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United States
October 04, 2016

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Madhavi Kale

Experience Summary

*+ years of IT experience, involved in the area of Software Development, Migration and Administration on content management products on different platforms like Windows and UNIX based

Designed and developed various document centric business processes using IBM FileNet Process Designer.

Designed and delivered various ECM solutions providing benefits of cost effective storage, readily available content, performance oriented and easily scalable for future content growth

Developed Migration tools for handling massive amount around 40 TB of structured and unstructured digital content for “InTiuiT Services”(2010) using FileNet Image Services and P8 Systems

Effectively designed and developed strategic solutions to meet business requirements and easily pluggable with existing system

Experience in analysing and sizing of colossal data/content in billions

Provided strategic solutions for E2E design using IBM Content Management OnDemand V9.0 – “Barclays” - Investment and RBB domains (2011-15) – Design, Build CMOD objects along with ODWEK kit.

Designed and implemented various business process management for “AXA Insurance- Japan” in 2008 to cater 35 different main Insurance Policies using FileNet 4.5 product

Managed E2E design and implementation of report archival with performance oriented system providing archival and retrievals in milliseconds along with secure access.

Hands-on experience in Content Management covering full life cycle of digital content like creation, modification, transformation, distribution, disposal along with records management capability

Engaged in a consulting capacity with customers on Content Management projects and to proactively anticipate requirements and build solutions that has a tangible benefit to the customer

Managed various projects between multiple application/business streams, which include service introduction, design, build, implementation and transitions to production teams effectively

Active participation in technical presentations in organizational programs, preparing monthly project metrics and reports.

Actively involved in RFP work for various clients on ECM solutions.

Experience of working at client location and coordinating with offshore team.

Working experience is mainly in Banking/Financial, Insurance domain also Life Sciences domain.

Skills Summary

Experience in designing ECM/Paperless solutions and Business process Management.

Experience in Migration of massive, structured and unstructured content.

Hands-on experience in Installation, configuration and deployments of various ECM Products

Developing solutions using Product’s API’s (Java, Web Services, Shell Scripting) to cater out of box solutions.

Experience in developing solution using agile methodology.

Experience in understanding, analyzing content and business requirements. Based on the analysis provide feasible solution within respective ECM product.

More than 6.5 years of working experience in service improvements and process automation.

Experience in Installation and configuration of IBM CMOD, FileNet Installations, IBM Content Navigator

Strong team player with excellent inter-personal, written and oral communication skills.

Ability to adopt in demanding, fast-paced environments requiring highly adaptive, flexible and resourceful technical & management skills.

Ability to meet deadlines with no compromise on the quality of the work product.

Experience of developing modules witnessing SDLC.

Experience in developing applications using Spring MVC framework, web services like SOAP and RESTful.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems

Windows, Unix based

ECM Technical Skills

IBM Content Manager OnDemand 8.5/9.0, IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.0, FileNet P8 5.2.1 Suite of Products - FileNet CM, FileNet PE, Application Server, FileNet IS 4.0, IBM Content Search Servcies, IBM Enterprise Records Manager, CMIS


IBM DB2 10, Oracle10i,


Administrative Console for Content Engine(ACCE)/FileNet Enterprise Manager, Process Designer, Process Administrator, Process Configuration console, IBM FileNet Deployment Manager, IBM OnDemand Administrator, AutoSys R11.3, IBM FileNet IDM Desktop, eRoom V7, Eclipse, ServiceNow, SQL Developer, IS Application Executive, Tivoli Storage Manager

Programming Languages

Core Java, Shell Scripting

Version Control

Subversion, Visual source safe

Web Technology

Web Services(SAOP/RESTful), JSP, Spring (MVC and Integration)

Application Server

JBOSS, IBM Web Application Server

Build Tools


Degrees and Qualifications

2002 - 2006 Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology)

Walchand Institute of Technology, Shri Shivaji University, Maharashtra, India.

Education and Certifications

IBM Certified Solutions Expert -- IBM Content Management – OnDemand

Cognizant Certified JAVA Professional Certification

Cognizant Certified Life Sciences certification

Brain Bench Certified SQL certification

Brain Bench Certified UNIX certification

Relevant Project Experience

•Client Description:

HSBC Bank plc is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. It serves more than 47 million customers through four global businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. Our network covers 71 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

1.Global Content Management Core services


Jan 2016 – Till date


IBM FileNet Product suite 5.2.1, IBM Content navigator 2.0.2, IBM Enterprise Records Manager, IBM Content Search Services, IBM FileNet Deployment Manager, IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2


Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd., PUNE

Project Abstract:

Project mainly focused on building and implementing overall content/document management system which will cater end to end document lifecycle, process management, content search services, content federation services, records management/retention services to all business teams using IBM FileNet suite of products for Commercial banking business. Along with Content management system build and implementation, developing generic solutions using IBM Content Navigator API’s like plug-in development as well as EDS services to cater specific business need. Also it is focusing to building CMIS services to interact with various content repositories across the firm.


As an IBM FileNet consultant; was actively involved in application design and development. Understanding each business/application requirement and developing respective solution within core services. Primarily involved in business process implementation to cater Document centric workflows. Also development of core services like an overall audit/Management Information module to cater various reporting requirements of business for compliance and audit purpose.

Development Activities:

•Actively working on analyzing process requirements, design and implementation of workflow using Process Designer

•Development of custom step processer using IBM Content Navigator API

•Development of IBM Content Navigators EDS services to integrate with various data system

•Designing various IBM Content navigator desktops and configurations.

•Deploy FileNet applications using FileNet Deployment Manager across environments

•Design and develop FileNet object model for each business solution

•Design and development of a integration services module to cater management related information

•Actively participated in IER and CSS solution implementation

•Client Description:

Barclays Bank is a major global financial service provider engaged in Retail, Personal Corporate banking, credit cards, wealth and investment banking with an extensive international presence in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries.

2.RBB Document Management Services


March 2014 – Dec 2015


IBM CMOD 8.5/9.0, ODWEK, IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2, TSM 5.0, Tivoli workload scheduler


Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd., PUNE

Project Abstract:

Document Management Services (DMS) is a service offering for the firm that allows paperless solutions. IBM CMOD is identified as strategic product for document archival. Project mainly involved in implementing firm’s document management system across domains. One of the major project focused on various migration like from third party vendor R R Donelly to in-house CMOD migration, In-house CMOD system migration and upgrade from IBM CMOD 8.5 (AIX system) to IBM CMOD 9.0 (Linux system). DMS project objective to provide high speed retrievals documents and cost effective storage of data. It aims to make the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing, and retention. The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency, better control and reduced costs.


As an IBM CMOD-SME for client; was actively involved in application design and improvement in existing implementation to achieve better performance and reduce various failures in solution. Point of contact for CMOD system related work along with new service/application introduction in the system across all Barclays domain.

Development Activities:

•Actively participated in designing CMOD 9.0 system architecture part of AIX to Linux Migration project

•Content analysis across five different CMOD instance and preparing data migration plan for millions of data and more that 20 terabytes size.

•Designed and developed Unix scripts for content migration per instance and responsible for migration project delivery

•Designed and implemented online/web based archival solution using ODWEK/JAVA API for client which removed failures points present in existing cumbersome design

•As per clients requirement provided demo of IBM Content Navigator solution as a POC

•Responsible for new service introduction in DMS area across Barclays domain like RBB, Wealth, corporate

•Actively involved in system capacity planning for DMS area and continues improvements in processes

•Client Description:

Universal Bank is a major global financial services provider engaged in personal banking, credit cards, ‘corporate and investment’ banking and ‘wealth and investment’ management with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries.

3.Wealth and Investment Document Management Services


Aug 2011 – Feb 2014


IBM CMOD 8.5, FileNet P8 5.0, ODWEK, Web Services, Adobe Live Cycle ES3, AutoSys r11.3


Cognizant Technology solutions, India’s Pvt. Ltd., PUNE

Project Abstract:

Document Management Services (DMS) is a service offering for the firm that allows End-Users as well as Application Programmers alike the ability to (access, publish, and create) content in the form of (documents, scanned images and reports) to and from Bank’s compliant and non-compliant document repositories. The repositories are built to comply with regulatory standards and automatically manages the retention of all content under its control. Developed a customized web application to perform document search, retrieval and upload functions globally. It has distributed CMOD environment due to worldwide usage. Application has ability to upload/publish documents manually from web application to CMOD repository.

Also provided archive service for SharePoint application data in ‘CMOD – SharePoint Integration’ project. In which once CMOD report archival setup is completed in the system; documents/content gets uploaded using web services or batch process, depending on data volume, respective archival process is used. These processes then automated via scheduled jobs.


As a point of contact for offshore team; was responsible for work distribution, status updates, providing deliverables on time along with responsible for emergencies in Asia region. Leading six members team along with responsibility of project deliverables.

Development Activities:

•Developed web application using ODWEK to update metadata values in bulk for RTB level-1 team using Spring MVC and JAXB

•Developed web application using ondemand web enablement kit to integrate archival and retrieval of data for integrated business teams using web services

•Designed archival solutions to accomplish business paperless solution

•Contributed in design and development of user web application request form which used to create CMOD object like AG, application and folder for new report archival system

•Developed web application/module to automate new addition of application using ARSXML functionality of CMOD which reduced manual effort of adding individual application

•Coordinated with testing team for various test execution like user acceptance, regression, performance and integration testing

•Performed migration of AutoSys system from 4.5 version to r11.3

Engineering Activities:

•Administration of IBM CMOD includes Install/configuration change if any, User Administration, Report Administration, OnDemand System Administration

•Installed and configured Adobe Live Cycle ES3 product

•Administration and maintenance of Applications like web servers, adobe live cycle, AutoSys

•Health check of the servers – monitoring all the server logs, disk usage reports etc.

•Managing security of CMOD and maintain compliance with security standards (e.g. Granting\Revoking user access on applications)

•Analyzing all problems and Change requests and providing technical solutions for the same

•Coordinating with the multiple Application teams, Clients, vendor, onsite team for gathering requirements, status updates and issue handling

•Providing recommendation and consultation to the different application teams to use CMOD repository for managing content effectively along with suitable upload/archival process in CMOD

•Enhancing the security for all the applications and providing remediation to the different groups within the bank for enhancing the security on the applications and servers

•Responsible for Managing, Tracking and analyzing all change and problem requests.

•Generating weekly/monthly reports for the usage monitoring

•Responsible for Backup and recovery

•Coordinating and Conducting the knowledge transfer sessions

4.Intuit - FileNet Migration


February 2011 – June 2011


Oracle 10g, FileNet Image Services, FileNet P8- CE, PE and AE


Cognizant Technology solutions, Pvt. Ltd., USA

Project Abstract:

Intuit is using FileNet IS and FileNet P8 for all its document management needs. Documents like tax documents, tax returns, W-2, W-3 and W-2C are managed in the FileNet IS 4.0 and FileNet P8 4.0 content repository. Firm has decided to migrate these business documents from FileNet IS & FileNet P8 repository to Global 360 to harness the case management capabilities of Global 360 system.

Project requirement is extraction of the existing documents from FileNet Image Services and FileNet P8 4.0 to a shared file server. Document meta-data and content will be extracted to the shared file repository as part of the extraction process using internal migration tool. Migration tool contains Repository creation, Properties Mapping, Job creation, Administration, Report generation, and extraction module.

During the extraction process, the document meta-data and content from the FileNet IS and FileNet P8 content repository would be extracted. Extracted document meta-data would be captured in a XML schema. Extracted TIFF documents would undergo a transformation in which multi-page TIFF would be merged into a single TIFF and finally converted in to PDF format, extracted Wordml and Spredsheetml documents should be converted into PDF format. The extracted document meta-data in the form of XML schema and transformed content would be copied to the staging file server using SFTP service.


Onsite Team Lead and point of contact for FileNet P8 and FileNet IS content migration project.

•Requirement gathering and assessment

•Analysis of IS and P8 content based on business requirement and prepare migration plan

•Creating assessment and design documents like LLD, HLD, Infrastructure design

•Providing technical solutions

•Data migration estimation based on data analysis

•Installation and configuration of Migration tool and supporting products.

•Worked on performance improvement of existing migration tool to achieve content migration within time

•Responsible for offshore team setup and delivery

5.ECKM – eRoom To Team Site Migration


August 2010 – January 2011


FileNet IS Server 4.0, FileNet P8 5.0, SQL Server 2008


Cognizant Technology solutions, Pvt. Ltd., USA

Project Abstract:

The Enterprise Content Management eRoom Service (eRoom) is used by Pharmaceutical Co. in USA to facilitate collaboration amongst project teams and across divisions. This tool is the standard collaboration tool within organization. The purpose of Team Site is to provide a common solution foundation and methodology for supporting collaboration. Providing a reusable core capability for collaboration will permit organization to consolidate the total number of separate collaboration systems and accordingly make significant improvements in the integration, consistency and usability of collaboration solutions. Additionally, by aligning solutions to a common reusable platform, significant reductions in the time to deliver solutions and the total cost of ownership can be realized. ECKM Migration tool set includes Export, Translation and Import processes


Onsite counterpart for migration team. Coordinator between the eRoom owners, client BA team and offshore migration team

Engineering Activities:

•As a eRoom Administrator coordinate with Team Site administrator for identifying mapping item type

•Analyzing, validating and deployment of eRoom export tool on all servers

•Analyzing and validating Migration center includes scanners, Migration sets, and Importers.

•Target objects types should be properly configured in Migration center

•Deployment of Metalogix tool on servers

•Preparing pre-migration analysis reports for eRoom and coordinate with eRoom owners for issues.

•Executing eRoom export on production servers.

•Co-ordinate with third party vendor for solving export, execution and import problems.

•Executing pre and post migration activities like analysis report, revoking access of users and validating migrated data

•Automated the export process which increased the productivity by 40%.

6.Insurance workflow management, Japan


February 2010 – August 2010


Oracle 10g, FileNet suite of products, Java\J2EE


Cognizant Technology solutions, India Pvt. Ltd., PUNE

Project Abstract:

Insurance & Co. Japan wants to develop an application that would track the status of the claims payment within a workflow. Since the current process is not managed with any BPM tools hence the progress of payment flow was also not managed efficiently. The application will receive messages from Mainframe systems in real time scenario as and when the claims need to be processed. At each stage/transaction message received from mainframe is analyzed by a rules matrix which assigns a status to the claim and pushes the claim to a step within the workflow. The application provides information to users about the claim’s progress in report format on screen. The information is also transferred into file in csv format for reporting.

•Requirement gathering

•Analyzing various implementation aspects for BPM, database to provide best approach.

•Storing and handling all content.

•Migration of previous content to new repository.


As a Team member my focus is primarily on requirement understanding and Development using java, servlet, xml and unit testing.

Engineering Activities:

•Coordinating with onsite counterpart for requirement gathering

•Interacting with Business and understanding Business Requirements

•Preparing various workflow design and implementation of workflows, field mapping sheet, FST etc.

•Developed workflow using FileNet process designer and successfully implemented

•Creating test cases for application.

7.ECCM Application


September 2007 – January 2010


FileNet suite of products and Documentum eRoom


Cognizant Technology solutions, India Pvt. Ltd., PUNE

•Client Description:

Pharmaceutical Co. in USA, is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting patients first. Established in 1891, it discovers, develops, manufactures and markets vaccines and medicines to address unmet medical needs.

Project Abstract:

Project is focused primarily on the Production Support and Administration of FileNet and Documnetum content management technologies and Engineering aspects to constantly maintain and improve the service with lowest possible failure rate and improve the productivity of the servers and continuous improvements of services and processes


As a Team Lead my focus was primarily on the Distraction Activities to maintain and improve the services for the applications and improve the productivity of the applications.

Administration Activities:

•Administration of FileNet and Documentum products

•Administration and maintenance of Applications with respect to ECM.

•Daily Health check of the servers – monitoring all the server logs, disk usage reports, web servers etc.

•Managing security of all the eRoom and FileNet servers and maintain compliance with security standards (e.g. Granting\Revoking user access on applications)

•Analyze all the issues/problems and providing technical solutions for the same.

•Tracking new problems and documentation for the same.

•Responsible for authentication and authorization security services.

•Deploy and configure various fix packs as required

Engineering Activities:

•Coordinating with the multiple Application teams, Clients, onsite team for gathering requirements, status updates and problem management.

•Providing recommendation and consultation to the different applications/clients for using the ECM services and features.

•Enhancing the security for all the applications and providing remediation to the different groups within the bank for enhancing the security on the applications and servers.

•Conducted/Co-ordinate multiple Disaster Recovery Test (DR)/Business continuity Plan (BCP) tests.

•Tracking and analyzing all changes and problem management.

•Generating weekly/monthly reports for the usage monitoring.

•Coordinating and Conducting knowledge transfer sessions

Awards and Accolade

•‘Spot’ award in 2014 - Capgemini

•‘Associate of the Quarter’ in year 2009 – Cognizant

•‘Star performer‘ award in year 2008 - Cognizant

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