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Manager Sales

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
October 06, 2016

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Ehab Abbas

Mobile Numbers: 002*********** or 002*********** or


Senior manager with massive Mobile, Fixed & VSAT Networks experience covering (2G, 3G & LTE, Fixed and Radio Transmission, IPMPLS, VSAT networks, Fiber Optics including FTTX & broadband)

Active, motivated, initiative and hard worker with team spirit integrity.

Over years I have acquired an excellent level of:

Communication, Presentations & Negotiations skills.

Commercial &Financial analysis skills.

Investigation and follow up skills.

Contract negotiations & closing skills.

ICT Service Sales & Contract management skills.

Telecom Business understanding.

I have:

Network Operations or Managed Services experiences (NOC, SOC & FLM) "eTOM, ITIL & MSTOP".

Transmission and RAN planning, design & rolling out experiences.

Fixed network planning, design and rolling out competency (OSP, ISP & FTTX).

Both RAN & Core Integration & Implementation experience including project management.

Network Performance Management based on SLA, KPI’s & KQI’s experiences.

ICT Services Sales, Bid Management, RFP & contract negotiations experiences.

Budget calculation, analysis and control competency for both Projects & Org.


I can lead technical teams & set the best strategic plans to reduce CAPEX & OPEX.

I can lead technical teams to increase the network availability, reliability and retain-ability.

I can set workflows and technical processes to achieve ahead of time objectives/targets with budget saving.

I can manage technical teams to achieve the max network performances with QA.

I can set and identify objectives to meet organization targets.

I can motivate teams and discover their capabilities to enrich working environment.

I can manage, support and guide teams to enhance their competencies & skills.

I can lead technical teams to launch new networks from scratch.

I can identify Risks and set short and long term mitigation plans.

I can lead teams during BCP or DR situations to minimize revenue or asset losses.

Operator References: OTH/Vimpelcom - STC - Mobily - Syriatel – Wattaniyah

Vendors References: Ericsson - Nokia

Career History

July 2014 – Aug 2016 Ericsson Saudi/Egypt EP MS Sales Manager

Reporting to HO EP MS Sales

MS Sales Driver:

Accountable for customer centric offerings, including re-use, based on the complete Ericsson portfolio and 3PP. Responsible for creating and taking forward offerings to existing or new markets and customers with potential for substantial growth through innovative business and go-to-market models, across all engagement models.

Responsible for sales of offerings within respective practice. Responsible for Lead Management to establish a long term business growth. Partner with the KAM/AM in driving customer engagements by providing thought leadership and support in identifying and capturing opportunities. Responsible for creating a highly talented and experienced organization, able to work with C-levels with customers, long-term engagements and to prove Ericsson credibility in the field with successful business cases.

Proactively support the KAM teams to close MS deals powered by world class sales culture, leadership and engagement expertise. Lead and develop best practices in the MS Sales Engagement, from SDP1 toSDP3. Steps included, Joint Business Foundation, Feasibility Study, Due-Diligence & Contract Negotiations. Engagement Manager has the ability to take the operative role in the Core 3 team (as ACR, CFR or CSR) and/or take the lead position in Due Diligence projects.

July 2011 – July 2014 Ericsson – Saudi Arabia MS Operations Director

Reporting to MS COO

Fulfillment Owner of all Mobily MS contractual obligations.

Mobily and Ericsson have a Managed Services contract to deliver MS scope for Ericsson infrastructures including Optimization.

OD/MSIP Operations Assurance Head is mainly responsible for (end to end) managed services business and securing that operations activities are performing according to the SLA and KPI requirements (as reflected on the WLA) and to provide an escalation point for all KPI / operations delivery performance deviations towards the customer, customer satisfaction and business profitability


Managing MS NOC teams to achieve contracted KPI’s and SLA. Delivering the agreed scope within the agreed budget. Driving Efficiencies and synergies. Managing field operations. Managing Front and Back office activities. Reporting (Business reports, Management reports & Customer reports). Process and Tools Support. Utilizing Ericsson MS tools. Following Ericsson MSTOP processes. Ensure WLAs are in place as required. Responsible to establish and maintain effective governance processes in close partnership with EEC’s MS organization. This includes effective relationship management with EEC Mobily at all levels. Governance management.

March 2010 – June 2011 Mobily – Saudi Arabia EM Manager TXM Reporting to VP TXM O&M


Fault Management. Performance Management. Change Management. Security Management.

Configuration Management. Risk Management. Business Continuity Plan. MNS - TXM O&M management.

Member Of;

Brand Champion Committee. Hajj Committee. RFP/RFQ Committee. Risk Management and Business Continuity Committee. Quality Control Committee. Tele-traffic and International Operations Committee.

March 08 – Feb 2010 Mobily – Saudi Arabia O&M Transmission Manager Reporting to VP MNS O&M


Planning, Design & Integration for required Circuits/Services for GSM, Data, BB, & Wi-Max via TXM network. Developed in house data base and transmission planning tool.

Establishment of TXM O&M competent team. Set MNS contract SOW, Ts & Cs.

MNS SLA & KPI’s Setting and agreement. SDH & DWDM network O&M.

ALL Operations, FO & BO activities. Managing telecom vendors for all O&M activities under MNS contract. MNS/O&M Budget analysis and control.

PAT & RFS MOP’s setting and control. Manage Corrective & Preventive maintenance plans.

Change requests and Circuit provisioning implementation/integration. All interconnections (local & International) testing and integration. Share network auditing and performance reports and managed the action plan for enhancement.TXM Tender’s preparation & Evaluation.

Root Cause Analysis. Quality assurance. Risk Identification. Reporting.

Jul 06 – Feb 08 STC – Saudi Arabia (Senior Transmission Consultant-LCC)


2G&3G Transmission network Planning and Design. Transmission Network Re-Design (Planning & BOQ Preparations) to afford and launch 3G. Network auditing and Capacity improvement. New Tender preparation & Evaluation (RFP/RFQ). NMS, DCN & IP Planning. Transmission Projects Management. Transmission Planning/Design Strategy Setting. Validating PDH, SDH & ADM BOQ and EOL/EOS management. Technical process and milestone setting. Team training and support. NMS DCN (IP & OSI) Planning & Implementation for ADM, ATM, PDH & SDH. Auditing & Capacity Increase for Hajj 1427/28 project.

Kuwait 3rd, license RFP Evaluation (Viva).

Dec05- Jun 06 Nokia – Egypt Senior ERP/TXM/RAN Consultant

Responsibilities (Cross Function)

3rd, GSM License ERP project. Access and Core GSM 2G&3G Transmission Planning & Engineering. 2G/3G Transmission Planning Strategy Setting. RFQ reply and customer contacting. Solutions Presentations and Sales Technical Support. Pre-Sales technical representative. Sub-contractor evaluation, selection and management. Preparing PDH, SDH & ADM BOQ. TXM & RF Planning, Site survey, LOS, TSS, link budget, etc. Technical process and milestone setting. Project budget planning and control. Full documentation about Roll-Out planning and follow up. Team training and Support.

Apr 05- Dec 2005 Nedjma - Wataniya Telecom – Algeria Transmission Planning Manager


Access and Core, 2G & EDGE (PDH/SDH/ADM) Transmission Planning & Engineering.

Ericsson (ML-E/TN, HC, DXX, ADM). Siemens (SRAL, xd). Tool (Pegasus, TLP, Atoll and Connect).

Transmission planning Team Management and support. Set Long Term Transmission Planning Strategy. Preparing PDH, SDH & ADM RFQ. Vendor evaluation, BOQ review and PO issue. Roll-out planning and follow up. National Backbone planning/design. FO Planning (Proposal). All Transmission planning activities including Site survey, LOS, TSS, link budget (team support). Day to Day work Process and milestone setting. National Regulator contacting for new BW or RF allocation. Planning for IT & WAN connections. Transmission Budget planning and control. KPIs & Quality Control “Network and Team”. IP planning and equipment supervision verification (DCN). Transmission network auditing & optimization.

Nov 04- Apr 05 Banglalink – OTH – Bangladesh Transmission Manager.

Responsibilities (Cross Function)

Access and Core 2G GSM (PDH/SDH/FO) Transmission Network Planning & Engineering. Ericsson(ML-E). Siemens (SRAL/xd, SurpassHit7060-70). NEC Passolink/Passo+/MX, DMC Stratex, (Pathloss, and Ellipse (Planet)).

Preparing PDH, SDH &ADM RFQ. Transmission BOQ review and PO issue.

Existing Network Swapping Project Manager. Roll-out and Milestone setting and follow up. Site Survey, LOS, TSS, LBC etc. FO SDH/DWDM network design. PDH & SDH Planning and Engineering. SDH BB planning site survey, tower height detection, link budget Link Budget and interference calculation review. Regulator contacting for new BW or RF spot allocation. Managing transmission planning/engineering team. Planning for IT network WAN connections. MSC, BSC New or Swapping project scheduling and managing. SPOC with all other PLMNs for interconnections. Budget planning and control. Transmission Network Synchronization. On full charge for SLA. Perform KPI & Quality Audits. Shared Launching new network from scratch

Apr 01- Dec 04 Syriatel – Syria Transmission Manager “D/P/ O&M”.


Access and Core 2G GSM (PDH/SDH/FO) Transmission Planning & Engineering. Transmission network O&M. (Ericsson, Siemens, NEC and Marconi). Planning tools (TLP, Connect v4 and PLc4). PDH/SDH Planning using plc4,TLP& connect v.4. PDH/SDH Integration and O&M. SDH backbone Design, site survey, link budget etc. FO network planning and routing selection. Preparing and evaluating PDH, SDH &ADM RFQ. Regulator contact for new BW or RF Spot allocation. Assigning tasks, Team motivating, Rollout follow up. Managing planning/engineering and O&M teams. Planning for IT network WAN connections. MSC, BSC Swapping or implementation project Management. Preventive and corrective maintenance plan. Budget Planning and Control. Member of Quality Audits team. Transmission Network Synchronization and Supervision.

Jan 1999– Apr 01 Orascom Telecom Holding “Cortex” Egypt – Syria Access Expert.


Access network planning/engineering, Integration, testing, acceptance and O&M. BSS engineering. Transmission Planning and engineering. Cell planning. Network CapEx calculations. Drive test & Report analysis. Network Optimization.

BSS and Transmission planning “Syria, Chad, Congo and Yemen”. CapEx calculations for Access network of these projects. RFQ/P preparation and evaluation.

Syriatel Access network planning “Site Survey, LOS, RF/Transmission Planning”. Syriatel RAN planning, Integration and O&M. PDH & SDH Planning using Pathloss and manual calculations. PDH/SDH Installation, Commissioning and O&M. Rollout scheduling and follow up (PM). Syriatel site selections (BTS, BSC & MSC)

Shared Syriatel Launching from scratch.

Feb 1997 – Jan 1999 ALKAN Telecom – Vodafone – Egypt ……… Access Engineer/ VSAT Engineer/ PM


Frequency Planning. Link Budget Calculations for VSAT and MW. RBS Integration O&M.

MOE Project Manager. Satellite LB Calculations and VSAT ES Design. Site Survey, VSAT ES Installation, Alignment & Commissioning. MOE Project Manger “VSAT Video Conference & ISP” (PM). MW Site survey and LOS verification. RBS & MW Installation, O&M. RBS & MW Preventive and corrective Maintenance. Traffic Routing.

Jul 1995 – Feb 1997 ALCATEL Field Engineer / Cairo METRO Project.


Transmission System F-MUX Installation, Commissioning and O&M. Radio System Installation, Commissioning and O&M. PA,CCTV & Fire System installation and O&M. Acceptance testing and delivering to the customer.

1986 to 1995 Under Graduation - On job training and work experience.

Pertogas oil company. Gasco oil company. Khalda oil company. Pertojet oil company. Nestle food industry. SAS air conditions.


University Name: Zagazig/Benha University.

Faculty name : Faculty Of Engineering / Shoubra.

BSc. : Telecommunications and Electronics.

Graduation Year: 1995

Graduation Project: Application of Artificial Intelligence "Expert Systems"


Arabic: Mother Tongue English: Fluent French: Good

Trainings & Achievements

Over Years of working with both leading operators and leading vendors i atteneded many training courses and gained advanced leadership skills.

I Shared as well many workshops and participated many summits and conferences world wide.

Achievments & Proven Success stories are a lot as well with each organization i worked with.

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