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Design Engineer Software

Portland, Oregon, United States
October 08, 2016

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Name: Yuan Sheng Liu


Cell phone: 1-503-***-****

Birthday: DEC 21 1968


B.S July 1991

Electronic Engineering

Automation Department, Science and Technology University of Shan Xi China

Above 20 years experiences with designing digital and analog products

In this long time of designing, I met lots of MCUs such as ARMs, DSPs, FPGAs, simple MCU (c51series) and problems having to deal with. As an electronic engineer, I have to learn new technologies and update my knowledge every day. Meanwhile I need to learn new tools to satisfy the rapid changing’s things like new methods, new chips, and new devices etc.


Experienced in embedded in firmware and low level design and embedded system HW/SW design and validation.

Experienced in Digital and analog circuit design.

Experienced in Schematics and PCB layout.

Experienced in signal integrity with high speed bus.

Experienced in designing FPGA.

Experienced in digital and analog signal processing.

Strongly Understanding Microcontroller and creating code running on a naked MCU such as Arm STM32, C51series like P87C51, Ti 6416 etc using C or ASM language for bios .


Architecture design, firmware design and driver and debugging, hardware implementation including coding and testing, Schematic capture and PCB layout, functional partitioning, block design and system integration.

Programming language:


C/ASM tools:

KEIL, CCS, Microsoft VS, chip vendor’s tools etc.

FPGA Tools:

Xilinx ISE, SYNPLIFY PRO, Design Complier, Mentor MODLESIM

PCB tools:

Cadence, Allegro, ORCAD, PROTEL, SIGRITY etc

Interface Protocols:


Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows and Linux

Embedded Systems:


Lab equipments:

Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer etc


1.SHANGHAI JUMO technologies CO., Ltd - May 2007 to May 2016

Lead Design engineer; Chief Architect

SHANGHAI JUMO is one of the lead companies in China in embedded system and digital devices, software and service market

Low power Video/Audio capturing device, transmission system

Led the design and development of two generations of embedded system design for low power video and audio capturing and transmission system

Design low power Audio DSP Processing.

Implemented ARM based processing subsystem with common peripherals (UART, I2C, SPI etc)

Led and implemented Xilinx FPGA based emulation system

Finished platform bring-up and validation with low level system software

Bank terminal equipments embedded system design and production

Led the design and development of several generations of embedded systems and products for bank terminal and peripheral equipments on ARM as well as custom design circuit boards and systems

Designed Xilinx FPGA based emulation system for various bank terminals including host processing subsystem

Designed HP (Hewlett-Packard) thin-client software running on Windows and auxiliaries based on ARM STM32 with USB, UART interface.

Designed UART printer control devices

Designed Audio echo cancellation processing based on DSP.

Designed and implemented custom designed module for final productions including board design, integration, and testing and production quality control

2.Bell XUNJIE Technologies CO,. LTD – February 2002 to April 2007

Chief Architect and Led design engineer


Bell XUNJIE was funded by the city government of ZHANG JIA GANG based on a strategic cooperative agreement with Bell Labs, Lucent technologies

High definition television decode chip and reference system

Experienced engineering team from Lucent Technologies provided the technical support. Multiple resources from domestic and overseas were optimized in this project. EDA software and technical consulting from different channels were employed. Investment was put in effectively and we had a high technical starting point. Bell XUNJIE DTV project team organized HDTV and experts from Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, invited experts from local TV manufacturers and oversea ASIC experts.

As lead design engineer and Project lead, in charge of architecture spec, design, integration and verification and project planning.

Balancing between business and technology excellence to help guide the system design and project. Working in close partnership with development, marketing, senior management and sales.

Defining features that meet Chinese market needs in software and hardware, establishing Market Requirements and Product Requirements, and providing technical marketing support for key initiatives.

Working on product positioning and business partnership effort, visiting the major TV manufacturers in China and National Planning Commission.

System architecture design, key blocks RTL design, integration and verification; Design synthesis and timing closure. FPGA emulation.

Cost estimation and foundry evaluation.

Product pricing, licensing and packaging

Competitive analysis and industry trend analysis

Understanding customer needs and translating customer needs into detailed product specification with the help of Lucent side.

Preparing material for press and analysts.

Driving to meet planning, development and delivery schedule.

MPEG-4-Over-IP Surveillance System

Architecture design, process set-up, functional partitioning, and block design and system integration

Hardware implementation including coding, schematic capture and PCB layout

Firmware design

Technical marketing

Bluetooth Applications

Setting up acceptance criteria

System engineering, design, integration and testing

Product design and management

Technical marketing

3.HANBO (STAR) Technologies CO.,LTD - October 1996 – February 2002

Chief Architect & Product Manager


Bank Equipment and Software

New project initiative, chief architect and design lead in bank equipments. The products designed include: printer, POS, password keyboard, ICBC mainframe communication software, Bank of China CT system PS/2 device drivers etc. The system and software I designed are still being popularly used as model and reference system in different local banks.

Some major players are still using and emulating the hardware and software that I designed in this area

Other System (i.e., Call center, etc.)

4.KEJIAN Technologies CO., LTD - September 1994 – October 1996

Design engineer


Bank Equipment & Network & Software

Architecture, system, design and technical marketing

Other Design Service Work

5.GUIZHOU Institute of Light industry - July 1991 to July 1994

Design engineer

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