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Quality Control Manager

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
October 06, 2016

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Jorge Luis Escobar

**** ******** ***** ****

Monroe, NC 28110.



* Over ten years of experience as a chemical engineer, Technical Control of Plant Operations and energy Saving works.

* Successful using good manufacturing practices (GMP) and Standard operations procedures (SOP).

* Over 12 years working in Quality Control, Research and Development in Laboratories and Manufacturing plants. Trained on ISO-9001 Standard Systems.

* Noted for hands-on and practical knowledge working with several instruments and wet chemical analytical techniques.

* Proficient using Microsoft Office Programs.

* Experience working with coatings and adhesives curable by UV light and dry by heat, using films, SBS paper, polypropylene and polyester to do draw down procedures used in lithography industry.

* Experienced with industrial safety techniques as well as and industrial hygiene expertise.

* Theoretical and practical knowledge with plant equipment for filtration, reaction, evaporation, milling, mixing and drying.

* knowledge of chemical formulations, abilities to balance, make changes in the formulas and calculations to determine product cost.

* Certified in chromatography equipment and analysis like HPLC, GC, UV, IR, and TLC also experience working with milk analyzer, pH meter, inkometer, viscometers, specific gravity and wet chemical tests.

* Worked as a plant manager in the industry of aluminum sulfate, hydrochloric acid and varnishes.


Bona Corporation March, 2015.

Working in the production facility to make water base polishes, cleaners and base paint for wood floor. Familiarized with raw materials and how to mix them, also experienced with the technology and final products.

Parkdale Mill. Mineral Sprint. NC February, 2014 February, 2015

Working as a member of the Quality Control team to ensure the quality of thread, Responsible for sampling and testing the tension, thickness and contamination in the thread.

Working in the production facility to ensure level of production with quality.

Aquasol Corporation. Rock Hill, SC. November, 2011 – February, 2014

R & D Chemist: Developed and evaluated products for emulsion drilling fluid. Involved in development of test and evaluating products used in the drilling industry to determine if they offer a potential benefit against the current industry standards. Worked on Quality Control test of manufactured products to find out viscosity, fluid loss and conductivity.

Worked with the technical control in the plant operation for the research products précising the safety regulations.

Las Palmas Restaurant, Charlotte, NC July,2009 - March, 2013

Owner - Manager. Purchased existing restaurant, turned it around and sold it for a profitable business.

Omnova Solutions, Inc. Monroe, NC May, 2008 – June, 2009 R & D Chemist: Worked as a member of the development team to modify urethane and melamine formulations for printing process to increase physical and chemical characteristics in the products.

*Conducted R & D and Quality Control test in lamination boards to find out numbers of stains, grain raise, Hoffman scratch, water hold out, cross hatch.

* Performed GC analysis to find the purity of solvents for production process.

* Worked in the plant operation to adjust the technological parameters like temperature, pressure, viscosity, speed of the band, and thickness of the coatings to increase the production and better quality.

* Developed coatings formulations for printing machineries in production plant.

* Worked in close relation with sales department to deal with needs of costumers and make suggestions to suppliers.

Phillip Morris Corporation, Concord, NC July, 2006 – May, 2008

Chemist: Responsible for sampling and testing tobacco products to ensure moisture meter calibrations, sieve percentages and cylinder volume testing.

* Used HR-73 quick OV test instruments, freas oven and Burgwaldt CV unit.

* Interfaced with Laboratory Instrument System (LIMS) to record data. Ensured compliance with GMP and participated in troubleshooting and problems solving.

* Recorded and regulated the technological parameters in plant operations to warranty temperature, drying and humidity of tobacco to assure the quality.

Radcure Corporation, Fairfield, NJ April, 2005 – June, 2006

R & D Chemist: Developed new products for the UV coatings and adhesive industry that resulted in increased sales. Used viscosity, draw down and UV light to assure quality control production.

* Modified formulations that prolonged coatings shelf life and improved company market share.

* Worked with daily production rate and quality control rate and take actions with the deviations.

Var-Chem Products, Inc., Clifton, NJ March, 2000 – April, 2005

R & D Chemist: Worked as part of a team to Develop formulations for overprints, free flow, heat set and sheet fed varnish products reducing the production cost and improving company market share.

* Worked with process specifications for quality control purposes to improve the quality in production using laboratory equipments to determine tack, yield, viscosity, emulsion, acidity, dilution and analysis of gloss and rub test.

* Developed methods in production plant to make new products researched in the Lab. Following the protocols of production techniques, safety rulers, technological parameters and quality control in process.

* Worked with production rate and analysis of deviations. Improved the work in the pilot plant and made different type of overprints coatings.

* Worked for one year as a manager of operations in the plant dealing with costumers, suppliers, quality of production, safety protocols, organize daily work activities, work discipline.

Craig Adhesives & Coatings Co., Newark, NJ April, 1999 –March, 2000

Chemist: Responsible for quality control of solvent based, scratch-off and water based products.

Worked with viscometers, analysis of contend of solids, Ph, drow down procedures and use of UV light for curing, analysis of cured.

Chromak Research, Inc. Bound Brook, NJ. 1999

Certificated in Chromatography Analysis in Chromak Research School.

Technician: Performed analysis of pharmaceutical and chemical finished products by USP and in-house test methods using HPLC, GC, TLC, UV, IR and wet chemical techniques. Conducted dissolution testing of solid dosage forms and ensured compliance with GMP.

Sorrento Cheese Company Moonachie, NJ January, 1996 – December, 1998

Chemist: Developed process specification for quality control. Conducted chemical analysis for quality control to determine fat, protein, lactose, PH contend of solids, salt and acidity in milk and cheese using Milk Analyzer and MilkoScan-FT-120 and wet chemical techniques. Prepared reports and maintained test data for finished products.

Worked for one year as a supervisor of Mosarella cheese department, dealing with the plan of production in the shift, quality of production, follow up safety procedures and make a good team of workers to stabilize the production,

Lab Technician. Cosmetic Essences, Inc., Ridgefield, NJ. July, 1995 January, 1996

Provided assistance in process improvement and evaluation of pilot batches. Troubleshoot at different stages of batch processing such as mixing, milling, blending. Conducted physical and chemical testing for finished products to determine viscosity, specific gravity, Ph, dilution and filtration. reviewed analytical data.

Electro-Chemical Co. Sagua La Grande, Cuba July, 1984 – September, 1994

Production Manager and Engineer: Conducted technical control of the aluminum sulfate, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, steam boiler, water treatment plants.

* Initiated and implemented operations practice improvements in plant operations.

* Conducted chemical analysis to determine quality standards were met.

* In charge of daily production rate outcome; and the generation of status reports for each manufacturing area

* Implemented and controlled techniques of industrial safety and industrial hygiene.

* With my team Developed and modified process and equipments in the aluminum sulfate and sodium silicate plants that contributed to increase the rate of production, generated better quality and saved energy.

* Experienced working with filtration, reaction, evaporation, milling and drying process in lab and plant scale, also conducted analysis of PCBs.

* Worked for 5 years as a Plant Manager in charge of the daily production rate, quality of production, industrial safety, coordinate with sales, quality and maintenance departments to warranty the flow of production, Organize daily work activities, Make relations with costumers and suppliers, keep the discipline and motivation high.


* BS Chemical Engineering. Las Villas Central University. Cuba. 1984

Validated by World Education Services Academic of New York.

* Certificated in Chromatography. Chromax Research. NJ 1999

* Certificated in Microsoft Office. Hudson County School of Technology. NJ 2000

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