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Accountant, Senior Financial Analyst

San Juan, National Capital Region, Philippines
October 07, 2016

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*** ***. ******** **. ****. Little Baguio San Juan City

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To enhance my capabilities, knowledge and expertise by learning more functions in a well-established and highly respected organization and be able to provide quality support and valuable contributions to the company that will also help me realize my career goals

35 years old April 13, 1981 Married San Juan

Roman Catholic 4’11 127 lbs. Filipino


Core competency and expertise in: Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting, General Accounting Processes, Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable Management, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Reconciliation, Expense Analysis Reporting, Variance Analysis, Process Improvement Initiatives, Query Management, Merchandise Inventory, Asset Management, Project Accounting, Administrative Functions ( Payroll and Other Marketing functions), Customer Service processes.

I am currently working as a Senior Financial Analyst at General Motors GBS Philippines and my main function is in the Fixed Asset/Project Controls of GM Thailand where I am handling the Capital expenditures (CWIP) and Operational Expense (OPEX) accrual calculations and bookkeeping as well. I also do variance analysis reporting for the capital spending report, and do forecasting and budgeting as well. I am also into the Asset and WBS creation, Account reconciliation of Project Accounting-related accounts.

Prior to Migration Assignment on Thailand Team's Fixed Asset Management, I was part of the corporate/ internal team that facilitated the establishment of General Motors Global Business Services Philippines Inc in their Start-up operations. I had initiated and established the Cash Advance, Expenses and T&L policy of GMGBS Philippines, I also handled the Document repository system in alignment with the Retention policy of GMGBS. I have assisted in the PEZA and local government and tax requirements of GMGBS Philippines. I've also handled bookkeeping of journal entries in SAP in relation to employee cash advances for travel migration and I've done Accounts Reconciliation and Monitoring of Cash Advances and Liquidations; and Employee Expense Reimbursement

I worked as a Finance Associate under the Financial Reporting- Global IUC Team at Deutsche Knowledge Services, where I was mainly in charge of reconciliation and clearing of Intercompany variances for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement encompassing Germany, US and EMEA regions. I ensured that intercompany breaks were properly investigated and corresponding action from the appropriate party was enforced to clear the variances. I participated in work stream collaborations, post mortem discussion and month end close meetings to update Regional Finance Group regarding status of IUC breaks to adhere with the IFRS and US GAAP compliances. I have integrated process improvement initiatives for the Balance Sheet reconciliation and upload process for Germany region which resulted to Cost Efficiency of 62% time savings and 52% decrease in error rate for the upload process.

Before joining Deutsche Knowledge Services, I was a Query Management Administrator (subject matter expert role) from Financial Times Limited under the Accounts Payable Team, a London-based Newspaper and Publishing Company for two and half years. I was in-charge of the Query Handling of AP team’s group email box. I was tasked to ensure that all inquiries/invoices/emails were attended, processed and responded accordingly within the 24-hour response time to achieve customer level satisfaction and minimize escalated issues. Aside from this, I was also in-charge of monitoring and maintaining the direct debit and standing order accounts of FT. One of my achievements under Accounts Payable was the reconciliation and investigation of 32 vendor accounts and refunded GBP 2.5Million overpaid accounts. I also collaborated with FT’s Internal Auditor to enhance and improve the AP system’s control making it robust and in compliance with SOX requirements. Prior to being a Query Management Administrator, I was a Vendor Invoice processor where I handled different Accounts namely Foreign suppliers, Contributor accounts and UK Suppliers account where I also done payment processing via cheque, straight through processing, BACS and HEXAGON payments.

Before joining Financial Times, I worked as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) of Cocoplans, Inc- Tacloban Branch where I handled the over-all operation of the branch. Cocoplans is a pre-need insurance company, an affiliate of UCPB Group of Companies. I was trained on a multi-functional role as the Branch Cashier for the collections and receivables; Administrative Officer handling ad-hocs task for the Regional Head, performing marketing presentation and Accounting Assistant to provide monthly reports of the branch operations. My experience as CSR has helped me improved my soft skills and customer service skills which contributed to my successful handling of the query management tasks.

My major exposure in the field of accounting was when I joined SCF Eurotech Inc, a family corporation, manufacturing home and office furniture. Similar to Cocoplans, I was also exposed to Multi-functional roles. I was assigned as Inventory Controller, Accounts Payable Assistant, and Administrative Assistant.

My special skills are also in the arts as I also work as a freelance designer and lay-out Artist for Corporate Brochures and other print materials. My scope of work is from conceptualization, write-ups, design and lay-out of which is a per project basis only. Details of Job description and other qualifications are shown below

General Motors

Senior Financial Analyst, Fixed Asset/ Project Control

December 2014 – Present

Asset Management Team (Thailand-Project Control) April 2015- Present

Migrated work from GM Thailand which primarily related to the Project Control/ Fixed Asset Management. My main task are currently as follows:

1. Preparation of Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) accrual report for the month, Operational Expenditures (OPEX) accruals and Forecast vs. Actual Spending Report for the month.

2. Coordinates with Project owners on the percentage of progression of each project.

3. Calculates the CWIP accrual, OPEX accrual for each project for the month

4. Preparation and posting of Manual Journal accrual entries for each month including CWIP and OPEX, and reclassification entries.

5. Preparation of Quarterly IT Walk and Balances Report for Asset Management's Controllers Group Reporting.

6. Responsible in Account Reconciliation for Project control activities, reconciling 20 accounts on a monthly basis.

7. Creation of Asset Numbers and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements for each project

8. Handling GM Powertrain and CST (Chevrolet Sales Thailand) Month-end activities (Journal entries posting both for US and Thai GAAP and Depreciation and Amortization Forecast)

9. Handling Adhoc Request such as Fixed Asset Movement for Local GAAP and Tax requirements for GM Powertrain and CST (Chevrolet Sales Thailand)

10. MJE (Manual Journal Entry) Peer Reviewer where I do monthly QA review of different journal entries done by my colleagues and provide findings, suggestion and recommendations as part standardization of MJE.

Internal/ Transition Team- I was part of the corporate/ internal team to establish General Motors Global Business Services Philippines Inc in their Start-up operations ( Dec 2014- April 2015)

1. Establishment of the Cash Advance, Expenses and T&L policy of GMGBS Philippines.

2. Establishment of the Document repository system in alignment with the Retention policy of GMGBS.

3. Assist in the PEZA and other government requirements for GMGBS.

4. Assist in the Tax Requirements of GMGBS

5. Preparation and posting of manual journal entries in SAP in relation to employee cash advances for travel migration.

6. Reconciliation and Monitoring of Cash Advance Transactions and Expense Reimbursement.

Deutsche Knowledge Services- Deutsche Bank Group

Associate, Global IUC Utility, Financial Reporting work stream (Inter-unit/Intercompany clearing)

June 13, 2011-July 15, 2014

• Fully responsible in Investigation, Reconciliation and Clearing of inter-company variances for Balance Sheet and P&L Statements of Germany (4 entities), US (160 North American entities), EMEA (4 entities) to ensure adherence to IFRS and US GAAP accounting standards which usually starts from BD-3 to BD+18.

Conducts root cause analysis and metric reporting to track issues in Finance (i.e. calculation, accrual booking, invoicing, settlement, reconciliation, and reporting)

• Interacts with onshore counterparts (via call and email) in investigation of above threshold delta in GGL car module, a management reporting tool. (Consolidating and reporting),

• Preparing of Open invoices report to be submitted to onshore counterparts as basis of their accrual entries in SAP.

• Participating in Post Month-end Discussion such as Global MI call, and Financial Reporting/ Accruals and Allocation Collaboration meeting to discuss issues encountered from the previous Month end reporting

• Project initiation and implementation on the Germany’s Balance Sheet reconciliation resulting to cost efficiency of 62% time saving and 52% decrease in error rate.

• Acts as point of contact and subject matter expert for Germany and US related IUC issues.

• Authors standard operating procedure (SOP) documents (Germany Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss) for financial processes and ensures that key control points (KCPs) are in place

• Engaged in stakeholder meetings, international conference meetings, and post mortem discussions to talk about accounting issues and updates

• Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the development of the Intalio tool that automated the booking of accruals, invoices, and payments

Financial Times Electronic Publishing Philippines- Accounting Services

Query Management Administration

March 15, 2010 – June 10, 2011

Solving customer inquiries

Following escalation procedures on customer inquiries

Daily monitoring of customer queries thru AP log sheet.

Assigning other queries related to the Bespoke Team and other teams.

Transferring all invoices for scanning to the folder assigned for the scanner of the day.

Preparing Monthly Query Monitoring summary for the KPI report.

Direct debit and Standing order Accounts

June 2009-June 10,2011

Establishing, creating and facilitating Standing order and Direct Debit accounts

Monitoring and maintaining all standing order and Direct Debit accounts

Monthly reviewing and reconciling the Direct debit and standing order account debit balances

Preparing Monthly report (Purchase to pay) for Direct Debit and Standing order

Processing Senior AMEX expense claims

Monthly reviewing and monitoring of Invoices awaiting approval report for Direct Debit and Standing order

Foreign Suppliers Accounts (foreign currency)

Dec 2009-March 14, 2010

Daily Indexing of Foreign Supplier accounts in mercury

Performing UHBIS (HEXAGON ) payment run GBP via HSBCnet

Performing urgent HSBCnet Payment Processing

Dealing with payment return adjustments

Monthly Reconciliation of Foreign supplier accounts

Monthly updating of Invoices awaiting approval for V-Z suppliers

UK Suppliers and Foreign Contributor accounts

Oct 20,2008-Nov 2009

Daily indexing of UK suppliers and Contributor’s invoices in mercury system

Performing GBP cheque payment run

Performing UHBIS (HEXAGON ) payment run GBP via HSBCnet

Updating contributors details in mercury system

Posting manual GBP cheques/ HSBCnet payment processed in UK

Processing Broadsystems refund cheques

Monthly Supplier Reconciliation

Monthly update and follow up of old and unpresented cheques

Voiding of GBP stale cheques.

Cocoplans Inc


Tacloban Business Center

2nd Floor UCPB Bldg. P. Zamora St. Tacloban City

Position: Customer Service Representative

August 21, 2007 – Oct 20, 2008

Job Description:

Branch Secretary/Customer Service Representative

Entertaining clients and responding to their queries and needs

Responsible in handling customer inquiries.

In-charge of taking minutes of meetings for the Sales Agents/ Business Associates.

Processing of Plan Application and accepting documents from clients and the same is thoroughly screened to avoid pending of documentations.

Custodian of company records and other documents significant in branch operations

Making memoranda and other communications affecting operations

Representing the company in outside transactions like media meetings and other functions as required

Responsible in the renewal of business licenses and permits

Initiating methods in enhancing customer service by devising mixed and match products to better serve business associates and prospective clients


Accepting payments and issuing corresponding official receipts

Custodian of collections and company funds

Responsible in depositing collections on the next banking day before cut-off

Preparing monthly and weekly report regarding branch performance.

Validating records and data as consolidated by the main office

Monitoring clients records to avoid lapsation on their plans

Disbursing of local funds to defray necessary expenses

Other Functions

Acting as OIC of the branch for the meantime that an OIC-designate have not been installed

Performing marketing activities such as group presentations to improve performance of the branch

Supervising utility personnel in performing duties and obligations

Arranging Itinerary and trips, tickets and accommodation of Regional Directors visiting Tacloban branch

SCF Eurotech Inc

167 F. Manalo St. San Juan, Metro Manila

Position: Administrative Assistant/ Inventory Controller & Accounts Payables Clerk.

June 7, 2004-April 30,2007

Job Description:

Inventory Controller

Maintaining official records/e-ledger of Finished Goods Inventory.

Monitoring the flow of production, deliveries, and returned items.

Preparing Monthly inventory reports of Boards, Raw materials (local & imported), Cartons, and Local Finished Goods.

Encoding production report and receiving report of items in the system.

Weekly Audit of Inventory: Actual/ Physical Count against E-ledger; Actual/Physical count against the system

Accounts Payables

Weekly Preparing of Accounts payables’ schedules.

Encoding the suppliers’ sales invoice and delivery receipts in the system.

Checking of Purchase Price against Invoice Price for any discrepancies and check whether there’s corresponding price increases for such discrepancies provided with written approval of such price adjustments.

Preparing schedules/ computation of Accounts Payables.

Preparing and Releasing of checks, and check vouchers retrieved from the system for corresponding vendor accounts

Encoding and preparing withholding tax-expanded for suppliers

Also assist in payroll preparation and computation of employees’ withholding taxes.

Accounts Receivable

Segregating the Original and duplicate DR/ SI for filing and transmittal to agents for counter.

Preparing the Remittance Summary for various dealers in reference with the remittance advice and provisional receipt issued to dealers.

Preparing the Summary of Transmittal Receipt of original DR to be submitted to agents for counter-checking.

Filing of transmittal receipt, and paid invoices.

Purchasing Assistant/ Importation:

Assisting the purchasing officer for materials requisition submitted by production department.

Comparing prices against prospective suppliers and submission of canvassed prices to the manager for approval.

Preparing purchase order for various materials approved for purchase

Coordinating with suppliers the delivery of items purchased.

Preparing purchase order of imported items needed to be purchase. Monitors monthly consumption of raw materials, which is a determining factor in ordering raw materials items.

In-charge of preparation of Telegraphic transfer, mode of payment to imported supplier. Coordinate with the broker regarding the shipment of imported items.


11THFlr. Ramon Magsaysay Center, Roxas Blvd., Manila

Position: Accounting Clerk (Accounts Payables & Purchasing Clerk)

March 17, 2003-Sept 4, 2003

Job Description:

Accounts Payables:

Checking of invoices, with corresponding purchase order and scheduling of payment.

Preparing schedule of accounts payables.

Preparing check voucher and checks.

Monitoring and checking of petty cash fund.

Releasing of checks to various suppliers.


Canvassing of materials requested to be used by production from at least 3 different suppliers.

Comparing prices against prospective suppliers and submit these canvassed prices to the manager for approval.

Preparing the purchase order for various materials approved for purchase.

Coordinating with suppliers the delivery of items purchased.


125 M. Paterno St. San Juan, Metro Manila

Position: Accounting Clerk (General Accounting)

July 1, 2002-March 6, 2003

Job Description:

Preparing of the following government mandatory reports such as VAT, Income Tax, Withholding taxes and other returns for various clients.

Preparing cash receipts and cash disbursement reports of clients.

Facilitating in the processing of business permit and other licenses of the clients.

Facilitating in the filing and submission of returns of various clients to authorized banks and government offices.

Bookkeeping of transactions of a particular client.

Preparing the cash audit and physical inventory report of clients.

Preparing the Financial Statements of clients.

EXAMINATIONS PASSED: Career Service Professional

Civil Service Examination

October 20, 2002

Rating: 82.43

SKILLS: Proficient in various MS Application Programs such as:

MS Word, Advance MS Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visual FoxPro, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Publisher. Vision XL, SAP, GGL CAR Module ( Group General Ledger Consolidating and reporting), Windows Platinum, Sun Microsystem


COLLEGE: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Philippine School Of Business Administration-Q.C

1029 Aurora Blvd, Quezon City


SECONDARY: San Juan Municipal High School

P. Narciso St. San Juan, Metro Manila

First Honorable Mention


Time and Stress Management Seminar- June 16-17, 2009 at Ancilla Business and Training Center; Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (WAVE) Seminar – February 18-19, 2010 at Ancilla Business and Training Center; Supervisory Development Program- March 16-17, 2010 at Ancilla Business and Training Center; Effective Business Communication- Ancilla Business and Training Center; Advance MS Excel- Dec 9-10, 2010 DB Wizards Training Center; Positive Assertion- DKS June 15, 2012; Career Strategy and Personal Branding-DKS May 30,2012; Life Cycle of a Trade-DKS November 12-13,2011; Fundamentals of Associate- DKS August 22,2011; Intuition online training- November 2013-March 31,2014; Global Investment banking-Dec 2013; Conflict Management May2014


Consistent Dean’s Lister for various accounting subjects such as Advance Accounting, Management Advisory Services (MAS), Taxation and Business Law 1 & 2.

First Place in Junior Marketing Practitioner Inter-school quiz bee.

First Honorable Mention in SJMHS batch 1998 graduation

Recipient of Mercury Award in Science.

Journalist of the Year 1998

3rd Place Editorial Writing and 8th Placer in DEVCOM in Division Secondary School Press Conference 1996-1998

Editor-in-chief, THE PIONEER (1996-1998)

I hereby certify that the aforementioned data are true and correct to the best of my belief.


TIN# 233-042-396

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