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Engineering Network Security

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 06, 2016

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Gagandeep Singh Kalra


Mobile: +1-343-***-****


Successfully completed Masters of Engineering (computer and electrical)

CCNA, CCNA-Security, CCNP-route(in progress)

Proficient knowledge of networking protocols and technologies.

Experience in configuring routers and switches, and in depth expertise in the implementation and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN network systems.

Knowledge firewalls, ASA, IDS/IPS, MPLS fundamentals.

Knowledge and hand on experience of configuring routers and switches.

Network Management on small networks, firewall and anti-spyware issues on the desired operating system.

Sound knowledge in network monitoring, VPN technology, firewalls, IDS/IPS.

Problem analysis, use of judgement and ability to solve problems effic iently, along with strong verbal and personal communication skills. Work Experience

January 2016 - Present: Test Automation Engineer (Cisco)

Configured devices across various OSes: N7000, N6000 (NXOS) and ASR1000 (IOS- XE).

Monitored sanity runs during test cycle of software release.

Analyzed test failures, identified image defects and reported the defects in bug tracking system.

Escalated critical image bugs to release team and kept the management in loop.

Monitored routers/switches/servers and recovered the devices to limit the effect on production runs.

Utilized Cisco internal tools to review test logs and analyze networking related issues.

Worked with various development and test teams to debug image defects in complex topology setups.

Performed software, firmware, and hardware upgrades/patching to ensure integrity of network infrastructure components.

Intern Jan 2012- June 2012: Igladweb, Mohali, India Training Responsibilities Included:

Implementing LAN and WAN networks design proposed by the enterprise to the clients.

Ensured stable and reliable operation of computer network and all connected PCs and peripherals, including installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting and optimizing all network hardware, software, and communication links.

Hands on experience in configuration of routers, switches, servers and different cables used to connect them using both CLI and GUI tools.

Configuration of EIGRP, OSPF and RIP, VTP links and VLANs, FTP and DNS servers. Certifications

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

CCNA (Implementing cisco IOS Network Security)

Working towards CCNP-route

Technical Skills

Switching: Configuration and working of VLANs, VLAN trunking & VTP, STP path selection, RSTP.

IP Routing: Configuration/troubleshooting of Routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), MPLS (RSVP-TE, LDP), DMVPN, Redistribution, Policy Based Routing.

Knowledge of the architecture, components, functionalities, and features of Cisco Unified Communications solutions, maintaining cisco unified communications system.

WAN Connections: Configuration of Frame Relay and PPP (Point-to-Point protocol).

Network Security: Configuration and knowledge of VPNs, IP sec tunnels, ACL’s, NAT PAT, Firewalls, AAA (Radius,Tacacs+), and IDS/IPS.

Network Management: Configuration and working knowledge of Cisco SDM, SNMP, NMS and CDP protocol.

MPLS: Functioning, tunnels, protection, restoration, QoS.

Servers: Configuration of TFTP, DHCP and DNS servers.

Networking Tools: GNS3, Wireshark, Cisco Packet Tracer, Cisco configuration Professional (CCP).

IPv4 and IPv6 addressing: Subnetting and VLSM.

In depth knowledge of TCP/IP and OSI layer models.

Languages: C, C++

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Microsoft Office Tools: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Academic Credentials

MEng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2013-2015 University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, 2008-2012 Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Punjab Projects

Title: Analysis of Traffic Engineering Deployment Strategies in Core IP/MPLS NETWORKS. Duration: 4 months (sept’14-dec’14).


Problem of congestion and underutilization of link bandwidth is addressed by using Mult i- Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) traffic engineering and explicit routing capabilities in the core of the IP/MPLS networks so that there is less congestion and underutilization of links.

Implementations were done using Ns2/Ns3 for graphical representation and get the desired results.

Title: Redirection Based Recovery by Allocating LSPs using Minimum Cost Flow and Integrated Algorithms.

Duration: 4 months (Jan ’14-apr’14)


We studied how Failure free working LSP’s can be made to carry the traffic of failed LSP’s.

Both Interdomain and Intradomain topologies were considered.

Each packet of affected traffic is encapsulated with Forwarding Equivalence class of the failure free LSP.

Title: Survivable routing in WDM networks.

Duration: 4 months (jan’14-apr’14)


WDM networks are prone to component failures.

For survivability of the network it is important to have backup resources and some techniques to select backup Paths for corresponding working paths and to switch over the traffic to the backup paths as quickly as possible.

Various techniques were studied for implementing survivability in these networks. Title: Product Catalogue(C, C

Duration: 2 months (June’11-Jul’11).


The aim of the project was to access market products and arranges their costs according to its value.

An efficient algorithm was designed to implement this strategy which was implemented using C language.

Title: Oracle (SQL, Fundamentals 1)

Duration: 2 months (June’09-Jul’09)


The aim of this training is to provide experience, and testing to ensure that one has a strong foundation and expertise in Oracle9i Database techniques, including backup and recovery, performance tuning, and administration.

The tool used was Oracle 9i Software.


References Available on request.

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