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Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry

Middleton, Massachusetts, 01949, United States
October 04, 2016

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Marc Plante, PhD

** ****** ******, *********, ** 01949 978-***-****


Highly accomplished and creative scientist with patents, publications, and webinars, with the experience needed to create or manage analytical method development efforts for the study and evaluation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology product formulations.




• Accurate assessment of sample analysis requirements

• Rapid method development and validation with GMP and SOP documentation

• Proficient in Windows and Ubuntu Linux operating systems


Senior Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Chelmsford, MA June 2013 – July 2016

• Designed and created 2D-HPLC methods for the quantitation of both proteins (RP) and excipients: carbohydrates (HILIC), surfactants (RP), salts (IEX), and amino acids (RP) excipients by HPLC-UV-CAD. Some combinations required creative solutions, which were incorporated into successful methods.

• Creating and promoting new analytical tools for adulteration of extra-virgin olive oils by HPLC with principal component analysis and the effectiveness of the latest version of my universal lipids analysis (fatty acids and esters, fatty alcohols, paraffins, triglycerides) for the determination of used cooking oils and algal oils analyses.

Applications Scientist, ESA/Dionex/Thermo Fisher Scientific, Chelmsford, MA 2007 – 2013

• Improved product capabilities through several innovations: discovery of the most accurate calibration algorithm for the relatively new Corona charged aerosol detector, addressing accuracy issues from customers. This became the standard calibration method for the detector. Developed what is now known as the Power Function for the detector, providing a critical tool for laboratories requiring the use of linear detectors or where linearity is necessary (i.e. quantitation of polymers). Created a new methodology for the manufacturing calibration process of CAD, reducing the inter-instrument variability by 50%, which resulted in increased sales. Wrote VBA routines to provide calculation of sample loop tube lengths based on test values.

• Awarded a certificate for outstanding effort and personal contribution for addressing the needs of the company in April 2009

• Travelled to sites around the world to conduct presentations, seminars, technical sales meetings, and training sessions on our instruments and to address customer needs.

Methods Development Scientist, Aeris Therapeutics,

Woburn, MA 2006 – 2007

• Designed multiple analytical methods for poloxamers, titrations, HPLC, and UV-Vis for medical device manufacturer. Created and validated these methods under GMP. Scientist, Antigenics, Inc., Lexington, MA 2004 – 2005

• Rapidly acquired a highly functional level of programming capability with the LabWare LIMS software, creating very specialized routines (instrument reservation, data extraction, reagent tracking and inventory, reporting, documentation, and others) and technologies (ethernet serial hub for serial data instruments). Acquired languages of ZPL and Ladder Logic for PLCs through self-teaching.

• Awarded an Achievement Certificate for the outstanding results of the LIMS project., November 2005

• Rebuilt and qualified through troubleshooting an HP5890 Series II GC and developed methods for the determination of residual solvents Development Chemist, Avecia Biotechnology, Inc., Milford, MA 2003 – 2004

• Developed and validated analytical methods for HPLC, GC, and NMR analyses of oligonucleotide APIs under cGMP conditions (notebooks, SOPs, Validation Protocols and Reports, OOS reports)

Process Chemist, Natural Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,

Beverly, MA 2000 – 2003

• Developed a chromatographic process that increased the chemical throughput of a purification process by 10-fold, saving $10,000’s per run.

• Identified other taxane-related impurities through LC/MS.

• Discovered a stable chromatographic resin saving $350,000 per year. The use of this resin greatly reduced the process costs for the purification of material streams, and was filed with patents.

• Created software for the simulation of the Simulated Moving Bed chromatographic process. This allowed for the prediction of behavior resulting from changes made to the system, saving significant time by avoiding poor adjustments.


American Chemical Society Short Course, Boston, MA May 2003 LC/MS Fundamentals and Applications, O. David Sparkman and Frederick E. Klink

Northeastern University, Boston, MA 1994 – 2001

Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Physical-Organic Chemistry Thesis: “The Synthesis and Characterization of Analogues of Clozapine Using DNMR”

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 1987 – 1991 Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

Minors in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering Awarded Dean’s List throughout undergraduate studies


American Chemical Society 1991 – Present

American Oil Chemists Society 2011 – Present

American Society for Testing and Materials 2012 – 2013


• U.S. Patents 6,956,123 (October 2005), 7,897,796 (March 2011), 8,703,982 (April 2014)

• Thomas, D.H.; Acworth, I.; Bauder, R.; Plante, M.; Kast, L. “2D Analysis of Protein Therapeutics and Amino Acid Excipients with Combined UV and Charged Aerosol Detection,” Poster EAS 2015

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Zhang, Q.; Thomas, D.H. “Determination of Proteins and

• Carbohydrates by 2D HPLC (RPLC and HILIC) with Charged Aerosol and Ultraviolet Detection, Poster EAS 2015

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I.N., Determination of Olive Oil Adulteration by Principal Component Analysis with HPLC-Charged Aerosol Detector Data, LCGC, September 2013

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I.N., Quantitation of Pluronics by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Corona Charged Aerosol Detection, LCGC, September 2013

• Acworth, I.N.; Bailey, B.; Plante, M.; Zhang, Q.; Thomas, D. Profiling Hoodia Extracts by HPLC with Charged Aerosol Detection, Electrochemical Array Detection, and Principal Component Analysis, LCGC, September 2013

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I.N. An Improved Global Method for the Quantitation and Characterization of Lipids by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Charged Aerosol Detection, LCGC, July 2013

• Ullucci, P.; Plante, M.; Acworth, I.; Crafts, C.; Bailey, B. Metabolic Patterning to Differentiate Beverages, LCGC July 2012

• Steiner, F.; Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I. An Easy Way to a Fast Universal Method for Surfactant Analysis, LCGC, July 2012

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I.N. Quantitation of Omega Fatty Acids by HPLC and Charged Aerosol Detection, LCGC, February 2012

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I.N. Making Non-Electrochemically Active Compounds Electrochemically Active, September 2010

• Plante, M.; Bailey, B.; Acworth, I. In Lipidomics: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 579, “Chapter 23: The Use of Charged Aerosol Detection with HPLC for the Measurement of Lipids”, Armstrong, D., Ed.; Humana Press: New Jersey, 2009; pp. 469-482

• Plante, M. Bailey, B.; Acworth, I. Determination of Genotoxic Besylates and Tosylates by HPLC-ECD Using A Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode, LCGC: The Application Notebook, February 2010, p. 42

• A.B. Sebag, D.A. Forsyth, M.A. Plante “Conformation and Configuration of Tertiary Amines via GIAO-Derived 13C NMR Chemical Shifts and a Multiple Independent Variable Regression Analysis,” J. Org. Chem., 66, 7967-7973 (2001)

• M.A. Plante, D.A. Forsyth, "Stereodynamics of Clozapine Conformations," (poster) National ACS Meeting, August 1998, Boston

• D.A. Forsyth, A.B. Sebag, M.A. Plante, " Assignment of Amine Conformers Via Computed C-13 Shifts," (poster) National ACS Meeting, August 1998, Boston, MA

• R.U. Kirss, D.A. Forsyth, M. A. Plante “Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Binuclear Phosphine Bridged Palladium Hydrides: Pd2HX3[dppm]2 (X = Br, I; dppm = bis[diphenylphosphino]methane)” J. Organometallic Chemistry, 688, 206-216 (2003)

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