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Project Manager/Compliance Consultant

United States
October 07, 2016

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To pursue a career where I will further enhance my mortgage, leadership and mass communication skills. I have been placed in many leadership roles, able to problem solve effectively, provide excellent customer service and can adapt to any situation given. My educational background in Mass Communications and broad experience in the mortgage and banking field has provided me with the skills needed to advance at the position offered. I am determined to build a working-relationship and leave a positive, lasting impression, which will be a valuable asset to your organization.

Work History

Project Manager/Consultant

Treliant Risk Advisors

December 2014 - Present

Manage, train and implement a mortgage sales contract review project of 20 or more First Level and Quality Control (QC) mortgage professionals

Ensure mortgage sales contract review requirements and escalations are met in accordance with regulatory and lending guidelines

Work closely with direct Clients, Management and Directors in developing servicing policies and procedures

Provide weekly sales contract review training to ensure team members are in compliance with regulatory and state guidelines

Regular and ongoing communication with Client and management team to ensure a common understanding of the sales contract review and level set expectations

Assist with the development of an appropriate project communication plan with Client and business point of contacts

Develop and implement timelines, monitor progress and ensure goals are met for the overall mortgage sales contract review

Create and maintain sales contract review schedules and milestones to ensure project momentum is maintained and performance and deliverable metrics are met

Manage project resources by assessing mortgage professionals quality performance and production levels

Identify problem areas, take corrective action and determine root causes to reduce error rate occurrences

Monitor and assign sales contract review loan assignments for completion

Work alongside the certified mortgage Analyst in providing status reporting, projections, production count, quality metrics and overall project review data

Provide productive collaboration of the overall health and success of the sales contract review project and responsible for the project’s planning, tracking, completion and execution

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Team Lead

Managed, trained and performed the Senior QC review for a team of 30 or more First Level and QC HMDA mortgage professionals

Partnered with the Project Manager (PM) to manage the training process and monitor team members

Partnered with the PM to monitor error rates and production and to identify trends and themes in a timely manner

Interacted with Client during team meetings, telephone and email, to discuss HMDA related processes and procedures

Oversaw and assisted HMDA mortgage professionals in the correction of HMDA inaccuracies, errors and submission of change requests if necessary

Analyzed quality control results to determine areas for improvement in the HMDA data gathering process

Provided weekly HMDA reporting training to ensure team members were in compliance with regulatory and state guidelines

Assisted with the development and updates of HMDA compliance training material

Read, analyzed and interpreted loan applications and related documentation gathered during the loan underwriting process to appropriately code for HMDA reporting purposes

Proficient review and assessment of policies and procedures regarding the new TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) regulation

Ensured proper policies and procedures were set forth in reference to TRID disclosures provided to the borrower

Performed a Senior QC review to determine HMDA action taken codes for all approved, declined, incomplete or withdrawn loan applications

Tracked human errors and informed upper management if pattern of human error was evident

Remediated all First Level and QC team member’s errors identified prior to reporting the loan to Bank Servicer

Remediated Adverse Action Notices to ensure consumer compliance of regulatory guidelines and requirements

Ensured Adverse Action Notices provided to borrowers complied with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Compliance Review Analyst/Quality Control Specialist

Boston Portfolio Advisors

December 2013-October 2014

Compliance review of mortgage loans in default and foreclosure to ensure adherence to Settlement Agreement between servicer and the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS)

Completed the review of mortgage loan portfolios to ensure sufficient capacity to properly board and manage a significant portfolio of stressed loans

Completed an analysis review to ensure compliance with all applicable state laws and regulations, policies and procedures, regarding the servicing of loans in default and foreclosure within the State of New York

Completed a thorough review of loans to ensure compliance with the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), FCRA and HMDA policies, procedures and regulatory requirements

Ensured compliance of Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and Non-HAMP requirements, internal loss mitigation policies, procedures, laws and regulations governing mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure activities

Compliance review of foreclosure timelines as outlined by investor guidelines and department policy

Assisted with the design and implementation of compliance testing systems to review mortgage servicing processes and procedures

Conducted controls testing to identify mortgage servicing violations and potential borrower harm

Reviewed and assessed servicing operations, foreclosure documents, servicing systems, origination and underwriting documents, customer contacts, policies, procedures, etc., to ensure Bank Servicer complied with all regulations and policies

Demonstrated knowledge of the regulatory requirements governing Bank Servicer, including, but not limited to: ECOA, Truth in Lending (TIL), FCRA, Fair Debt Collection Practices (FDCPA), SCRA, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Privacy and other relevant regulations

Foreclosure Referral Review (FRR) Specialist

Newbold Advisors

September 2012-October 2013

Responsible for the pre-foreclosure review of delinquent mortgage loans within investor/state required timeframes

Managed and cleared any exceptions to refer delinquent mortgage loans to foreclosure

Ensured adherence to foreclosure timelines as outlined by investor guidelines and department policy

Reviewed and assessed mortgage loan regulations, policies and procedures governing SCRA

Ensured servicing notes adhered to SCRA regulations and guidelines during foreclosure proceedings

Cross referenced documentation with information entered into the system of record, to ensure borrower harm was not presented to those protected under the SCRA during foreclosure proceedings

Verified and documented within the system of records any holds or defers to foreclosure

Ensured imaging of required documents, ordering of inspections and proper ordering of required pre-foreclosure notices

Reviewed loans to ensure all federal, state, investor-specific servicing guidelines had been met, including requirements set by FHA, FNMA, GNMA, VA, and FHLMC

Ensured NOI's and Breach Letters were sent to all obligors as required by state law and had expired prior to foreclosure referral

Reviewed loans for call attempts and loss mitigation attempts, prior to referral to foreclosure

Inline Quality Control Specialist

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors

December 2011-September 2012

Identified and trouble shot for possible errors in outgoing letters that were in response to borrower’s complaints

Performed a root cause analysis in order to discover source of errors

Performed the first-look Quality Control check in order to ensure case closure was free from errors

Provided a thorough case review check for Default Servicing Complaint Resolution (DSCR) Advocates to identify high, medium and low fails

Assisted with coaching DSCR Advocates, while identifying strengths and weaknesses of case performance

Provided a thorough review of research provided from DSCR Advocates, in response to borrower’s complaints and assisted with case closures

Ensured DSCR Advocates complied with all findings according to US. Department of Justice (DOJ), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), SCRA, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), HMDA, DFS, AML, FCRA, BSA and other regulatory and investor guidelines

Default Servicing Complaint Resolution (DSCR) Advocate

Responded to escalated borrower complaints by telephone and through written response, that were forwarded to the Office of the CEO and President

Resolved borrower complaints by determining the cause of the issue, selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem, expediting the correction or adjustment and following up to ensure resolution

Responsible for the review of mortgage servicing for loans in default and/or foreclosure, to ensure servicer complied with all regulatory and investor guidelines, such as the OCC, CFPB, RESPA, HMDA, SCRA, DOJ, AML, FCRA, BSA, DFS and other bank regulations, policies and procedures

Researched borrowers default servicing complaints that included home retention and disposition issues

Researched and resolved the most complex complaints and inquiries from internal and external customers and third parties, such as default, foreclosure, fraud, litigation and high risk customer cases

Provided remediated action for loans in default and/or foreclosure, to ensure no violation was present, due to borrower harm

Documented all customer conversations in the system of record

Marketing Director

Oklahoma Educators Credit Union

November 2007-July 2011

Directed all marketing efforts of the Credit Union and its four Branch locations

Created newsletters, flyers, newspaper ads, press releases and web tiles for publication and display

Visited local schools, colleges, universities and Select Employee Groups (SEG) to establish new membership for the Credit Union

Directed and organized all marketing staff meetings

Implemented new ideas, promotions and events for the marketing of the Credit Union

Maintained key relationships with school personnel and organizational groups

Managed and updated the Credit Union’s social networking websites and the main Credit Union Website

Member Service Supervisor

Supervised front line Tellers/Member Service Representatives

Oversaw the regulations governing the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), BSA, OFAC, AML and SCRA regulations and procedures, for all four branches of the Credit Union

Maintained compliance with all federal and regulatory policies and procedures including SCRA, AML, BSA, OFAC, FinCEN and the USA Patriot Act

Completed daily reports and logs, such as money order and cashier check logs, to ensure compliance with OFAC regulations

Performed the Quality Control audits of all SAR’s and Currency Transaction Reports (CTR’s), to ensure all Branch locations were in compliance

Assisted members with all financial transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, payments, transfers, inquiries, along with opening and closing of accounts, IRA’s, CD’s, etc.

Assisted with the collections of delinquent loans, credit cards, returned checks and negative balance accounts

Cross sold new products and services

Served as Vault Teller and ensured cash drawers and vault levels were maintained at the lowest level at which the branch could effectively operate

Completed daily reports and logs, such as money order and cashier check logs, to ensure compliance with OFAC, CTR and SAR regulations, policies and procedures

Directed monthly staff meetings and assisted with staff and new hire trainings

Coordinated and attended monthly events with the Marketing Director

Teller Supervisor

Focus Federal Credit Union

November 2004-October 2007

Supervised all front line tellers

Assisted members with all financial transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, payments, transfers, inquiries, etc.

Cross sold new products and services, while maintaining a strong knowledge of bank products, services, procedures and regulatory requirements, in order to assist staff and members

Served as Vault Teller, which included ordering and counting all coins and currency and ensuring appropriate levels were ordered

Maintained compliance with all federal and regulatory policies and procedures including SCRA, AML, BSA, OFAC, FinCEN and the USA Patriot Act

Completed daily reports and logs, such as money order and cashier’s check log, to ensure compliance with OFAC, CTR and SAR regulations

Monitored daily cash balancing information from bank tellers to ensure accuracy and assisted tellers in resolving differences

Assisted with staff and new hire trainings


Oklahoma City University

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Major: Mass Communication

May 2010 Graduate GPA: 3.80


References are available upon request.

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