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Manager Engineering

Sealy, Texas, 77474, United States
October 05, 2016

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Sealy, TX


William H. Dale

Engineering Manager

**** - ****

**** - ****

**** - ****

Engineering Manager

Vital Link Incorporated, Sealy, Texas

* ****** *******: 4 engineers (3 MEs, EE), 3 sr. designers, 1 Prod. Control Mgr, 1 Tech Writer. Managed and supervised the Engineering & Production Control departments in providing aero engine test facilities, aircraft sound suppression houses, ground support equipment, and performance software.

Performed engineering analysis in support of VLI product development related to jet engine test and sound suppression facilities, components, & assemblies. Reviewed project plans & specifications, drawings, and Statement of Work and translated fabrication- related standards & specifications into the required technical data package. Provided technical assistance in the development of bids and proposals as well as troubleshooted technical issues in construction/installation activities, resolved material discrepancies, provided product research, & supported the timely resolution of quality control issues. Manager of Engineering – Gilmore Valve & Product Manager – Guardian & Pneu-Hydro

Proserv Corporation, Gilmore Valve Company, Houston, Texas 5 direct reports: 4 engineers (4 ME), 1 senior designer. Managed design improvement, and provided customer and production support for the following products: regulator, shuttle, selector, relief, solenoid, SPM, and pilot valves. Ensured proper application of API and ASME standards to manage the design and manufacturing of specialized control valves for the offshore subsea energy industry. Managed all Guardian and Pneu-Hydro product line operations to ensure production efficiency, optimum quality, service, safety, and cost-effective management of resources. Provided direction to the areas of design improvement, customer support, and production support of Gilmore products and technology.

Developed and maintained an effective organization through selection, evaluation, and development of all product engineering personnel.

Coordinated engineering activities with Sales, Manufacturing, Material Control, and Quality Assurance. Prepared and conducted technical presentations with key customer groups. Pressure Management – Global Product Engineering Manager Tyco Valves & Controls, Instrumentation Products, Stafford, Texas 11 direct reports: 4 engineers (3 ME, 1 EE), 4 senior designers, 2 detail draftsmen, 1 product specialist

(maintaining/constructing BOMs).

Directed and performed new product design/development going from idea to launch (adhering to the Stage Gate Product Development Process model) of instrumentation valves (hand valves, multi-port gauge valves, instrumentation manifold valves, and primary isolation valves) & level instrumentation

(liquid level gauges & gaugecocks, magnetic liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators & sight windows, boiler trim/conductivity probes, & high pressure glass gauges). Employed DFMEA methodology to identify all possible failure modes with associated actions to mitigate those failures. Provided continual technical support for manufacturing to ensure product functionality, quality, & cost control.

Provided continual technical review and expertise for Marketing/Sales on inquiries and quotations assuring proposed product conforms to specification and application requirements. Managed product life cycle with product line enhancements, rationalization, & cost reductions. Worked closely with Business Development & Marketing Manager to assure product growth & profits. Work History

2007 - 2008

1998 - 2007

1997 - 1998

1997 - 1997

Manager of Engineering

Wireline Technologies, Inc., Houston, Texas

3 direct reports: 1 engineer (ME), 1 senior designer, 1 detail draftsmen. Supervised & performed new product design/development of a specialty line of wet connectors and centralizers for wireline steering tools, wireline and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) running gear, logging and perforation running gear, and a specialty line of customized connector products involving patented rotary connector applications for the Oil and Gas Service industry. Performed as the Program Manager for all projects by ensuring adherence to scope, adherence to project quality requirements, and adherence to schedule. Completed two prototype design versions of a next generation Eight Conductor Stepped Rotary Connector. Successfully conducted evaluation testing of both design versions. Performed as the Quality Manager for sister company, Progressive Machine Works. Investigated customer complaints, maintained inspection equipment, and acted as WTI/PMW Quality liaison with all customers.

Created all work assembly instructions for both rotary connectors and MWD connectors. Manager of Engineering I

Armor Holdings, Inc., Tactical Vehicle Systems Division (formerly Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., TVSLP) Sealy, Texas

7 direct reports: 7 engineers (all MEs).

Supervised engineering activities of seven project engineers of the Special Bodies Variant group for the U.S. Army’s, Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV), System Technical Support (STS) program. Managed and supervised engineering efforts from conception through design, prototype through production of new or improved special body variant vehicle systems. Teamed with the U.S. Army and sub-contractors to facilitate both the design development and the performance test process of special body variant designs. Successfully contributed on the design development and integration of an improved power-train and cooling system as part of TVS’ FMTV Competitive Rebuy Proposal. Director of Engineering

Sooner Trailer Manufacturing, Owosso Corporation, Duncan, Oklahoma 12 direct reports (6 engineering, 6 quality): 1 manf’g engineer (IE), 1 senior designer, 4 detail draftsmen, 1 Quality Mgr (ME), 5 inspectors.

Responsible for new product design, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control of aluminum horse, livestock, and cargo trailers. Developed an Engineering Department as well as institutionalized a formal Quality Department. Defined project requirements, conducted feasibility studies, cost analyses, and developed trailer performance criteria.

Coached and mentored existing Quality Department on the tenants of a modern quality system, e.g., root-cause analysis, problem-solving, prevention, supplier monitoring and controls, etc. Implemented quantifiable assembly and weld acceptance/rejection criterion. Implemented subcomponent weld fixtures to aid manufacturing repeatability of common trailer features (frame body, side walls, roof structure, goose-neck structure, side-stall structure, stall gates, and rear trailer doors).

In order to adequately define engineering intent as configured on incoming sales orders, the engineering department supported the subcomponent manufacturing areas by releasing detailed Pro/E drawings: piece-part, sub-assembly, and an overall top level drawing. Working with a Parametric Technologies Pro/E consultant, developed an associative Pro/E trailer model whereby the distributor could select from 20+ options to configure the desired trailer and receive a fully priced bill of material with associated floor-plan layout. Director of Engineering

Washex Machinery, The ELX Group, Wichita Falls, Texas 17 direct reports: 5 design engineers (3 ME, 2 EE), 2 Project Mgr/Engrs (MEs), 2 product support specialists, 2 electronic technicians, 1 Chief Draftsman, 5 detail draftsmen. Responsible for new product design of large commercial washer/extractors in conjunction with

1996 - 1997

1994 - 1996

1990 - 1994

1988 - 1990

1984 - 1988

managing and directing the activities of the Engineering and Research and Development Departments. Engineering staff composed of mechanical and electrical engineers, product support specialists, project managers, technicians, and draftsmen.

Teamed with Washex Sales and customers to define project requirements, conduct feasibility studies and cost analyses, develop performance criteria, and generate project schedules. Additional duties included trouble-shooting machine validation and verification issues during production, developing capital appropriations, forecasting and managing departmental budgets, and providing customer service support.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Yuba Heat Transfer, Tulsa, Oklahoma

12 direct reports: 4 project engineers (4 MEs), 1 Chief Draftsman, 2 checkers, 5 detail draftsmen. Provided leadership, guidance, and training to the Design Engineering group composed of project engineers, senior designers, and draftsmen. Inherited an engineering department that had been without direction for an extended period of time.

Managed and directed efforts in designing shell and tube process heat exchangers, feedwater heaters, and condensers in accordance with ASME Section I and Section VIII. Created heightened sense of awareness regarding the importance of meeting drafting and design commitments in support of the facility’s Production Schedule. Technical Manager

Kaiser Aluminum Specialty Products, Tulsa, Oklahoma 2 direct reports: 1 Chief Technician/Inspector, 1 inspector Managed and supervised technical and quality control departments, performed new product development and provided sales support.

Designed cathodic protection products, and aluminum/magnesium alloy extrusion shapes for automotive, computer, and consumer product applications. Achieved successful ISO 9002 certification performing as the Management Representative of facility’s quality system.

Manager of Engineering

Henry Vogt Machine Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma

6 direct reports: 1 engineer (ME), 1 Chief Draftsman, 4 detail draftsmen. Managed and supervised engineering department, managed projects, provided engineering support and design of heat recovery equipment in accordance with ASME Section I and VIII. Facilitated the implementation of continuous improvement methods amongst functional work groups. Senior Design Engineer

United Technologies, Inc., Advanced Systems Division, San Diego, California Responsible for mechanical design and electronic packaging of a munitions dispensing system. Performed tolerance analyses of airframe structures, and payload assemblies. Supervised staff activities of design engineers and draftsmen. Provided extensive sub-contractor liaison activities on both the full-scale development and production phases of the program.

Conducted structural/thermal finite element analyses using ANSYS. Served as project consultant of ANSI Y14.5, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

Mechanical Design Engineer (Grade 24 promoted to Grade 26), Avionics Division (of TI’s DSEG), Missile Systems Division (of TI’s DSEG) Texas Instruments, Inc., Defense Systems Electronics Group, Dallas, Texas Performed mechanical, structural, and thermal design of project’s sensor mainframes. Designed, facilitated fabrication, and installed a fluid-flow test bench to conduct burn-in qualification testing of project’s mainframe equipment.

Successfully completed prototype fabrication, full-scale development, and qualification testing of

mainframes resulting in successful integration of project equipment into customer’s platform. While waiting to receive TS security clearance, developed Texas Instruments’ ANSI Y14.5 training course. In addition to above project responsibilities, performed as a consultant and instructor of ANSI Y14.5 for Texas Instruments DSEG.

Lead Mechanical Design Engineer for workgroup of three design engineers. Exercised design, budget, and project schedule responsibility in the mechanical, structural, and thermal design of the processor and power supply sections of the project’s prime platform. BSME Dec - 1983

University of Tulsa

Order of the Engineer (awarded by National Society of Professional Engineers) ASHRAE Scholar

Manufacturing Practices

Machine shop practices, prototype shop practices

Manufacturing process flow

Process methodology practices

Ferrous and non-ferrous welding and fabrication

Ferrous sheet metal fabrication

Heat treating processes such as carburization, normalizing, annealing, core hardening, etc.



Successfully performed as the Management Representative of a facility’s ISO 9002 certified quality system.

Significantly contributed to the successful certification of this facility’s quality system.

Pressure Vessel Design


TEMA shell and tube heat exchangers,

Steam surface condensers

Feedwater heaters

Heat recovery steam generators

Waster heat boilers

Acid plant superheaters


Designed these pressure vessels in accordance with ASME Section I & Section VIII.

Kanban Pull System &

Kaizen Workcenters

Received formal training and subsequently applied that training by supporting efforts to implement both a Kanban pull system and Kaizen workcenters into a steel fabrication environment. New Product Design

At TI: progressed with design responsibilities on a single project from conceptual design to prototype fabrication to test-analyze-fix to burn-in qualification to full-scale development and finally to sustaining activities.

At United Technologies and Stewart & Stevenson Services: was Education


extensively utilized on numerous proposal efforts on new business development.

Worked with Kaiser Sales Manager on supporting and developing the magnesium extrusion product line introduction into automotive weight-saving design applications with various automotive manufacturers.

Quality System & System-

Related Philosophies





Western Electric Rules



Communication &


Received formal training on communication skills and management/supervisory skills.

Highly successful in motivating direct reports to achieve both department and company goals.

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