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Electronic manufacturing

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
October 06, 2016

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Abdolmohammad Tahvili

** ******* ***., **********, *******, L4L8X7



As a person who has been involved in electronic & telecommunication activities with good knowledge in electronic manufacturing as well as electronic components & devices, wires & cables and test equipment, I am ready for any related line of activity.


-Acknowledge about telecommunication networking, both indoor and outdoor, consists of different methods in electrical and optical networks, cables and wires, connecting systems, housings, installation, tools, instrument, etc., during 13 years experiment in supplying all related materials to Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI)

-Familiarity with different assembly, quality & performance testing documents as well as related procedures for manufacturing electronic modules and also needed tools, assembly machines and performance test equipment during 24 years experiment in both manufacturing and trading sectors.

-Technical knowledge about Compact Fluorescent Lamps (C.F.L.) and LED lamps

-Vessel shipments and logistics related to Tropicana fruits international export

-Some self studies related to Clean Renewable Electrical Energy (Mostly Solar Systems)

-Familiarity with some Canadian regulations by obtaining Life Insurance License

EDUCATION & Training:

-1983 to 1986 Iran Associate degree in Telecommunication from a

university in Tehran

-1991 Germany Three months quality test training of

Telecommunication systems Siemens Munich &


-2015 Canada Life Insurance Certificate from Financial Services

Commission of Ontario


-Telecommunication Construction Ontario from July 2016

Fiber Optic cable networking (Self Employed-Contract Basis)

-Life insurance broker : Ontario Jan. to May 2016

-Self Employed: : Malaysia, 2013 to 2015

General trading, Exporting fresh pineapple to Iran

-Self Employed : Malaysia, 2012 to 2013

Supplying electronic parts of C.F.L. lamps from China to Iran

-Self Employed: Iran, 1998 to 2011 Trading activity in Electronics and Telecommunication, Consists of:

Supplying Components, Devices, Wires, Cables, Test equipment

Key Responsibilities:

1- Supplying different clients in above mentioned categories according to

following procedure:

a. Clearing all technical issues about inquiries to find exact and

clear details (model& part number, brand, etc.)

b. Offering all possible substitutes to clients

c. Contact with default suppliers and searching for new sources in

parallel to get the best prices

d. Offering the best price to clients

e. Negotiating about all terms and conditions with defined source

and client to finalize the order

f. Placing the orders with suppliers

g. Doing the shipment according to confirmed delivery method

h. Clearing any issue about the order (if exists)

i. Closing the order by doing settlement with customer

2- Visiting domestic and international exhibitions in field of electronics

and telecommunication for gathering latest information on scientific

achievements and finding new sources and clients

3- Education and repair services of test and measurement instruments and

equipment through sub-contractors with related experts

4- Consulting and co-operating in Telecom. Networking projects by

supplying needed parts, materials, wires & cables, tools, equipment

5- We established our office in U.A.E in 2003 to facilitate our

international business with overseas suppliers & manufacturers

directly. Office was active for eight years (till September 2011).

-Employed Iran 1988 to 1997

Activity in Iran Telecommunication Industries (ITI),

First Year: Assurance Technician

Eight Years: Technology Transfer Supervisor,

Key Responsibilities:

1- To specify the type & model of machines and measuring instruments

required for new products

2- To study the possibility of adaptation the existing equipment in the

factory with the equipment required for new products

3- Negotiation with foreigner companies to finalize the technology

transfer contract of equipment for new products and finalize the order

list based on our requirement, not according to their offer

4- Preparation of all documents related to education (training), assembly

procedure, test method & packing

5- To train the employees of the production line regarding the procedure

of using new documents for manufacturing new products

6- Supporting all departments to ensure running new project successfully

(Incoming inspection, Stores, All different production lines, Packing

House, Installation, etc.)

7- Getting some training about new Siemens Multiplexing products

(SDH systems)

Last Year: Sale Technical support Manager


-2013 to 2015 Malaysia Activity in general trading sector by supplying fresh

Pineapple from Malaysia, Coconut from India

and Sri-Lanka, Banana from Philippines and India

to Iran market, which caused my experiment in Logistics, Vessel Shipment and other terms

-1980 to 2011 Iran Building three houses, Renovating two houses in

` different levels in parallel with ordinary activities


I am so enthusiastic in “Clean Renewable Energy”, which is very close to my experiment and education. I have had some self studies and some non-published writings in this regard. It is my passion originally.

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