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Animator, Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Illustrator, Storyboarding

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
October 05, 2016

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Jonathan Knight


Primed in current tools for 2D digital animation and 3D animation

Flexible when working within a group of people and solo when needed Over 6 year’s professional freelance animation experience EDUCATION

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Atlanta, Georgia (2010) Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation, Minor in Sequential Art Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois (2006)

Associate of Fine Arts


• Animation

• Storyboard Artist

• Character Designer

• Graphic Designer

• Audio Editor

• Illustrator

• Video Editor

• Animation Colorist



• Photoshop

• Flash

• Maya

• After Effects

• ToonBoom Storyboarding Pro

• Dreamweaver

• InDesign

• Premiere

• Avid

• ToonBoom Animation Pro


Tales from the Smoke House-Contract Illustrator (2016) Client hired me to modify book cover for the book “Tales from the Smoke House”

• Expanded the distribution of the book “Tales From the Smoke House” by updating the illustration on the title cover, while also making additional edits in Adobe Photoshop.

• Collaborated with the author in designing a theme for the cover with each new story written

Effie Pappa “Sea Tranced Isle”-Contract Colorist (2015) Expedited the animation process by coloring in animated shots for the short film “Sea Trance Isle” in Adobe Photoshop under a tight deadline.

• Collaborated with director and producer in coloring animated scenes for the Short film

“Sea Trance Isle”

• Slashed the time needed to import animated scenes into Photoshop and color the scene, while also cleaning the animated segments when needed.

• Reported to the producer when completed with a scene in order to begin the process on the next scene.

Mhicksimagine-Contract Rough layout Illustrator (2015) Client hired me to create rough layouts for 12 pages in the comic book “Big Fish” and forward them to another artist to finalize.

• Storyboarded pages to create high end comic book pages

• Reduced time and cost to layout pages for the final book to be finished by the deadline.

• Cleaned up roughs so that the final piece was much easier for the artist to finish. Tales from the Smoke House-Contract Illustrator and Editor (2014) Client finished recording audio for his ongoing series “Tales From the Smoke House” he needed me to edited his audio then upload the completed audio. He also needed a book cover illustration completed for his Christmas book that was going to be published.

• Saved the client time and money by editing audio stories and uploading the finished product to

• Published a Christmas themed book under a tight deadline, saving the client time and money.

• Used Adobe Premiere to edit audio stories.

Tales from the Smoke House, Atlanta-Contract Illustrator (2013) Client hired me to Illustrate or redesigned chapter headers for his books “The Quilts of Love” and

“The Year Book”

• Updated the visual style of “The Quilts of Love” for publication

• Illustrated 7 resigned chapter headers for book “Quilts of Love” in Photoshop

• Designed 9 Chapter headers for book “The Year Book” in Photoshop HA&W Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP, Atlanta, GA-Contract Animator (2013) Client hired me under a strict deadline to work with a group of animators to complete a new animated introduction for their company

• Saved the company time and money creating an animated intro in Adobe Flash.

• Increased productivity working with HA&W animators to develop animated sequence.

• Collaborated with animators creating an upgraded animated intro bumper for the company to use.

• Designed storyboards in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Tales from the Smoke House, Atlanta, GA-Contract Animator (2012) Client commissioned me to create a 2 minute animated demo from his book “Tales From the Smoke House”

• Promoted the book ”Tales From the Smoke House” with the animation of “Oscar the Ostrich”

• Animated 2 minute demo in Adobe Flash.

• Created characters from the book “Oscar the Ostrich” in order to be animated

• Edited Audio in Adobe Premiere to used when making animated demo, Atlanta, GA-Contract Animator (2012) Created an animated commercial advertising the company “”

• Heightened advertisement for the company “” by creating an animated commercial

• Created 13 second high end 2D animated commercial for in Adobe Flash

• Storyboarded animated sequence in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Savannah College of Art and Design “SCAD”, Atlanta, GA-Student Animator (2010) My animation department began development on an animated short called Jaguar McGuire.

• Broadcasted the animated short film “Jaguar McGuire”

• Worked within a group animating shots for animated short “Jaguar McGuire”

• Animated 3D scenes in Adobe Flash to make a 2D animation EMPLOYMENT

Lufthansa Air Cargo (2010-present)

• Prevented financial and resource loss by exercising critical thinking skills managing documents containing information on freight set for international travel.

• Built relationships with companies organizing and confirming their freight for travel across the world

• Managed and updated flight information under a strict deadline and expedited the loading process

Savannah College of Art and Design “SCAD” (2006-2010)

• Maintained and Upgraded campus equipment

• Helped develop new work space in the Digital Media Center building for students to work in.

• Helped operate and set up equipment (cameras, DATS, recorders, etc) rented out to students

• Preserved and repaired equipment after it was used by students and faculty Sinclair Broadcast Company (WICD News Channel 15), Champaign, IL (2003-2006)

• Controlled and maintained audio quality during live broadcasts

• Reduced workload for coworkers by editing high quality content for news stories using Avid and broadcasted segment live

• Operated studio cameras and prompter during live segments within the studio.

• Helped with operating the master controls during news segment.

• Worked in edit bays compiling stories together under a firm deadline

• Set up studio cameras, lights, microphones and tested equipment to make sure it worked properly before each show.

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