installation (Mr. Cortez) San Pascual, Tarlac - August

Field Office Concreting & Finishing (Del Bros Logistics) Subic Bay, Olongapo City - August

Gates Design, Fabrication and Installation(Dado Cunanan)

Chapel window Design/Estimate (Dong Sibal)

Bamban, Tarlac - June

Gates/ Fences Design and Fabrication(Mrs. Atienza) O’Donnel Capas,Tarlac - June

Garage Roofing Steel Trusses Design and Construction and Tile Works (Andres Diaz) San Sebastian, Tarlac - June

Gasoline Station Trusses Fabrication and Tile Works (Flying V Gasoline) Bolac, Nueva Ecija - May

Estimate Roof Framing and Roof Sheeting (Atty. Roseller Rodriguez) Capas, Tarlac - May

Pool Design and Construction (Engr. Rey David)

Capas, Tarlac - May

Residential Steel Trusses Design and Construction (Ely Santos) Capas, Tarlac - May

Water Steel Reservoir Design and Construction(Mr. Cortez) San Pascual, Tarlac - May

Residential Steel Gates/Fences Design and Construction(Ronald Bernal) Burot, Tarlac - April

Pool Design and Construction(Francis Mamucud)

Sta. Rosa Concepcion, Tarlac - April

Steel Window/Glass Design, Fabrication and Installation (Dado Cunanan) Kawili-wili Capas, Tarlac – February


Garden Pavilion Design and Construction (Peter Zarate) San Sebastian, Tarlac – October

Pool Design and Construction(Mr. Boyet Paras)Capas, Tarlac - October

Private Resort Design and Construction (Briones)Calumpit Capas, Tarlac – October

Perimeter Steel Fencing Design, Fabrication and Installation(Dado Cunanan) Kawili-wili Capas, Tarlac –September

Kawili-wili Capas, Tarlac – August

Roof Steel Truss Framing Fabrication and Installation(Boy David)Patling Capas, Tarlac - August

Gates and Fences Design, Fabrication and Installation(Wilson Mayuyu) Capas, Tarlac - August

General Managerial Skills

Responsibility in administering and coordinating the design and construction of projects until completion. Ensure strong contract compliance. Manage and monitor the progress of assigned projects. Manage workmen at assigned project sites.

Monitor project to ensure that the design intention, budget, delivery, schedule, technical, safety and quality aspects are met and highlight critical issues/problems immediately to the Consultants, and their teams.

Attend and follow up on matters raised in all technical meetings.

Provide architectural design solutions to minor to major issues.

Coordinate all architecture, P&S and M&E works of the project.

Responsible to check the progress payment claim, materials on site and report for verification. Plan, direct, manage, monitor, control and coordinate the architecture works in order to achieve timely completion of the project within specified quality, specifications and cost.

Familiarity with building material specifications, preparation of construction documents, technical inquiry packages and evaluation of construction documents, technical inquiry packages and evaluation of contractor bids and shop drawing reviews.

Good knowledge on all the authority requirements and able to solve problems with the relevant Government departments.

Conversant with local/international codes and standards.

Identifying, tracking, managing and resolving project issues.

Identifying, managing and mitigating project risk.

Ensuring that the solution is of acceptable quality.

Pro-actively managing scope to ensure that only what was agreed to is delivered, unless changes are approved scope management.

Defining and collecting metrics to give sense for how the project is progressing and whether the deliverable produced are acceptable.

Coordinating and leading all project teams and supervise implementation of projects.

Assist superior in liaising with Architects and Consultants regarding plans, discrepancies and drawings and site construction problems.

Independent self-motivator and hard worker, possess the ability to design and manage projects at hand. Conceptual creative design, construction drawings and documentations need to be produced.

Interactions with the respective clients, authorities and consultants need to be treated in a professional manner. Good time management of work is vital, as well as having the foresight of planning and design problem solving.

Monitoring of daily site activities including coordination with sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.

Conduct site survey and measurement of work.

Ensuring projects meets the stipulated quality requirements by closely monitoring & supervising the work of the subcontractor.

Being aware on material usage at site and wastage control. Proficiency with 2DAutoCAD, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point.

Manages and specializes in Architectural/Space Planning/Interior Design/Construction Management or equivalent.

Willing to work in Cheras and be willing to commute for on-site inspections and meetings.

Good construction background, knowledge and able to document good details for construction.

Good time management and planning skills.

Familiar with local by-laws, authority submission procedures, contracts and construction implementation requirements.

Ability to handle mixed development projects from design stage to completion.

Possesses good knowledge of architectural, mechanical, electrical acoustical, structural, plumbing/ sanitary and carpentry works.

Strong passion in Architectural planning

Excellent project & people management skills

Good team player and adaptable to a dynamic environment

Excellent oral and written English

Good in project implementation, administration and detailing; and has sound knowledge of contractual procedures.

Able to work under minimum supervision and has good leadership in organizing supervision team.

Willing to work under pressure and long hours.

Willing to travel.

Possesses a professional vehicular drivers licence. Education

Tertiary Saint Louis University (S.L.U.)

Building Construction Technician

March 20, 1983

Baguio City

Saint Louis University(S.L.U.)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

October 11, 2008

Baguio City, Philippines

Secondary Dominican School (D.S.)


Capas, Tarlac, Philippines

Membership in Organizations

Member, United Architects Of The Philippines (UAP) Philippines

Member, Integrated Accredited Professional Organization of Architects (IAPOA) Philippines

Corporate Secretary/Member, CPR Palm Resort Corporation Clark Freeport Zone Ph.

2008-2058 Life time

Corporate Secretary/Member, JISEN, Tourism Int’l Corp. Mimosa, Clark, Freeport Zone Ph.


Member, Mabalacat Rotary Club

Mabalacat, Pampanga


Birth Date : 1964, October 14

Birth Place : Capas, Tarlac Philippines

Height : 5 ft. 5 in.

Weight : 63 kilograms

Civil Status : Married

Religion : Roman Catholic

Dialect : Pampango, Tagalog, English

Spouse : Remedios S. Diaz

Children : Paola Lucille S. Diaz

Kathleen S. Diaz

Maria Angela S. Diaz

Felix Miguel S. Diaz

Character References: (Available Upon Request)

Architect Tarcisius Tiotuyco Clark Development Corporation Head Building and Utilities Regulatory Department Head Official, Clark Freeport Zone Mr. Bernardo Angeles Clark Development Corporation Vice-President on Marketing, Clark Freeport Zone

Miss Laine Claudio Head Legal Department Clark Development Corporation, Clark Freeport Zone

Engr. Roberto Torres Dar Al Andalus Consulting Engineers, HR Manager Engr Ali Sultan Al Ali Dar Al andalus Consulting Engineers, Project Manager

Arch. Mario Edwin R. Diaz, UAP-IAPOA


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