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Mechanical Engineering/ Automotive Engineering

Tampa, Florida, United States
October 06, 2016

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MONZUR UL ISLAM 850-***-****

SUMMARY Hands on experience in Automotive Control Systems

Solid background in Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Sustainable Energy

Strong Simulation and MATLAB Modeling Skills, Calibration and Validation Engineering

Expert in handling multiple projects with varying priorities and deadlines

Team player with strong work ethics and integrity and takes pride in achieving results

Self-starter with solid analytical, problem-solving skills

Proficient in Communication skills and Decision making EDUCATION

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering August 2014-April 2016 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

GPA: 3.60/4.00

Key Courses: Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Sustainable Energy, Manufacturing Processes Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering February 2009- January 2013 Bangladesh University of Professionals

Overall GPA: 3.70/4.00, Position: 3rd Out of 67 students Key Courses: Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics, Measurement and Quality Control TECHNICAL


Control System Simulation: Simulink, VeriStand, LHP’s DTE (HIL system), CAN, J1939

Hardware: Woodward ECUs, RTOS 8051 Series Microcontroller, Kvaser CAN

Controls Engineering: MotoHawk (Model-based Design), MotoTune (Calibration Tool), CanKing

Programming Language: MATLAB, C, C++

Software: COMSOL, AutoCAD, nanoHUB, SAM (System Advisor Model)

MS Office: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Languages: English, Bengali




Fundamentals of Control Systems – Diesel, SAE Certification of Mastery Course July 2016-August 2016

Engineering Process Training

CAN Communications (J1939)

Diesel Engine and Controls Training (Speed Governing; Controls Model; System Diagrams; Wiring and CAN)

Code Generation Training

Controls Theory and Application

Business Etiquette, Leadership, Stress and Conflict Management, Communication and Teamwork WORK


Teaching Assistant (TA) Florida State University January 2015– April 2016 Thermal Fluids, Intro to Mechanical

Engineering, Thermodynamics

Tallahassee, FL

Served as a Graduate TA, led two undergrad TA to meet the course requirement and deadlines

Maintained regular office hours to meet with students to help them in subject understanding

Prepared presentation and assist faculty members with classroom instruction

Evaluated and grade exam papers, home works and record grades of more than 80 students

Proctored examinations and provide support to faculty members Research Assistant (RA) Florida State University May 2015 – August 2015 Tallahassee, FL

Operated a project titled ‘Measurement of dynamic air pressure in high temperature and extreme condition by using Carbon Nano Tube (CNT)’

Simulated the project in room temperature using vibration to see the change in pressure

Manufactured sensor material using nitric (HNO3) acid oxidation of multi-wall carbon nanotube

(MWCNT) by dispersing agent with ultra-sonication

Sales Engineer Corporate Unitech Marketing International Limited May 2013 - December 2013

(Air Condition Manufacturing), Bangladesh

Collaborated with sales teams and production teams to understand customer requirements, to promote the sales of company products, and to provide after sales support

Visited six current corporate clients each week to maintain relationship

Provided three presentations each week to prospective client and explain product qualities and benefit

Prepared benefit-cost ratios of equipment, supplies, or service applications in customer environment; engineering or proposing changes in equipment, processes, or use of materials or services MONZUR UL ISLAM 850-***-****

PROJECTS Outline of Feedback PID Electronic Throttle Controller

Implemented PID control loop using MATLAB, Simulink, MotoHawk, and MotoTune to achieve duty cycle from Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) with 48 and 128 pinned Woodward ECUs

Implemented different techniques to improve PID controller model (gain scheduling, saturation, anti- windup, etc.)

Calibrated the throttle position using a Bosch Dv-e5 electronic throttle with NI’s VeriStand Development of a Control System for an Electronic Fuel Injector

Identified the instabilities encountered in feedback PID controller and ways to eliminate them

Simulated parameters consisted of piston position and crank shaft RPM

Simulated the control system for different engine speeds and tested on a fuel injector Modeling of a Minimum and Maximum Governor PID Controller for Engine Speed Regulation

Designed state machine for stall/crank/run states and PI controller for min/max governors

Applied set point management technique (with unit delay functions), gain scheduling and lookup table for min/max governor controllers

Tested final engine control model at different load conditions OGZEB (Off Grid Zero Emission Building) Photovoltaic (PV) system analysis with System Advisory Model (SAM)

Examined the OGZEB performance and financial model design to facilitate decision making

Evaluated the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and compare with the traditional cost

Extracted Performance chart to show Monthly array and system production Design of a superconducting magnet for an energy storage of 500 kJ

Designed basic technical issues of a magnet such as Conductor choice, Magnet dimension, Field and Stress analysis, Operation and Quench analysis

Analyzed the center field and inductance of the magnet using COMSOL and MATLAB PUBLICATIONS A comparative study of fuel properties, performance test and exhaust gas analysis with conventional fossil diesel, neat biodiesel and their blends

"Biodiesel from Coconut Oil: A Renewable Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine." International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012


Explored new idea of Renewable source for Fuel and its utilization

Produced Biodiesel from vegetable oil, Test the properties like viscosity, density, calorific value, flash point and compare with diesel

Analyzed performance of the engine and exhaust gas contents and provide several graphs by MATLAB for better understanding

“Analysis of exhaust gas emissions in a diesel engine operating with diesel and biodiesel blends” 6th International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC-2012), IEB, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Found the amount of emission of different gases from the engine using Exhaust Gas Analyzer IMR400

Compared the values and data analysis with different RPM, load and blends of Biodiesel

“Properties and performance test of biodiesel from Mustard Oil” International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Energy Engineering, ICMIEE- Khulna, Bangladesh

Examined thermal efficiency of biodiesel from Mustard oil

Performed the comparison between fundamental properties of Biodiesel and diesel MEMBERSHIPS The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Participated in social and volunteer events arranged by the club


The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), involved in event management for the promotional activity of the club


Quantum Foundation, blood donor member 2013

JAAGO Foundation, taught children who are economically challenged 2010 HONORS Dean’s List award (For scoring overall GPA 3.70 in the Undergraduate level) 2013 Merit Scholarship (Top 5 student in the class each year of undergraduate studies) 2010-2013 Scholarship for astonishing result in Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination 2008

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