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Sql Server Oracle

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
October 05, 2016

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Oracle Certified Professional DBA

mongodb certified dba

**** ************ ***

Mississauga ON,

Canada L5V 2R6

Phone: 416-***-****


Senior Infrastructure /Database Machine DBA

Sam Rahim

Summary Of


Over 17 years of Oracle Database experience in 24x7 production mission critical multi-terabytes database’s and RAC & Dataguard Standby Database’s on Windows/Linux/Unix platform.

Proficient in an array of continuous improvement tools centered on lean manufacturing and six sigma methodologies including standard work, standard operating procedures, statistical process control, visual management systems, 4S,8PS, continuous flow, and Kanban systems

Expert level in Performance Tuning of Oracle database server 7.x/8i/9i/10g/11g/12c using OWI, ADDM, AWR, OEM, RDA and Statspack.

Installed Oracle databases on HP-UX, Sun Solaris Sparc & x86 processor, Linux and on Windows servers.

Good skills in database Installation, performance tuning, optimization, backup and recovery,Database Mirroring, data integration and synchronization in SQL Server 2005/2008

Customized System startup & shutdown procedures.

Installed High Availability Oracle solutions using Oracle RAC, ASM, Flashback, Dataguard, Goldengate, Replications(Streams)

Good knowledge of Hyperion EPM.

Strong database migration and upgrade experience across versions and platforms. Database upgraded and migrated using Export/Import, Transportable Tablespaces.

Clone databases using RMAN, export/import, datapump and physical online/offline backup for development, testing, education and production purpose.

Experienced in 24X7 production databases support as well as development databases to ensure maximum availability of database for various applications.

Excellent skills in writing SQL and Functions, Procedures, and Packages of PL/SQL.

Excellent skills with SQL*PLUS, OEM, RMAN, SQL Loader, and third party tools like Quest Live Reorg and Toad.

Strong in performance tuning using Explain Plan, STATSPACK, SQL_TRACE, TKPROF, TRCSESS.

Automation of daily routine tasks like including user management, daily hot backup & weekly cold backup (using CRON & AT), storage management, develop data feed and standby database management, and administration by writing UNIX shell scripts.

Involved in application development teams for app. development, testing, system acceptance, implementation and migration to production.

Good Skills in SQL Server 2005/2008 BI Suite (SSIS, SSRS)

Experienced Logical and Physical database design using Oracle Designer, Erwin.

Customized the database for data movement and expertise in data migration. Designed the structure of the database to reduce the contention and fragmentation. Ensure the safety of the database by creating multiplexed redo log files and control files.

Expertise in Troubleshooting the Problems regarding database, application and development tools.

Extensive experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data using Informatica from heterogeneous sources.

Configured Oracle Audit & Security (Encryption, Redaction). Developed and implemented the strategy for managing security roles and privileges. Created profiles to control and optimize the system resources such as connect time, idle time, CPU time etc.

Experienced in database Analysis, design, creation, maintenance and upgrading.

Designed backup strategy in view of business requirement, activity level on the database. Complemented physical backup procedures with logical backup schedules. Restored the database after database crash, corruption and system crash on client site.

Involved in Configuration and Maintained Storage devices like NAS, SAN, Exadata, replication and physically removable devices.

Experienced in Solaris system performance tools.

Experience using source management and change management tools (CVS,Oracle Designer SCM)

Strong Project Management skills and worked with other domains/group on various projects.

Follow ITIL Best Practice guidelines for Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management & Release Management


Oracle Certified Professional – Database Administrator

Lean Six Sigma Black belt in Process

Technical Skills And Qualifications

Jan 2016

University of Toronto, Mississauga,ON

June 1998

Bachelor of Computer Science, Applied Science University, Amman- Jordan

Hardware (Platforms)

Sun Server X3,X4 Intel Xeon E5-2697, HP-UX 9000 /HP RX6600/ IBM p Series 610 / SAN Storage Arrays /IBM PCs (and compatibles)

Operating Systems

Exadata X3-2,X4-8,Oracle Database Appliances X3-2,X4-2,Linux 6.x/5.xHP-UX Itanium/ PA-RISC/Unix,AIX/Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Windows 2012 Servers



Oracle 12c/11g/10g RAC, Oracle Enterprise,Spatial (12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/8),SQL Server 2005/2008,2012,MongoDB 3.2, MySql 5.x

Middleware / Application Servers

Goldengate10g/11g,Weblogic Server 11g/12c,OIM/OAM,Oracle10g Application Server

Application / UML Modeling

Erwin,Designer 10g/6i 2000 Case Tools, Magic Draw, MS Visio

Development Tools / Environments

Hyperion Essbase,Planning

Oracle Developer Suite (10g, 9i, 6i, 2.1)

Oracle PL / SQL

Oracle 10g AS Portals

Oracle Business Intelligence(Discoverer)10g, 9i,Oracle Data Integrator

IBM Cognos

GeoMedia tools

Version Control Systems

Oracle SCM,CVS

Programming languages

Pl/SQL,Shell Scripting,J2EE (Servlet,JSP), Cold Fusion, FrontPage, HTML

Other Tools/ETL Tools

ODI 11g,Hyperion Essbase,TOAD,HP-OpenView

Virtualization /Emulation

vSphere, ESX Server, ESXi Server, Workstation, Fusion,Virtual Box

Training Courses

Oracle Exdata 11g Eseesntials

Eclipsys Solutions

Hyperion 11g Essbase

Eclipsys Solutions

Hypperion 11g Planning

Eclipsys Solutions

Oracle GoldenGate 10g Fundamentals

Riyad Bank

Workshop PLUS - SQL Server 2005 for Administrators

Microsoft Corporation

Java Programming

Oracle EMEA Cairo-Egypt

Build J2EE Applications

Emakacademy Cairo-Egypt

Oracle Designer 2000

NATCOM (National Computer System Company)

Introduction to Unix &TCP/IP

Shaheer Net Riyadh –K.S.A

Oracle DBA

ITCC (International Training& Consultancy Center)

Oracle Forms4.5,Report4.5,PL/SQL

ITCC Amman Jordan

Blogs and Publications

Professional Experience

Feb 2014 - Present

Senior Infrastructure /Database Machine DBA

Regional Municipality of Peel

Brampton, Ontario Canada

Environment: Exadata X3-2, Oracle Database Appliance X4-2, Oracle 9i,10g,11g,12c,Oracle Linux6.x, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud control, WebLogic Server 11g,12c, Oracle 12C RAC, ASM, WebLogic 12c,Oracle Data Integrator 11g,Oracle Hyperion,Oracle PeopleSoft 8.53, Oracle Utilities CC&B, Oracle Spatial,GeoMedia,windows 2008R2,2012,SQL Server 2005/2008/2012,EMC Data Domain Boost Backup.

Key Responsibilities:

Brought Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to the company to Standardize operations and improve equipment reliability which resulted in 57.7% decrease in rework steps

Supporting, managing over 90 Production instances.

Working closely with the Infrastructure teams (storage, network, Linux, backup) to develop a support model for Oracle Engineered systems (EXADATAX3-2, ODA X4-2).

Working closely with the Regional Service Delivery operation teams to perform training (KT Sessions with L2 and L3), support and optimize Oracle 12c infrastructure.

Participate in the design, build and deployment of a new Oracle 12c database service in order to cover all projects with a common service request, monitoring definition, backup and recovery strategy, and security, auditing in compliance with SOX/PCI policies.

Installing, Configuring, Administrating Oracle Utilities CC&B on Linux/Windows Platforms.

Upgraded Hyperion EPM to EPM

Installed EPM suite and configured HSS, Essbase, Planning, HFM, FDM, EPMA, FR, ODI

11g and Web Logic 11g on high availability servers

Migrated and took backups of different Hyperion applications across Development, Test and Production environments

Provided all the required Hyperion Administration and DBA support of all Hyperion components of the Essbase, Planning and Reporting systems - database servers, application servers, batch job servers, and file servers for the development, test and production environments.

Worked with GIS Developers closely and other clients to implement GIS web-based application utilizing Oracle Spatial GeoMedia tool.

Administration and maintenance, Troubleshooting and Performance tuning of 100+ SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 databases into multiple environments, and providing production support for 24X7 high availability environments.

Troubleshooting and supporting kofax Databases on SQL Server 2008/2012.

Configure Oracle Advanced Security on 12c databases to implement Transparent Data Encryption at tablespace, table and column levels. Also configured Redaction using OEM's Policy expression builder.

Engagement in Designing high level ETL architecture for overall data transfer from the OLTP to OLAP using SSIS for Peel Region Garbage Collection, and Salesforce clouding Applications

Configured Database mirroring and log shipping in the SQL Server instances as High Availability

Involved in building, moving, marinating SSIS packages between various environments.

Key Achievements

Key member of Engineered Systems (Database Appliances X4-2, ExadataX3-2) implementation team that conducted the initial proof-of-concept exercise and then implemented one of the first true Production implementations of three half-racks supporting.

Lead DBA role in 9i,10g,11g2 to 12c database upgrades on multiple database simultaneously

Aug 2013 – Feb 2014

Senior Database Specialist /Systems Consultant

Eclipsys Solutions ( George Brown College Project)

Toronto,Ontario Canada

Environment: Oracle Database Appliance X3-2,Oracle Linux5.x, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud control, WebLogic Server 11g, Oracle 11g RAC, ASM, Oracle Database Appliance.

Key Responsibilities:

Installation and configuration Grid Infrastructure for Cluster database on four nodes on two Sites.

Racking Oracle Database Appliance on two Sites.

Configuring, deploying ODA Virtual platform.

Configuring, deploying Oracle RAC

Configuring Virtual Machines on Virtual platform.

Key Achievements

Successfully Migrated Production Databases with Zero Downtime.

Jan 2012- Aug 2013

Senior Oracle DBA

Brainhunter Inc. (Zylog Systems Canada LTD)

Toronto,Ontario Canada

Environment: Linux RHEL,6.4, Centos 6.2,SAN Storage, AVAYA IVR Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g,Oracle11gR2 RAC, ASM, Oracle Secure Backup, Goldengate,PL/SQL, CVS,Toad, WebLogic 10g Application Server, MySQL 5.5,SQL Server 2008

Key Responsibilities:

Performed architecture and configuration analyses of DEV, QA, UAT,and PROD environments including: disk configurations and RAID levels to support OLTP and Data Warehouse applications, database initialization parameters and conformance to OFA guidelines

Installation and configuration Grid Infrastructure for Cluster database on six nodes.

Installation and Deploying Oracle GoldenGate 10g/11g in unidirectional and bi-directional modes.

Managed the setup and configuration of GoldenGate Director and Veridata.

Troubleshooting GoldenGate and fixing all business relations issues for unique/foreign key constraints and other conflicts for Data extraction / replication process.

Managed the migration from Oracle to 11.2.3 for Development,QA,UAT,Production, Disaster Recovery Databases

Managing Very Large Database +1.5 TB.

Working closely with business and call center teams to analyze IVR functional requirements and gather change requests, convert into technical document and implement those based on schedule

Monitoring and maintaining the routine business cronjobs setup on the DB instances of various types.

Routinely refreshing non-production DB instances with Production DB data.

Integrating with external customers through SFTP/SSH file transfer to process batch job posting and other business processes using DB cronjobs calling stored procedures.

Implementing Informatica ETL data analysis /reports according to business/customer requests.

Provided Production Support in solving bugs reported about DB operations

Used CVS for change management and version control for rolling forward patches.

Developed a backup plan, including backup type, schedules, locations and capacity planning

Monitoring and optimizing database performance

Monitoring SQL server 2008 performance using profiler to find performance and deadlocks.

Analyzed SQL server 2008 long running slow queries and tune the same to optimize application and system performance.

Implemented Oracle TDE to satisfy PCI requirements for credit card data encryption.

Managing SQL2008 server disk space, memory and connections.

Maximum performance and uptime in production environment.

Installing and supporting IMAP/POP/SMTP email.

Setting up RAC disaster recovery and High Availability Architecture using Data Guard.

Implementing High Availability scenario for synchronizing Production databases data during the migration process with no data loses or services interruption using Goldengate 10g/11g

Optimizing Linux system operations and resource utilization, and performs system capacity analysis and planning.

Ensure that system hardware and software conform to organization standards and policies.

Key Achievements

Successfully Migration critical Production Database with Zero Downtime.

Primary DBA on day-to-day Oracle, SQL Server database administration efforts.

Provided support for all customers running Talentflow system, through their VPN connection

Mar 2011 – Jul 2011

Database Consultant


St. Catharine’s, Ontario Canada

Environments: Linux Centos, Oracle 11g,SQL Server 2008,CA ARCserve Backup, Erwin,CVS PL/SQL

Key Responsibilities:

Gather business and IT requirements for database development project.

Worked on research and analysis (including reverse engineering) for business development.

Installing and maintaining operational environment of Oracle, SQL databases.

Involved in writing PL/SQL, T-SQL codes for implement Stored Procedures and Functions for different tasks.

Extract Transform Load (ETL) development using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Created new database objects using T-SQL in Development and Production environment for SQL Server 2008

Developed a backup plan, including backup type, schedules, locations and capacity planning.

Key Achievements

Successfully automated a daily operations reports for champions

Mar 2007 –Feb 2011

Database Architect

Riyad Bank

Environment: HP-UX RX6600 Itanium,HP-UX.B.11,AIX, Linux Red Hat 5.1,SAN Storage, Oracle Enterprise Manager /Grid Control 11g, Oracle RAC11gr2/10gr2, ASM,Goldengate10g, Streams, Weblogic Server 10, PL/SQL, Toad, VERITAS, Tivoli Backup

Key Responsibilities::-

Engagement in business Infrastructure design and architecture with Oracle and suppliers.

Performed architecture and configuration analyses of DEV, QA, environments including: disk configurations and RAID levels to support OLTP and Data Warehouse applications, database initialization parameters and conformance to OFA guidelines

Engagement in upgrade and migration planning for more than 52 Oracle 8, 9i, 10g legacy databases to Oracle 11gR2 RAC 16 node environment, migration planning to ASM and RAC environments.

Implementing database vault and Encryption with Oracle TDE for client’s data redaction.

Worked on database performance tuning, data backup, recovery, architecture, security processes / procedures and Database auditing.

Participation for Setting up the disaster recovery and High Availability Architecture for DR Site using Data Guard, Goldengate10g.

Managed the setup and configuration, installation and deploying Oracle GoldenGate 10g in unidirectional mode.

Key Achievements

Primary DBA for the implementation of Oracle Data guard for a critical financial database onto DR Site, configured, deployed, tested and documented the Data guard setup and successfully conducted the switchover to the new live system. This work was done to a very tight deadline and schedule, without compromising the other project work

I was heavily involved in performance tuning at both the application and database,managing Service Delivery in accordance with SLA’s & OLA’s

Oct 2005-Jan2007

Senior Database Administrator

Agricultural Bank

Environment: HP-UX.B.11,AIX 5.L,Linux Red Hat3.8,SAN Storage, Oracle Enterprise Manager /Grid Control 10g, Oracle10gRAC, ASM, Replication(Streams), Designer 10g SCM,AS 10g,Oracle Secure Backup, PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005,BizTalk,SCOM,HP-penView

Engineering, implemented, documented business Infrastructure design and architecture with HP architects

Provide 3rd level support for SQL Server 2005,Oracle RAC 10g Installation, patching, performance tuning, backup and recovery issues with RMAN/ Data Protector, trace analysis, manage 750Gb+ OLTP Database for Online Payment Transactions for a hundreds of concurrent users and Batch jobs in a 7x24 environment.

Implementing data redaction, and encryption, auditing.

Synchronized databases replication SQL Server and Oracle for Loans and Online Payment systems.

Key Achievements

After the loss of a schema in the largest financial database, I assisted in restoring their Primary database, worked closely with the other DBA’s and Sys Admin’s assigned to the task, working through the night and successfully bringing the database with 4 hours downtime .

Managing Service Delivery in accordance with SLA’s & OLA’s

Oct 2003 –OCT 2005

Database Administrator

Ministry Of Justice

Ministry Of Health


Environment: AIX 5.L, Linux Red Hat,SAN Storage, Oracle Enterprise manager,Oracle10g RAC,RMAN, Designer 10g,PL/SQL,Erwin,Application Server 10g, IBM Cognos,BrightStor ARCserve Backup


Engineering, implemented, documented and support builds of multiple cluster nodes to use Oracle 10g RAC on IBM AIX Servers, Oracle Application Servers 10g on Linux.

Installation, upgrades, migrations, performance tuning, backup and recovery plan, SQL tuning, RAC HA disaster recovery strategy, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, managing 200 Gb+ Oracle database in a 7x24 environment.

Worked in AES encryption in oracle 10g by using DBMS_Crypto package

Primary DBA for all Production, Development and Staging instances.

Participation in creating PL/SQL Packages, Triggers.

Key Achievements

Successfully migrated multiple schemas from versions 8 to 10g RAC and applications from two tier Architect to Multitier Tier Architect to make the enterprise applications more scalable and reliable.

Jul 1998 – Oct 2003

Database Administrator /System Analyst

Ministry Of Health - Organ Transplantation Center

National Computer Systems Co. (NATCOM)

Environment: Unix True64,AIX 5L,Oracle8x,Oracle Advanced Replications, PL/SQL, Designer 2000,Shell Scripting

Key Responsibilities::-

My responsibilities:

Installation and configuration Designer Repository, Implemented database Security

Implemented Database replication,disaster recovery strategy using custom written shell scripts

Duties Involved as: Senior Application Developer

Participation in the Design, development, deployment, testing and quality assurance of a various applications in the Ministry of Health for the Project of Organs Transplantation Center

Tools: Oracle 8.0.5 RDBMS Enterprise Edition and ORACLE Designer2000, Developer tools (Oracle Developer Suite 6i,10g,Toad)

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