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Full Stack Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States
October 04, 2016

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Brian S Boyd 707 Haight St Apt 6, San Francisco, CA 94117 415-***-****

Full-stack Software Engineer: Internet, Intranet, Cloud

Scalable Distributed Highly Transactional Enterprise Systems

Design Principles and Patterns, especially SOLID and Service-oriented principles, MVC and MVVM patterns



Healthcare: HL7, CCD/CDA, FHIR, Direct

Software Architect Consultant, DesignMind, San Francisco, CA 11/15 to 8/16

Staff Software Architect consultant that met with potential clients to build a deep understanding of their business and build proposals for software systems to improve business efficiency. Built three major proposals (HomeGuard, Build Group and SlipChip), with two projects receiving funding. Also worked on two other projects as a full stack software engineer.

HomeGuard ( proposed, architected, designed and implemented migration of on premise SQL Server 2012 based system to hybrid-cloud (Azure), including HADR (High Availability – Disaster Recovery). Proposed and obtained funding for new iPad app, to be built using Xamarin, that makes performing Home Inspections more efficient.

Sturdy Oil ( took an Accounting migration project (from Ascend/SQL Server 2008 to DM2/SQL Server 2012) that was floundering and brought it back to schedule.

Rodan + Fields ( one of three DesignMind consultants brought in to work on this high-traffic commercial web site built on a mishmash of legacy code (.NET 4/MVC 2/Web Forms circa 2012) and SQL Server 2012. Also advised on git strategy and spearheaded logging initiative for Splunk.

Architected proposals to be built on Azure using SQLAzure, MassTransit/Quartz, AngularJS and Azure Web Apps.

Software Architect, RelayHealth (McKesson), Emeryville, CA 1/14 to 2/15

One of ten-plus architects responsible for full SDLC for a predominantly .NET-based, highly-secure and scalable system processing more than one million healthcare related messages per day on databases totaling more than 150TB of data and billions of rows. Scalability was a constant concern as existing bottlenecks were intransigent, requiring new system architectures and designs to allow for an exponential growth of message traffic.

Architected, designed and contributed to development of:

oPatient Merge: a scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed asynchronous system built on MassTransit, RabbitMQ, TopShelf, et al, for patient matching on incoming ADT messages

oReal-time Message Statistics: extended Riverbed to gather statistics related to message flow

oProcess XDM messages within the Direct Messaging system

oAnalyzed and corrected sparsely yet critically corrupted Audit data in a population of almost 2 billion records

oImage caching algorithm

oBrowser-based user-interfaces built using a variety of frameworks: WebForm, MVC Razor, Bootstrap, Knockout JS, AngularJS and jQuery

Advisory role on higher-level initiatives:

oMessage Mart: create robust customer-facing reports on the hundreds of millions of messages processed by RelayHealth each year

oScalability and Data Resources: twice-monthly meetings for the various environments, especially Production

oCCD/CCDA: the in-depth specifics of what we support and how we support it within the RelayHealth CCD implementation

oFHIR: how to handle this standard in the next iteration of the RelayHealth system

SQLServer2008R2/MongoDB/AzureStorage system built mostly on ASP.NET, IIS and C# as fault-tolerant distributed asynchronous systems

Worked with Riverbed TTW and AIX in analyzing system health and performing root cause analysis for system outages

Co-developed initial Git strategy and acted as a point for check-ins to Git repositories

Full-stack Software Engineer, The Movement Center, Health and Wellness Center, Portland, OR 6/13 to 12/13

Architect and implementer of the public facing secure website: cloud-based, e-commerce, serving smooth-streaming videos.

Adapted open-source project Thinktecture Identity Server to act as multi-tenant claims-based Identity Server for ASP.NET 4.5/MVC-based suite of web applications, supporting Home Realm Discovery via OAuth 2 (supporting social media accounts from Facebook, Google, Live Connect, and LinkedIn), architected to also support WSFederation (username/password).

Leveraged ASP.NET 4.5 claims-based identity with custom claims transformations and additional security checks on returned claims implemented via extending the ASP.NET 4.5 ClaimsExtensionManager; manages local session state using the SessionAuthenticationModule

Entity Framework 5 provides data access layer to cloud-based SQL Azure databases to manage user logins, video inventories, and user purchases

Video inventories securely managed via Azure-based web site uploading directly to BLOB storage

Sites leveraged jQuery, jQuery UI and Bootstrap

Senior .NET Software Engineer, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies, Workers Comp Insurance, San Francisco, CA 10/11 to 5/13

Architect, designer and developer on BRITE project, an enterprise-wide SQL Server 2008 R2 and Silverlight based project for re-defining how BHHC does business.

Architected, designed and implemented key components of Pricing Engine, a business-critical and most complex area of the BRITE project

Designed and implemented core stored procedures and functions of Pricing Engine including the Pricing Engine Manager, the most critical component of pricing system; highly granular performance data provided invaluable data for maximizing database performance

Designed and implemented a fluid Silverlight client leveraging MVVM and Telerik controls, providing an intelli-sense editor for adding/editing the algorithms used to price a policy

Designed and implemented MVC 4/Web API/ASP.NET application that manages the flow of data sets from Actuarial to several BRITE databases

Designed and implemented core WCF services for Pricing Engine that leverage Entity Framework 4.*, connecting Models to ViewModels

Interfaced with Actuarial department to facilitate collaboration, fostering a cooperative attitude and efficient work relationship

Worked with the TFS to manage the C# code base and SQL Server database objects, as well as an Agile Project Management system

Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Yoga Sangama, San Francisco, CA 12/08 to 02/12

Architected, designed and implemented web-based business service that provides a multi-tenant, cloud-based storage and smooth streaming delivery of monetized video content, including the handling of customer secure credit card purchases and uploading of video content.

Designed and accessed web services using both SOAP and REST architectures

Serves both Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Flash-based media, allowing both Silverlight or HTML5/AJAX/JavaScript/CSS playback

Recruited team to develop Business Plan and market product

Senior .NET Software Engineer, Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco, CA 12/06 to 11/08

Designed, architected and developed .NET 2.0 WinForm based Oracle-hosted, smart-client application for Global Product Costing that also involved a locally replicated SQL Server database using Web Services

Designed and implemented the enhancement of the ‘Request for Quotes’ process connecting Levi’s with their vendors

Designed and developed currency conversion system, supporting several types of complex Exchange Rates

Designed complex system to manage Product Cost Import, and Rate Fee management for Affiliates

Architect, designer and developer of .NET 2.0 WinForm based, Oracle hosted, application for managing product attributes. User-interface designs and database configuration enabled the concurrent access and updating of product attributes across several Oracle databases.

Wrote a wide variety of complex SQL CRUD statements and implemented several key stored procedures and functions


Master of Science in Engineering, including Goodyear-funded thesis, Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Acoustics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

ADDENDUM: Technology List

Design Principles and Patterns

SOLID Principles, SOA, DRY, MVC, OWIN, MVVM, AJAX, REST, OOP, OOD, Generics, DDD, API Design, Dependency Inversion Principle, Inversion of Control Pattern, Cloud-based Design, Claims-based Identity and Access Control, Multi-tenant Identity Server, Secure Access Signatures (SAS), Interface Design, Asynchronous Programming .NET 4.5, Async Programming Model (APM), Attribute-based Programming, [Repository, Unit of Work, Façade, Adapter, Observer, Factory, Decorator, Proxy, Command, Iterator, Null Object, Strategy, Visitor, Service Locator, Singleton, Bridge, Prototype, Template Method] Patterns, Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Programming Languages

C# 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.0/2.0/1.1, XAML, T-SQL, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Razor, Bootstrap, Knockout JS, AngularJS, HTML5, SQL, PL/SQL, Python, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.0, CSS, ASP, VBScript, HTML

Cloud Providers

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine

Development Frameworks

.NET 4.6.2/4.6.1/4.6/4.5.2/4.5.1/4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1, MVC 5/4, ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1, Xamarin, WCF, WebAPI, TopShelf, MassTransit, Thinktecture Identity Server, WSFederation Authentication via ASP.NET 4.5, Home Realm Discovery via OAuth 2, Active Directory, Entity Framework 5.0/4.*, nHibernate, MVVM, SQLAzure, Azure Blob Storage, Windows Identity Foundation, Silverlight 5/4/3, WPF, OData, SSL Certificates, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Live and On-Demand Smooth Streaming

Development Environments

Visual Studio 2015/2013/2012/2010/2008/2005/2003/1.51, Team Foundation Server (TFS), TeamCity, CruiseControl, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, WCF Service Trace Viewer, Web Essentials 2012/2010, Fiddler, jsFiddle, jsBin, Browser-based F12 tools (IE, Chrome, Firefox), GitHub, CodePlex, Visual Source Safe 2005, TOAD 9.5/9.0, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.0, Excel 2010/2007/2003/97, Access 2010/2007/2003/2000/97/2.0


SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 R2/2008, MongoDB, SQLAzure, Oracle 9.2/8.1/7.3/6.5, SQL Server Compact Edition, SQL Server 2000, Access 2010/2003/2000/97/2.0

Log Management Systems

Splunk, Exceptionless, Log4Net

Source Code Control Systems

Git, Tortoise SVN, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe, Perforce, SCCS

Open-source Projects Integrated

TopShelf, MassTransit, RabbitMQ, Quartz Scheduler, Automatonymous, Thinktecture Identity Server

Web Servers

IIS 8.0/7.5/7.0/6.0/5.1/5.0/4.0/3.0/2.0, SharePoint 2003/2001

Database Management Tools

SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2015/2013/2012/2010, Azure Management Portal, MongoVUE, SQL Server Management Studio 2012, SQL Server Manager 2008/2000, TOAD 9.5/9.0/8.6, Oracle Enterprise Manager 9.2/8.1/7.3

Application Performance Monitor Systems

Riverbed: Transaction Trace Warehouse (TTW) and SteelHead/AppInternals Xpert (AIX)

Silverlight and WinForm Controls

Telerik Premium, SyncFusion Grid 5.1, ComponentOne VSFlexGrid 8.0 and 7.1, Crystal Reports 6.5, TrueDBGrid, Microsoft control suite

Pre-.NET Data Access

ADO.NET 2.0/1.1, DTS (precursor to SSIS within SQL Server), Excel 2003, COM+, ADO 2.8/2.7/2.5/2.1/1.5, RDS, Acrobat Distiller

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