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Welding Inspector

Cibodas, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
USD 175/day
October 08, 2016

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General Information :

Name : S U H A I R I.

Place of birth : Tanjung Uban, Riau Island, Indonesia.

Status : Married ( 2K ).

Religious : Moslem

Nationality : Indonesia ( ID Card: 2171042304649001).

Address : Kp.Melayu No.81, RT.02/02, Batu Besar- Nongsa, Batam/Kepri/ Indonesia(29466).

Contact No : +62-813******** (mobile) and +62-852******** ( Fix phone ).

Passport No : A 6149239.

IWS Member : B (05-070*-**-*****

Tax (NPWP) : 67.796.965.1-215.000

Email :

Education :

Senior High School : Tanjung Pinang, Graduated July 1983.

Administration Training and course from Government at Pekanbaru August 1984.

Skills :

Computer’s programs : Microsoft Office (M. Word & M. Excel)

Language : Indonesia, English and Malay ( spoken and written ).

Cert. Welding Inspector :

1.TWI- CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector

Certificate no /Register : 47264/2 . expiry 31 January 2020.

2.Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP), April 2009.

(Indonesia professional Certification Authority)

WI Certificate no : 0103729

3.PT. Universal Power Vision, September 2008.

WI Certificate no : AWS-WI-048C-09.(Adopt AWS D1.1, ASME 9,SEC 5, 8, B31.3, 8 & API 1104).

Cert. Non Destructive Testing :

1.MPT ASNT TC 1-A Level II.

MPT : No.032/MPT-2/XIV/IWS-NDE/2007/Renewal DBSNDT Reg. 1271416.

2. LPT ASNT TC 1-A Level II.

LPT Cert .no : No.017/LPT-2/XIV/IWS-NDE/2007/Renewal DBSNDT Reg.1271416.

3.RI ASNT Level II, DBSNDT Reg.126809.

4.UT ASNT Level II, DBSNDT Reg.1291710.

Cert. Painting Inspector.

Course and Training held by Yayasan MA Pratama(Mujianto Ali Nace Level III-Certified Coating Inspector #6858) From 15 Dec 2013 to 22 Jan 2014, Passed Cert no. MA/2013/074.

Specificity as : Practical(blast cleanliness, surface profile, abrasive material type,cure test,salt test, wft/dft, dew point, dust level,, air blottertest, x cuts, pull test and holiday test ) Induction, Surface Preparation, Blasting Inspection, Painting/ Coating Application,Inspection and Reporting.

Internal Training at PT Bredero Shaw Indonesia, Internal painting (inspection blasting,salt test,wft & dft ),concrete, enamel and tree layer.

Objectives :

Associations with manufacturing/ fabrications, oil & gas onshore/offshore companies.

Type of work as construction of modules, mud tanks, rig floor, spud, jacket, spiral pipe,

baskets, piping, stinger pipe lay down, pressure vessel, mast tower and construction,

structural loading platform, leader, handrail, painting, etc.

Responsibilities :

Implement ITP, Engineering Drawing, Client Spec and Code /Standard Project User.

Inspection material coming, stored and process.

Inspection consumable stored and processing.

Inspection all supporting equipment and facility such as stored, welding machine, cutting machine,etc.

Inspection Drawing approval by Engineering, PQR/WPS and WQT.

Inspection before,during and after process fabrication being complete.

Issue NCR.

Inspection Painting ( check material, surface preparation,blasting, salte test, dft and reporting).

Witness and review for NDE completed as required and Mechanical Test, etc.

Ensure NDT repair if any.

Inspection ( Release Note ) before delivery.

Prepared reporting to Client or Manager/ Supervisor and Review Document Report (MDR).

Others :

Understand with International Code as EN BS ( Welding Process System, Technical, and ect), ASME 1X( WPS and Welder Qualification-piping & vessel ), VIII ( Pressure Vessel),,B31.3 ( Piping Process System), 2A (Material), 2C Consumable), ASME Sec 5 ( NDT ), AWS D1.1 (Structure steel up 3 thks mm), API 1104( pipe line), API 2B ( Pipe for Structure).

Familiar welding process and consumable as MMA, SAW, FCAW(GS/SS),TIG,MIG and MAG.

Familiar of Inspection blasting-painting and coating..

Experience and Activity :

As Welding Inspector at PT Cladtek under agent PT Double Wave Indonesia for project JANGKRIK COMPLEX Job Description : Fabrication Butt Weld Welding the Cladded Bend Pipes and Termination Hub with UNS No.6625 / Joint Pipe/Spool Carbon Internal Clading by Inconel 625 Applicable code/standard ASME SEC IX ( edition 2013) . Working from 5 October 2015 to 7 January 2016 (completed job).

Job Specification : Inspection fit-up, welding ( welding process by GTAW/TIG (Filler: SFA 5.14 /AWS. ER Ni Cr Mo3 ) pure argon 9,99 % .consumable Qp 655/material carbon cladding by inconel/625), final inspection and reporting to Client.

As QA/QC Inspector at PT Alfa for fabrication : landed, handrail, and stair act of preparing to delivery PT. Profab.

Job specification : Inspection and monitoring material incoming,cutting,fit up, welding, and reporting. And welding process by manual/SMAW code AWS D1.1 and Consumable AWS 5.1.

Period 11 April 2015 to 3 July 2015. (completed job).

As Client Welding Inspector at Krisenergy under PT. Remote Oil for Project Refurbishment Jack up Rig/Leg.

From 22 December 2014 to 28 February 2015, (completed job).

Job specifications : Inspection fit-up, welding process (FCAW-GS) by element /preheat 130 degree, visual, witness NDT (MT, PT and UT ) and review report. Code by AWS D1.1, ASME A5.20.

As Welding Inspector at PT. DSAW Kabil, Tubular Pipe Samsung Project.

From 3 February 2014 to 23 July 2014, completed job.

Job specifications, Check material/consumable, fit up, dimensional, welding, visual, ndt request/witness and reporting.

By code AWS, API 2B.

Attendend Course and Training Blasting and Painting held by Yayasan MA Pratama

(Mr.Mujianto Ali Nace level III - certified) from 15 Dec 2013 to 22 Jan 2014, passSpecificity as preheat tempearature, surface preparation, blasting, painting/coating, practical ( as ambient conditions, dust level/rating, surface profile, salt/clorides test, abrasive/material type, wft & dft test,cure test,cross cut dft test,holiday test and reporting.

As Welding Inspector at PT ALFA job parth time from 10 September 2013 to 28 Novembet 2013, finished contract..

Job specifications as visual inspection, review NDT (MT,UT) and reporting, for KAWASAKI structure project.

Job by code : AWS D1.1

As Client Welding Inspector at Germanischer LLoyd Nusantara Denton for Project J Resouces Mining Seruyung Gold Project in Seruyung Kaltim. Job specification :Coordination with contractor for development of job, Inspection & Monitoring activity as for : cutting, welding, ndt and audit consumable, material coming and process,welding facility and review document. Since June 1, 2013 up to August 15, 2013. Job by Code AWS D1.1.(finished contract).

As Client Welding Inspector at MODEC International, Inc. FPSO Project OSX III Brazil, fabrication Pressure Vessel at PT Profab Batu Ampar.Job specification : Coordination and Inspection : material coming process, welding ( prepared,duty and after), ensure NDT completed,buble test and hydro test, painting, IRN, reporting and review MDR. Periode 25 March 2013 to 28 May 2013, finished contract Job by code ASME XIII, ASME IX,ASME Sec V .

Part Time As Client QA/QC/Welding Inspector at PT Alfa, Project ESSAR, fabrication structure . Platform at Batu Ampar Job specification :Coordination with contractor to short problem, Inspection : material coming and process, welding ( prepared, during and after) and ensure NDT by contractor if any.,witness/review NDT,painting and MDR from 3 Jan 2013 to 18 March 2013 ( completed job ). By Code AWS D1.1

As Client Welding Inspector at PT FLSMIDTH Project Conveyor/Andaro, under Agent PT Prima Energy location Korindo Batu Raja Tangerang-Jakarta from June 11, 2012 to Dec 14,2012 ( completed job).

Job speccification : Final inspection welding ( visual, ensure NDT completed, and responbilty to ensure no major defect before painting) and painting ( blasting, ensure all completed painted and defect before to release). By Code AWS D 1.1 and Painting ITP.

Attended Course NDT ASNT Level II, MT/ PT (Renewal), RI and UT - passed from Feb 1 th, 2012 to

May 10 th, 2012 by DBSNDT Batam, specification : theory and practical (AWS D1.1, ASME 5, EN- BS).

As Client Representative and Welding Inspector Saipem Karimun and Saipem Lampung at Yongnam Sdn Bhd Johore/Malaysia, under agent PT Burliev- Periods 28 July 2011 to 31 December 2011 and job completed . Project Gorgon/Chevron Fabrication Structural Loading Platform, Landing, handrail and Ladder. Job Description : Coordination with contractor /Yongnam to short problem and devlopment project every weeks,Inspection : Material coming /Process,Fit up and Welding ( preapred,on going and after ), Painting ( blasting,withness with third party for salt test, dft and final quality ) Review Document,Running WPQ//WPS/WQT and Witness Mechanical Test ( PTS and Setco in Singapore), Review NDT (MT & UT-code AWS D1.1 /API 2X).

As Coordinator QA/QC/Welding Inspector PT.ALFA ERAJAYA PERSADA.

Periods June, 1 st to August, 3 rd 2010. And Project Profab Periods Dec 28, 2010 to May 2, 201,. completed job.

Job specification Running WQT, Inspection and review document reports,for fabrication Piping (stainless, carbon, bonstrand) and structural(flare boom) at PT.SMOE. Project JVT 004 Gajah Baru.

( Inspection by Client Spec and adopt AWS D 1.1, ASME 31.3, ASME 9, ASME sec 5).

As Qc Inspector At PT. DSAW - Roll for Tubular Pipe,Spiral under Oceaneering and D U J, Batam.

Periods August 14 th 2009 to May 29 th 2010. Completed completed.

Job specification Inspection, Review Document,Check Dimensional and reporting to Manager . For fabrication spiral pipe, cane, jack leg,spud (inspection pneumatic test design 15 psi ) and pipe 5L, by code AWS D 1.1, API 5 L, API 2B. Project Samsung.

As QA/Qc Inspector At PT. United Manpower Resources, Kabil .

Periods 13 to 23 April 2009. Completed job.

Job specification Prepared material for test ( thickness 1”), Running WQT and certification under ABS Procedure by code AWS D1.1. test by MT & RT.

As QA/ QC Inspector at PT. Citra Tubindo Engineering, Kabil.

Periods : November 19th 2007 to January 14th 2009 and completed.job.

Job specification : Inspection material coming and process, Running WPS & WQT, Inspection during Marking, Cutting, Performing Fit up, Welding ( prepared, during and after + NDT request if any), hydro test design 2500 psi, leak test,reporting to Client and prepare MDR. ( by code AWS D.1.1, API 2B, ASME 31.3, ASME sec 5 and ASME 9).

Structure,Jacket and Piping at Project Murphy West Africa (FDPSO),

Mud Tanks and Rig Floor at Project Nabors.

Stinger Pipe Lay down at Project Norce,

Tower, Drill Floor and Pipe Manifold at Project Bluestone Topaz

As QC Inspector at PT. Rotary Engineering, Tanjung Uncang .

Periods August 7th 2006 to September 10th 2007, finished contract.

Job specification Inspection Fit-up and Welding, Prepare joint number, NDE request for Piping Project. AKA ( ASME 9 & AME B31.3 and ASME sec 5) and reporting to Manager.

As QC Inspector Painting and Coating at PT.Bredero Shaw Indonesia, Kabil Batam

Periods January 2nd 2006 to July 18th 2006,completed job.

Job specification Inspection Anode Installation,Internal Painting(Inspection blasting,wft, dft and repaired if any with productuion.) and reporting to Manager at Project JVC, BP Tangguh and LNG.( by Client Spect, ITP)

As QC Inspector at PT. Rotary Engineering, Tanjung Uncang .

Periods April 10th 2003 to September 1th 2004. Finished contact.

Job specification : Reporting to Supervisor,Inspection Fit-up and Welding, Prepare joint number and NDE request

For piping project. TASIL Co ( ASME 9, ASME 31.3,ASME sec 5)

As QC Inspector at PT. Alfa Erajaya Persada, Batu Ampar.

Periods Feb 8th, 1999 to Marc 7th, 2002. Finished contarct.

Job specification : Reporting,Inspection Perform cutting, fit up, and welding Project Oil and Gas

( Structure and piping ).adopt code/standard AWS D1.1, ASME 9, ASME sec5 & ASME B31.3.

As Supervise at PT.Holly Sentosa, Jodoh.

Periods : September 26th 1996 to April 1st 1998, completed job

Job specification : Inspection Building Construction, Swimming pool and Review Reporting then to Owner

at Sentosa Hotel.

As Supervisor at PT.Timsco Indonesia Bandung, Batam.

Periods 10th 1988 to Feb 24th 1994.resigned.

Job specification : Coordination with contractor, Reporting to Manager, Building/ Construction and Earth Work at Project Otorita Batam..

Prepared by : Suhairi-Heri

Batam, Riau Island Indonesia (29466).

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