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Manager of Chemistry, chemical processing, automation

San Jose, California, United States
October 07, 2016

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Ge(Jonathan) Zu

San Jose, CA *****

Cell phone: 408-***-****, email:


Versatile analytical chemist with 9 years industry R&D experience, including 3 years as chemistry lab manager. Broad inter-discipline expertise in instrumental analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, molecular biology and material science etc.


Sr. Chemist, Manager of Chemistry

Imergy Power Systems, Fremont, CA, 2013 – July 2016

Leading a team of scientists/engineers/technicians to develop key components for flow batteries product.

In charge of all analytical instruments (ICP-MS, UV-vis etc). Responsible for method development, protocol setup, user training, data analyzing and final reporting.

In charge of all material characterization and qualification operations.

Collaborate with other branches of the company to make sure products delivered to customer smoothly. Analytical Chemist

Deeya Energy, Fremont, CA, 2007 -2013

Responsible for electrolyte R&D and scaling up production for the flow battery system.

Invented novel rebalancing system which was essential to maintain performance of the product.

In charge of operating, data processing, calibration, maintenance of all analytical instruments within the company.

Collaborate with outside analytical laboratory for specific sample analysis need. Mass spectrometry Lab Assistant

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 2002 to 2007

In charge of maintaining, tuning and operating on all mass spectrometry instruments in Chem&BioChem department GC-MS, HPLC-MS, ICP-MS etc. .


Ph. D., 2007– Analytical Chemistry

The University of Oklahoma, USA

Master of Science, Electrochemistry

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Bachelor of Science, Applied Chemistry

Fudan University, Shanghai, China


HPLC-Mass spectrometry Related

Developed fully automated, highly sensitivity and specific method which integrated normal phase HPLC and electron capture-APCI-MS/MS and applied in vivo monitoring several eicosanoids levels in rat striatal.

Rat Striatal Eicosanoids Analysis by HPLC-Negative Electron Capturing APCI -MS

Capillary HPLC column packing and evaluation.

A strain of E. coli membrane protein structure elucidation by Nano-spray mass spectrometry 2

Flow Battery Related

Patented electrolyte composition and production process. As Main inventor for the novel electrolyte, which became the foundation of the company. In charge of electrolyte from lab scale research all the way to industrial scaling up production.

Flow battery rebalancing subsystem.

Invented effective rebalancing equipment, which greatly enhanced system over all reliability.

Designing of stack and other key components for flow battery system. As main inventor for new generation of stack and many key components for the flow battery system, like level sensor, OCV cell, quencher, etc.


Expert in many instrumental chemical analysis, especially mass spectrometry related (GC-MS, ICP-MS, HPLC-MS etc.).

Extensive hand on experience on the following instruments: Micromass Q-TOF, Thermal Finnigan TSQ 7000, GCQ and Trace GC, Suryor HPLC system (UV, autosampler, MS pump). VG ZAB, Waters 2690 HPLC system, Agilent 7500 ICP-MS.

Comprehensive understanding all aspects for flow battery technology and products, range from fundamental chemistry to whole system integration and to their industrial applications, etc.

Expert in evaluating and characterizing different type of materials with a wide scope of analytical requirement (elemental, structure, thermal and mechanical analysis etc.). PATENTS and PUBLICATIONS

“Production of vanadium electrolyte for a vanadium flow cell” US 201********

“Electrochemical Balance in a Vanadium Flow Battery” US 201********

“Vanadium Flow Cell”, US 201********

“Quenching system” US 8541121 B2

“Electrolyte compositions” WO 201******* A3

“Redox flow cell rebalancing” WO 201******* A3

“Methods of producing hydrochloric acid from hydrogen gas and chlorine gas”, WO 201*******

“The electrochemical intercalation reaction of lithium in polymer with conjugated double bonds 3: The electrochemical intercalation reaction of lithium in polynaphthalene”, ACTA CHIMICA SINICA 1999 57 (5): 465-471

“Determination of Arachidonic Acid Metabolites in Rat Brain Striatum Microdialysate by LC- MS/MS Utilizing Electron Capture Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization”, 54th ASMS Conference (Poster), 2006.

“A Fully Automated On-line Derivatization-Solid Phase Extraction-LC-MS/MS Method Determining Glutathione and Cysteine in Rat Brain Striatum in vivo”, 55th ASMS Conference

(Poster), 2007.


References are available upon request.

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