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Professional, Translational research and drug discovery

Ronkonkoma, New York, United States
October 05, 2016

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Karim Berrada PhD

** ****** ***** ********** ** *1779 631-***-**** SEASONED BIOLOGIST– TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH – TARGETS AND LEADS VALIDATION Cell Biology – Immunology - Metabolism - Cell Engineering - Pharmacology – in-vivo Validation Studies - Results Transferrable Scientific Skills

Hands-on, passionate, innovative, organized, team leader who delivered biomarkers, diagnostic assays and drug candidates from concept to pre-clinical studies. Well experienced at advancing small molecules and large molecules

Broad exposure to multiple therapeutic areas including metabolic disorders (diabetes), cardiovascular, CNS, oncology, and immunology

Progressive experience at developing animal models and engineered cells. Also, proficient at targets and leads validation studies in primary pluripotent and haematopoietic stem cells derived from of human patients and animal models

In-vivo Pharmacological and mode of action studies in multiple primary cell types accompanied with analysis and evaluation of complex data and design experiments to identify and nominate proof of concept candidates

Strong transferrable skills in translational research, immunotherapy, immunology, cancer biology, signal transduction studies, enzymology, cell biology, molecular biology, physiology a with strong exposure to structure- based drug design, computational biology, and SAR

Managed and progressed programs to cover a wide range of targets including immune modulators (Interleukins, Cytokines), RTK, GPCRs, nuclear receptors, kinases, metabolic enzymes, transcription factors

Strong skills in, but not limited to, identifying and validating novel targets and biomarkers, discovering and validating small molecules and biologics, in-vivo and ex-vivo gene silencing or over-expression using lentiviral vectors. Isolation, culture and differentiation of primary cells. Flow cytometry and cell sorting. Immunological assays

(ELISPOT, ELISA, Tetramers). Functional and quantitative assay development. PCR, qPCR. Protein purification using immuno-affinity, IEC, SEC, and IMAC. FLIPR. Reporter assays Managerial Skills and Experience

Strategic line manager recognized for designing, executing and progressing programs with responsibility for operational planning, budgeting, interacting and coordinating work with various internal departments, collaborators, and CROs on a frequent and fluid basis for prioritizing tasks to meet rigorous deadlines

Demonstrated success in independently interpreting complex data and communicating progress/risks to senior management and recommending clear Go/No-go stage gate criteria

Generating and reviewing grants, peer review papers, patents, formal annual report, and SOPs

Developing and improving skills and knowledge necessary to successfully support assigned projects

Work well independently and in a matrixed team. Flexible ACHIEVEMENTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS

Co-developing a novel prognostic immunoassay for complementing clinical end-point studies in cancer patients.

Co-developing surrogate biomarker that exhibits pharmacodynamics changes upon drug treatment in cancer patients

Contributed to development of novel immunoassay to measure the activity of targets involved in Cognition.

Contributed to the development of NCEs for the treatment of dyslipidemia. Program has been out licensed

Strong contributor to the filing of a first-in-class multi-target kinase inhibitor for the treatment of cancer (filing expected by end of 2016)

Authored several national and global patents

Frequent speaker at various national and international meetings and conferences Karim Berrada, PhD.

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Drug Validation and Pharmacology; 2014 - Present

Avicenna-Oncology, dedicated to developing biomarkers and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC)

Planning, monitoring executions, and interacting with collaborators, CROs and Senior Management team to secure a smooth progression of the programs

Managing progrmas dedicated to producing ADCs for the treatment of therapy-resisting cancers

Developing cell lines, immunoassays and biochemical assays for testing NCE and targets activity. Validating targets and leads, designing assays, supervising screening campaigns, selecting and nominating leads based on cellular and pharmacological studies. Discovering and categorizing biomarkers and establishing the mode of action of leads

Communicating progress/risks to management and recommending clear Go/No-go stage gate criteria

Contributing to structure-based drug design efforts and recommending strategies and directions to achieve Proof-of- Concept (PoC)

Supporting program planning, reviewing and analyzing data based on in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo animal models and recommending directions

Overseeing and coordinating the work with internal groups, partners, collaborators, and CROs Achievements:

Evaluating, nominating, and validating leads in in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo

Designing strategic research plans to validate leads in human primary cells and initiate in-vitro PK/PD studies

Building solid professional relationships with various collaborators and partners Project Leader 2008 - 2015

OriBase Pharma, dedicated to developing first in class multi target kinase inhibitors and biomarkers (IND phase).

Managing programs dedicated to producing small molecules and selection of antigens to produce monoclonal antibodies and ADCs for the treatment of cancer

Provided input on the strategic R&D directions and support on program planning

Developed biomarkers and cell lines. Designed immunoassays, and advanced program toward IND filing

Developed and validated novel RTKs and nuclear receptors for their involvement in oncogenesis and inflammation and progressed multi target kinase inhibitors and biologics toward IND filing

Reviewed experimental designs and results and suggested follow-up experiments and directions

Analyzed data based on structure-based drug design, SAR, and in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo animal models Achievements:

Contributed to IND filing of a first in class multi target kinase inhibitor (IND filing by End of 2016)

Advanced novel biomarkers and antibodies toward IND filing (patent pending)

Designed a biomarker prognostic assay for assessing and predicting tumor resistance to drug treatment

Contributed to building strong professional relationships with various collaborators and partners. Manager of Drug Discovery 2005-2011

Ingenious Targeting Laboratory

Developing animal models and small molecules for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, and cardiovascular

Independently designed innovative research programs and implemented a new screening strategy in primary cells

Managed all activities of early phases of drug discovery programs in oncology, cardiovascular and inflammation. Duties included targets selection, targets validation, assay development, HTS, leads selection and validation in animal models and in cells derived from human donors

Developed animal models and primary human/rodent cells to simulate the disease state

Analyzed and evaluated complex data and designed experiments to identify and nominate proof of concept candidates

Developed qualitative and quantitative cell based assay, biochemical assays and immunoassays assays to support HTS and leads selections.

Performed early pharmacological studies in-vitro and in-vivo, and toxicity studies.

Led team to develop several leads for a diverse range of targets, including GPCRs, Cytokine receptors,

Used Structural Biology to build 3D models of various targets and designed focused libraries for screening using primary cells

Critically analyzed complex data, mentored scientists and research associates in daily experiments, and prioritized the workload to meet self-imposed deadlines

Represented development programs at senior management reviews and for potential investors

Acquired and negotiated collaborations and partnerships with other companies and research laboratories worldwide

Evaluated programs for in-licensing and patent development. Prepared patent disclosures, annual reports, and SOPs Karim Berrada, PhD.

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Line management for 3 senior PhD managers/5 scientists Achievements:

Developed and out-licensed lead drug candidates for the treatment of dyslipidemia to a large pharmaceutical company

Advanced three programs toward IND filing in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, oncology, and inflammation

Developed various immunoassays and fluorescent assays, supporting various programs (patent pending)

Built strong professional relationships with various collaborators and partners Principal Investigator

Helicon Therapeutics Inc., Farmingdale, NY 2002 – 2005 Dedicated to developing NCE for enhancing Cognition/Memory

Managed the development of biochemical assays, immunoassays, and cell-based assays of various targets, including GPCRs, Kinases, and phosphatases. Involved in the modulation of cognition in non-Alzheimer patients.

Evaluated and validated targets in primary neurons using siRNA technology.

Established the screening of targets involved in memory.

Identified the mode of action of several potential lead candidates.

Managed tissue culture of primary cell lines (e.g., T-cells and Hypocampal cell lines).

Recommended and procured robots to support HTS activities.

Wrote formal reports to support the patent officer. Achievements:

Developed immunoassays, luminescent assay, and fluorescent assays, supporting HTS group and validated targets in- vitro and in-vivo.

In collaboration with the Genetics group, identified novel kinases and GPCRs involved in cognition.

Participated in the completion of IND filing and contributed to the success of the lead compound, which is currently in Phase II.

Senior Scientist, Department of Cellular Biology and Screening Athersis Inc., Cleveland, OH 2000 – 2002

Dedicated to identifying novel targets and developing novel leads and IND

Evaluated and validated target for their roles in Cancer, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular diseases.

Developed and miniaturized assays for robotics handling and established screening protocols for cytokine receptors, GPCRs, kinases, and nuclear receptors

De-orphaned novel GPCRs and identified agonists and antagonists.

Designed both biochemical, immunoassays, and cell-based assays for targets involved in immunological diseases.

Characterized novel targets and assessed potential to become drug targets.

Managed several internal projects and partnership programs with Bristol-Meyer Squib, Pfizer, and Molecumedics.

Prepared reports for internal communications, publications and patent filing. Achievements:

Successfully managed projects in collaboration with BMS and Pfizer.

Awarded “Outstanding Team Performance” for the year 2001.

Validated 5 novel targets for internal oncology and immunology programs.

Selected and validated hits in ex-vivo models and engineered cell lines Research Fellow at The Clinical and Molecular Endocrinology School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 1997 – 2000

Cloned and studied various targets involved in cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Developed electrophoretic assays and cell based assays to study GPCRs trafficking and signal transduction.

Purified receptors using column chromatography, HPLC, and FPLC.

Studied signal transduction of GPCRs in cell cultures and patient samples.

Growth and maintenance of Primary Cell Lines derived from Human (T-cells, cardiac cells)

Supervised 3 undergraduate students and 2 Research Assistants. Achievements:

Awarded AHA Grant.

Publications and presentations in national and international meetings.

Identified importance of tyrosine phosphorylation sites of several GPCRs. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN DIAGNOSTICS

Karim Berrada, PhD.

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Director, Assay Development 2011 - 2016

Applied DNA Sciences, Dedicated to diagnostic sciences

Leading teams and developing and miniaturizing robust immunological, biochemical, and molecular diagnostic assays for the detection of biological targets and discovering biomarkers

Developing novel DNA extraction protocols to capture small DNA fragments post apoptosis

Analyzing protein and DNA fragments post apoptosis and developing biomarkers using state of the art molecular biology techniques and immunological methods

Accountable for testing in-house, outsourcing, and analyzing safety and toxicity data, and recommending safe formulations that meet national and international standards

Building strong research teams that foster innovation and creativity

Serving as liaison between external collaborators, in-house R&D group, finance, sales, and marketing groups to make the assays commercial-ready

Collaborating with research, quality control, quality assurance, and other groups to prioritize projects that meet rigorous scientific and business expectations and deadlines, and become ISO certified.

Managing external collaborations and partnerships with national and international associations and research organizations to assist in advancing research programs. Achievements:

Developed and contributed to out-licensing a novel diagnostic assay to many national and international organizations, contributing to company growth by 60%

Invented and patented novel DNA and protein formulations that survived various conditions. National and global patent accepted on January 2016

Authored several global patents

Represented the company at various national and international meeting and conferences

Invited as honorary guest speaker to the annual meeting of ICAC (2014) EDUCATION

Post-doctoral fellow at The Clinical and Molecular Endocrinology, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

PhD in Cancer Biology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

Master of Science (MS), Biology, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Bachelor of Science (BS), Biology, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH LANGUAGES

English: Fluent

French: Fluent

Arabic: Fluent

Spanish: Conversant

Sign Language: Conversant


SBIR grant from NIH

Fusion Grant (Stony Brook University)

New York State Research Grant (NYSTAR)

Outstanding team performance at Athersys, Inc.

NIH training grant

Graduate School Research Assistantship Award

Graduate School Teaching Assistant Award

Undergraduate Scholarship (4 years)


North American Competencies Forum

Société Marocaine de Chimie Thérapeutique (SMCT)

Frequent guest lecturer at Biotechnology Center at Stony Brook University

Active member of Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS)

Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS) News Advisory Editorial Board

Great Lakes GPCR Association

Karim Berrada, PhD.

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Former membre of Club des Récepteurs a Sept Domaines Transmembranaires du Québec



US Serial No 13/789,903 filed Mar. 07, 2013 entitled “ALKALINE ACTIVATION FOR IMMOBILIZATION OF DNA TAGGANTS” Accepted on January 2016

US Serial No 61/621,739 filed April 09, 2013 entitled “PLASMA TREATMENT FOR DNA BINDING”

US Serial No 13/836,238 filed Mar. 15, 2013 entitled “PLASMA TREATMENT FOR DNA BINDING”

PCT Serial No. PCT/US13/035477 filed April 05, 2013 entitled “PLASMA TREATMENT FOR DNA BINDING”

Composition and methods for modifying collagen production, application 61,352711

SNORF 55, DNA Encoding SNORF 55 and Uses Thereof

SNORF 138, DNA Encoding SNORF 138 and Uses Thereof

Two more patents are in preparation


KARIM Berrada, Christine L. Plesnicher, Xiang Luo, Marc Thibonnier. Dynamic Interaction of Human Vasopressin/Oxytocin Receptor Subtypes with G Protein-coupled Receptor Kinases and Protein Kinase C after Agonist Stimulation. JBC. 275 (35):272**-*****.

Thibonnier, M., Berrada, KARIM, Plesnicher, C., Berti-Mattera, L. Role of the human V1 vasopressin receptor COOH terminus in internalization and mitogenic signal transduction. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 281(1) E81-92.

Yang W., Berrada KARIM, Tabrizi M., Yi T. SHP-1 phosphatase C-terminus interacts with novel substrates p32/p30 during erythropoietin and interleukin-3 mitogenic responses. Blood. 91(10):3746-3755.

Jiao H., Yang W., Berrada KARIM, Tabrizi M., Shultz L., Yi T. Macrophages from motheaten and viable motheaten mutant mice show increased proliferative responses to GM-CSF: detection of potential HCP substrates in GM-CSF signal transduction. Experimental Hematology. 25(7):592-600.

Jiao H., Yang W., Tabrizi M., Berrada KARIM, Platanias L.C., Yi T. Direct association and dephosphorylation of Jak2 kinase by SH2 domain-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1. Mol Cell Biol. 16:6985-6992

Deborah N. Burshyn, Andrew M. Scharenberg, Nicolai Wagtman, Sumati Rajagopalan, KARIM Berrada, Taolin Yi, Jean-Pierre Kinet, Eric O. Long. 1996. Recruitment of Tyrosine Phosphatase HCP by the Killer Cell Inhibitory Receptor. Immunity. 4:77-85.

Laxminarana D., Berrada KARIM, Kammer G.M. 1993. Early events of human T lymphocyte activation are associated with type I protein kinase A activity. JCI. 92:5, 2207-14

Jarroll EL., Manning P., Berrada KARIM, Hare D., Lindmark DG.1989. Biochemistry and Metabolism of Giardia. Journal of Protozoology. 36:2,190-7

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