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Manager Training

Kathmandu, Central Region, 44600, Nepal
October 04, 2016

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Saroj Chaurasiya


Mobile: +977-985-***-****

Career Objective:

Determinant to work for social organizations and work with highly qualified and experienced social workers who provides great co-operative environment and platform to learn and show my qualities to the society, in a challenging and creative environment.

Personal Skills:

Comprehensive problem solving abilities, ability to deal with people socially, willingness to learn, quick learner, self disciplined with highly motivated and having positive and proactive attitude.

Working Experience:

1) Recently working as District Coordinator of UN-HABITAT in Parsa district under Global Sanitation Fund - Open Defecation Free Campaign.

2) Worked as Community Security Facilitator in the Armed Violence Reduction and Strengthen Community Security Project (AVRSCS/UNDP)

Major Responsibilities:

Conduct different level of VDC Consultations

Arrange meetings in VDC level to find out the issues challenging community security.

Conduction of Youth Police Activities .

Coordination and consultation with district level line agencies on community security issues .

Conduction of different level of awareness based activities like campaign against 16 days of activism, dowry craft, child marriage, child labor, domestic violence, Gender Based Voilence ( GBV), women violence, etc.

Implementation of UNSCR's NAP 1325 and 1820 .

Facilitation during Youth Police Activities and community security planning.

Reporting and other official works.

3) Worked as Team Leader in Nepal Red Cross Society, District Chapter Parsa in the Global Sanitation Fund - Open Defecation Free Campaign funded by UN Habitat .

Major Responsibilities:

Staff mobilization in the project VDC.

Preparing and sharing of work plans for the implementation of the project .

Facilitation and coordination with VDC level and district level stakeholders .

Sharing of the program progress report to the different district level stake holders and board members.

Reporting, data compilation and follow up .

Monitoring and evaluation of the project.

4) Worked as “Program coordinator” for an N.G.O. named HimRights (Himalayan Human Rights Monitors) in the program “Building Peace in Nepal: Ensuring Participatory and Secure Transition” Supported by Search For Common Ground and UN Women from A.D.2013/01/10 to 2013/08.20.

Major Responsibilities:

Conduct workshops and trainings .

Reporting of the events.

Annual and Semi annual Report compilation

To maintain economic transactions.

To look after all the office related works.

Maintain a strong relationship with public and concerned authorities.

To monitor the project, supervision and appraisal of people’s demand, planning and implementation of development activities.

To carry out any other duties assigned by the organization

To make the proposals for the organization

To make the progress and financial report of the organization and communicate with members

To support executive director and program officer to prepare different levels of reports

To maintain and support the Safe migration Counseling centre at District Administration Office, Parsa .

To collect and report the cases related to Human Right Violation in the District.

5) Worked as a "Counselor" at District administrative office Parsa in a project Named Safe Migration from March 2012 to March 2013

Major Responsibilities:

To detect the people going to gulf countries for foreign employment.

To provide them necessary tips and information about the foreign countries, Such as rules and regulations of the targeted country, the legal process to stay and work at the targeted country, duties and responsibility of Nepal government and its related embassy towards its citizens .

Sharing of the process of going abroad for work. such as the information about the legal man power companies, medical institutions, cost and the other expenses for the targeted country

To provide necessary help and advocacy to the victim suffering from cheating or any kind of exploitations relates unsafe migration in the third countries.

Doing monthly reporting about the cases and other information of the migrant worker to the Chief District Officer and other related offices and media.

6) Worked as "Social Mobiliser" in a project named "Village Profile" conducted by NGOCC Parsa from B.S. 2066/11/01 to B.S. 2067/05/20.

Major Responsibilities:

Mobilizing Women Group, User Group, and Child Group for Infrastructure, saving & credit, child right.

Establish User's Group, Woman Group & Child Group.

To collect the over all data and economic condition of the villagers along with their family members.

Conduct daily, Weekly, Monthly Program and collect Reports.

To entry those all data in the computer.

To suggest about the types nature of the program which ban be beneficial for those villagers.

7) Worked as a supervisor in the National Census 2068 from B.S. 2068/02/24 to B.S. 2068/03/22.

Major Responsibilities:

To fill individual data of people

To count the number of people in a family and listing them in the census form.

To submit the per day progress report to the Census Office.

8) Worked as Administrative coordinator and Part time English Teacher at Kadambari Academy, Birgunj for 2 years.

9) Worked as National Observer in the Constitutional Assembly Election 2070 by NIYOG.

Academic Qualification:

2072 B.S

Harikhetaan Multiple Campus Birgunj




2072 B.S

Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj,


B.A Rd


2069 B.S

Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj




2065 B.S.

Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj




2063 B.S

2060 B.S.

Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj

Gyan Vatika Secondary School


Nepal, board





Technical Qualification:

Proficiency in Graphic Designing form college of Software Engineering, Duration-6 months

Diploma in Computer Accounting from college of software Engineering, Duration-3 months

Proficiency in Office Application like (Ms Dos, Ms word, Ms Excel, Ms Power point, Internet\Email,

form Birgunj Institute of Information Technology, Duration -3 months


5 days of Finnish Red Cross Training on First Aid and seven fundamental principles of Red Cross named FiRE CAMP - Finnish Red Cross Experience organized by Red Cross of Finland in Hamellinna, Evo National Park, Finland.

3 days Human Right Training Organized by Planet Infants.

3 days training on "Use of social Medias and ICT in NGO and INGOs" organized by Children Welfare Scheme Nepal, Pokhara.

TOT training on election monitoring and voter education organized by INSTITUTE OF GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY (IGD) In support of UN Women.

Different level of training organized by Junior Youth Red cross Circle.

5 Days TOT training on “Community Security Planning” Organized by The Ministry of Home Affairs and UNDP .

5 days MToT training of Masters Trigger for ODF promotion organized by Nepal Red Cross Society and UN Habitat .

Several community level development trainings, etc

Time Management and Effective Leadership Quality

Personality Development Training on the topic of Ice-Breaking, Sale yourself, Art of Leadership, Effective speaking, How to manage stress, Telephonic Communication Skill

Leadership development training

Institutional development Training

Participated in workshops and seminars


Rewarded through Certificate of Appreciation by the hand of Chief District Officer Mr. Kailash Kumar Bajimaya from an organization named “ Integrated Rural Development Centre Nepal (IRDC) and District coordination Committee Parsa.

Rewarded through Certificate of Appreciation by the hand of Chief District Officer Mr. Kailash Kumar Bajimaya from District Coordination Committee (DCC) for working in the sector of Women, Peace and Security along with the implementation of UNSCR'S NAP 1325 and 18120.

Rewarded by DWASHCC ( District Water Sanitation and Hyegiene Coordination Committee Parsa ) for my effort to promote Open Defecation Free Campaign in Parsa district.

Video Documentary :

Got chance to play in a video documentary named ' Inspiring voices' produced by Search For Common Ground and UN Women during Ensuring Participatory and Secured Transition (EPST) Project.

Volunteer Service :

Working as district president of National Youth Federation Nepal (NYFN), an umbrella youth organization working in 72 districts of Nepal working for the right of youths and youth empowerment.

Member of Red Cross Action Team (RCAT) in Parsa district

Member of Junior Youth Red Cross Circle, Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj

Life Member of Nepal Red Cross Society

Working Volunteer as Human Right Defender in THRD Alliance for Protest Monitoring during Madhesh Movement.

Social Attachment:

Working voluntarily as a district President of National Youth Federation Nepal in Parsa district.

Member of Public Affairs Forum (Jana Sarokar Manch) in Parsa District.

An active volunteer of Sano Paila (A Little Step).

Life time member of Nepal Red Cross Society Parsa.

International Exposure :



Personal Information:

Birth date :15th Ashoj, 2044 ( October 1st 1987)

Father’s name :Mr. Anirudh Pd. Chaurasiya

P. Address V.D.C Sedhawa-06, Parsa, Nepal

Tem. Address Birgunj – 13, Parsa, Nepal

Nationality : Nepali

Blood Group : “O” +ve

Hobbies & Interest : Developing relationship, Reading Newspaper, Listening songs, Playing puzzle games

And participating in social welfare activities.


Mr. Durga Pd. Baral

Regional Manager

Conflict Prevention Program (CPP)

UNDP Nepal

Cell: +977-9841415209

Mr. Dipendra Jha


Cell : +977- 985*******

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