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High School Customer

Omsk, Omsk Oblast, Russian Federation
October 09, 2016

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Kosmicheskiy prospekt **/*, *10, Omsk 644027, Russian Federation

● C: 8-950-***-**-** ●



Expert in: laying wall and floor tiles ~ laying parquet ~ suspended ceilings ~ wallpapering.

Conscientious Builder-finisher with 15 years of experience. Perform all types of work on the interior design of various premises (apartments, offices, cottages, industrial premises). Perform work on design projects. Know the types and properties of construction materials, the dosing rules for the preparation of solutions, the rules for the exploitation working tools and machines.


- plaster,

- installation multi-level ceiling from drywall sheets,

- mounting plate-wire mesh ceilings.


- alignment,

- linoleum flooring, sticky carpet,

- laying laminate flooring, floor tiles of any complexity (tiles, mosaics, porcelain tiles, tiles with 3D effect),

- laying parquet.


- wallpapering of any complexity from any material (quality with no bubbles, seams are not visible),

- laying wall tiles of any complexity.


Physical endurance ~ Diligence ~ Attentiveness ~ Accuracy ~ Good hand-eye coordination ~ Organization & Communication ~ Strong initiative ~ High performance.


As within a year I work at several objects, below I will write about the my last three works.

Builder finisher universal, 05/2016 to Current

Private customer: Moiseev Ivan Petrovich (general director NETESDIKEY SOFTVEA companies), object – cottage (2 floors, 312 sq. m.), address: elite cottage settlement Beloyar.

I am fully responsible for the daily finishing work. In the cottage is already rented to work on the preparatory finishing and prepare the wall for wallpapering, floors are laid with laminate. At the this moment I'm working in bathrooms and toilet rooms on laying wall tiles.

Builder finisher universal, 01/2016 to 04/2016

Private customer: Shumakov Konstantin Vladimirovich (chief of security company), object – apartment (100 sq. m.), address: Maslennikov Street 80.

I carried out operations on dismantling and re-planning of the apartment. It was demolished 2 walls, and was built one wall from drywall sheets. Then prepared the wall for wallpapering, and in the kitchen on the north wall is laid laminate. In all rooms is laid on the floor the parquet. In the bathroom and toilet on the wall I put the spanish tiles with décor and on the floor – the tiles with 3D effect.

Builder finisher universal, 03/2015 to 12/2015

Private customer: Belavkin Viktor Yakovlevich (farmer), object – cottage (2 floors, 400 sq. m.), address: Salt village.

At the beginning in the cottage of our team (4 persons) has handed over works on draft finishing. Further on all cottage has handed over works on laying tiles - 350 sq.m. and wallpapering - 400 sq.m. On the walls in the hallway and the waiting room to apply decorative plaster "bark beetle" in a total area of 150 sq. m. On the wall near the main staircase I have pasted fresco (55sq.m). In the bathroom I have pasted mosaic tile on the floor.


The high school diploma (the school 35, Omsk).

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