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Process Engineer

Pearland, Texas, United States
October 06, 2016

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Pearland, TX *****

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Title: Principal Engineer

Education: BSChE, 1999, University of Houston

Experience: 16 Years

Citizenship: US

10/2014 - Present

Principal Engineer, Richard Design Services, Inc., Houston, Texas:

Performed the following tasks for Valero’s Basic Engineering & Design packages at Port Arthur, TX (Hydrocracker unit and Saturate Gas Recovery unit) and Saint Charles, LA (Hydrocracker unit and Light End Unit): pump calculation, PSV calculation, equipment sizing, equipment datasheet, updating PFD’s and P&ID’s, data book assembly.

Participated in Front End Engineering & Design package for CHS refinery in Laurel, MT in the following activities: rating the Fractionator Tower using Koch-Glitsch software and assembling vendor’s package for the same tower to be sent out for bids.

Contributed in Front End Engineering & Design activities for PBF’s Chalmette Refinery Restart Project (also known as Bone Fish Project) in Lousiana for the following units: Hydrocracker, Light End Plant, Pretreater-Reformer #3 and Cat Feed Hydrotreater. Some of the activities are: rating heat exchangers and air coolers using Aspen EDR program (Exchanger Design and Rating program similar to HTRI), rating existing equipment (vessels, pumps, compressors) for new service, producing equipment datasheet to be sent out for quote, developing PFD’s for Light End Plant and Pretreater-Reformer #3, assembling data books for Hydrocracker, Pretreater-Reformer #3 and Cat Feed Hydrotreater.

Other duties include process engineering/analysis assignments on projects. Fill the role of Lead Process Engineer on Projects. Communicate technical solutions to clients, project management, engineers and designers. Effectively coordinate with all engineering and design disciplines throughout the execution of work assignments. Ensure effective management of change and oversee P&ID MOC processes. Assume responsibility for cost, schedule, quantities and budget control. Provide estimates or estimate input related to the Process Engineering discipline. Assist in training and mentoring other engineers by providing instruction in areas of expertise.

1/2013 – 10/2014

Senior Process Engineer, GTC Technology, Houston, TX:

Worked on the following technologies: C5 Separation and Isoprene Recovery, Aromatic Recovery, C5 Resin Heat Poly Resin, Hydrogenated Heat Poly Resin, C4 Isomerization, and Advanced Thermocoupling System.

Performed independent design activities related to process documentation up to Basic Engineering design level as project team leader or member.

Independently checked or performed design activities associated with technical proposals, feasibility studies and basic engineering documentation for refining and petrochemical processes.

Reviewed or performed all types of process design activities including equipment sizing, design of PFD’s and P&ID’s, process control and instrument specification, operating manual, etc.

Developed equipment and plant cost estimates, developed economic evaluations including return of investment and payback calculations.

Responsible for managing process engineers as required by individual project.

Responsible for delivering sufficient instructions, design criteria for equipment and material selection, client specification, schedule, and a coordination procedure to facilitate the timely execution of the project deliverables.

Responsible for the on-schedule execution on of the assigned work.

Effectively coordinated with team members and team leaders during the execution stage of a project.

Heat and mass balances, heat integration.

3/2003 – 1/2013

Senior Process Development Engineer, Shell Global Solution Downstream/Lummus Technology Refining/CDTech (CB&I), Pasadena, TX:

Partially responsible for US patent number 8143466, titled “Process for benzene removal from gasoline”.

Successfully piloted more than 50 experiments which encapsulated the following technologies: Steam Cracker, FFC C5 Dienes Selective Hydrogenation to C5 Olefins (for Metathesis technology), C4 Alkylation (to make dimate), Methyl Tert-butyl Ether (MTBE), Tert-amyl Methyl Ether (TAME), Iso-C6 Methyl Ether, Selective Hydrogenation of C dienes, Bio-jet Fuel from bio-isobutanol (new technology), Selective Hydrogenation of C4 (1-butene to 2-butene), Hydrogenation of MAPD (Methyl Acetylene & Propadiene) and C4 Acetylenes (Vinyl Acetylene & Ethyl Acetylene), Hydrogenation of Benzene to Cyclohexane, Butadiene Hydrogenation, C7 Isomerization, Benzene Alkylation with Olefins (to produce ethylbenzene, cumene and sec-butylbenzene), Benzene Alkylation with Alcohols/Ether (to produce ethylbenzene and cumene, newly developed process, see patent above), Metatheis (making propylene), process of producing Tert-butyl Alcohol (from isobutene and water), Dimethyl Ether (from methanol), Ethyl Tert-butyl Ether (from C4’s and ethanol, Tert-amyl Ethyl Ether (from C5’s and ethanol).

Studied HTEP in 3” diameter pilot distillation column with two different binary systems namely cyclohexane/n-heptane and isobutene/n-butane. Established HETP data for different packings for pilot operation.

Implemented Delta V’s auto-tuning and MPC (model predictive control) to three pilot units and improved the data quality by 50%, at the same time, shortened the run duration by 30%. Developed presentation and trained operators on process tuning in Delta V.

Developed conceptual design for existing and new processes as part of a team, which involved in development of PFD’s, heat and material balances, process data sheets, and P&ID’s. Executed the conceptual design onto a pilot unit.

Participated in hydro-desulfurization unit turnaround in 2008 which included catalyst unloading/loading, commissioning and start-up assistance.

Provided technical support in designing of a new pilot plants or modifying of existing pilot plants.

Developed equipment lists with prices and submitted requests for AFE’s (Authorization for Expenditure).

Participated in unit’s HAZOP. Interacted and coordinated with Mechanical Engineering Group/HSSE/Maintenance/Operation to construct the pilot plants and to ensure unit is safe to start up and safe to operate.

Implemented Management of Change (MOC) for pilot plant activities.

Troubleshot and monitored units during the run while continuously providing guidelines and instructions to Operation and Maintenance to keep the unit on track. Analyzed data obtained from the laboratory to determine performance of the units. Prepared report after each run.

Studied kinetic and developed model for existing and new catalyst.

Worked with catalyst vendor to improve performance of catalyst.

Qualified and recommended catalyst to clients.

4/2002 – 3/2003

Project Engineer, Shell Projects & Technology Downstream, Pasadena, TX:

Managed small projects (up to $0.5 million) for the Site Engineering group.

Worked closely with customers and contractors to complete projects. Implemented project management tools (scheduling, cost control, project control) to bring the projects in successfully.

Assisted with the design of new pilot plans (semi-works scale) and modification of existing pilot plants.

Selected materials of construction for new equipment.

Pressure relief valve calculation and sizing.

Prepared proposals and purchase packages.

Estimated budget for projects.

Updated and developed standard, procedures, standard details, pipe specification, and valve schedules.

Updated P&ID’s, isometrics and line list.

9/2001 – 3/2002

Project Engineer, Bechtel Corporation, Houston, TX:

Developed P&ID’s for a grass roots project in Guandong Province, China. It was a $4-5 billion integrated chemical complex. The heart of the complex was a condensate or naptha cracker, also known as a Lower Olefins Plant (LOP), producing 800,000 tpa ethylene and 430,000 tpa propylene.

Other responsibilities included: hydraulic and utility calculations, line-sizing and line list, insulation thickness calculations and pump calculations.

11/2000 – 9/2001

Application Engineer, Bullen Pump & Equipment, Houston, TX:

Sized and priced pumps and other processing equipment.

Technically assisted salespeople.

Interacted with customers as well as equipment manufacturers.

Prepared quotations and certified drawings for customers.

Selected materials of construction for equipment packages.


Professional Engineer – Texas


Process for benzene removal from gasoline, US 8143466

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