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State University Development

San Antonio, Texas, 78248, United States
October 04, 2016

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Anton M. Sholukh, Ph.D. 617-***-****

San Antonio, TX 78248


Expert in antibody research and protein science with broad experience in immunology and virology working through innovations as well as contributing to the bottom line through team building and staff development.

Skilled in:

• strategic planning and goal-oriented execution of complex multi-center projects with fast output

• guideline-based and needs-oriented development of standard operation procedures (SOPs), Biohazard Committee and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols

• intellectual property (IP) and freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis

• method and product development including antibody therapeutics, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays, novel enzyme activity assays, and complex cell-based approaches

• operation of a variety of analytical instruments and broad variety of biological methods

• grant, patent application, scientific manuscript and report writing. Personal skills include but not limited to leadership, creativity, analytical and critical thinking, analyzing, interpreting, and solving problems, troubleshooting, multitasking, flexibility and excellent interpersonal communication.


Aug 2013 – Aug 2016 Staff Scientist, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, TX

• Devised novel approach to prevent and treat mucosal infections.

• Conceived defense-in-depth concept to create anti-viral immune defenses.

• Developed efficient platform to express and produce chimeric and recombinant IgG, dimeric IgA1 (dIgA1), dIgA2 and multimeric IgM antibodies.

• Built a team that established the role of non-neutralizing HIV-1 dIgA1 and dIgA2 and anti-Tat IgG in protection against mucosal virus challenge in non-human primates.

• Established mAb-producing facility and protein purification laboratory in sterile settings.

• Established cross-functional collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and University of Pittsburgh and Magee-Womens Research Institute.

• Trained and led a team that analyzed humoral and cell-mediated immune responses in vaccinated and infected rhesus monkeys.

• Authored 2 NIH research grants (~2.25MM), 2 peer-reviewed papers, 1 invention disclosure and multiple project reports, SOPs, IACUC and Biohazard committee protocols. 2009 – 2013 Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

• Devised and developed new technology for discovery and isolation of monoclonal antibodies

(mAbs) with predetermined epitope specificity through the FACS-assisted isolation of epitope- specific memory B cells followed by single-cell RT-PCR.

• Cloned and expressed mAbs against various epitopes of HIV-1 including cross-clade HIV-1 neutralizing mAbs against variable domain 3 (V3) of the HIV-1 envelope.

• Led development of rhesus monkey IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4 and IgA expression vectors and studied the role of mAbs of different isotypes in protection against HIV-1 infection.

• Produced recombinant proteins and mAbs in different expression systems and analyzed humoral and cell-mediated immune responses in vaccinated rhesus monkeys. 2

• Authored 2 patent applications, 3 peer-reviewed papers, multiple project reports for the team and external advisory boards, and NIH research grants (~3.2MM). 2008 Visiting Scientist, Department of Pharmacology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

• Developed a method to produce functionally active mutants of HIV-1 protease. 2006 – 2008 Co-founder, Cyan Therapeutics, Belarus – Belgium

• Led company’s core scientific efforts in developing mAb platform to treat human autoimmune and cardio-vascular diseases by targeting cytokines and their receptors.

• Co-authored and leveraged business and scientific operating plans.

• Performed IP, preliminary patentability and FTO assessment. 2004 – 2008 Leading Staff Scientist; Research and Production Center for Hematology and Medical Biotechnology, Minsk, Belarus

• Built a team that performed development, engineering, modification and production of mAbs, scFv, Fab and F(ab')2 fragments as well as pharmacokinetic studies in mice.

• Designed and prepared immunogens resulted in the discovery of the soluble form of this receptor and development of the sensitive IVD assay through generation of mAb panel to the human chemokine receptor.

• Developed antibody-based candidates with short and extended circulation half-life as potential disease-modifying therapeutics for several autoimmune and cardio-vascular diseases.

• Managed development and pre-manufacturing validation of IVD assays for human cytokines and receptors.


• Antibody: discovery, development, production, purification, engineering, and characterization of monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant, chimeric and single-chain variable fragment (scFv) antibodies; conjugation to PEG, peptides, beads, resins; antibody scaffolds.

• Protein: chromatography (Akta FPLC, HPLC, IEX, SEC, RP, affinity and tag-assisted), SDS- PAGE, SPR, IEF, sequencing, mass-spectrometry, dynamic light scattering (DLS), analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), fluorimetry, spectrophotometry, enzyme activity assays and kinetics.

• Cell: flow cytometry, FACS, single-cell sorting, lymphocyte phenotyping, cell culture, cell bank management, transient and stable transfection of 293T, 293F, Espi293, CHO, cloning. Hybridoma and single B-cell technologies.

• Virus: neutralization, stock preparation, purification, virion capture, transcytosis.

• DNA&RNA: extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, single-cell RT-PCR, multiplex PCR, primer design, mutagenesis, gene cloning and expression, phage display.

• Immunoassays: Western blot, ELISA, EIA, RIA, ELISPOT, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation and immunodiffusion.

• General: bioorthogonal chemistry, endotoxin measurement, endotoxin removal, formulation, ultrafiltration, lyophilization, centrifugation, BSL-2 and BSL-3 biohazard level, inventory. EDUCATION

2002 Ph.D. in Biochemistry from National Academy of Sciences of Belarus 1993 M.Sc. (Diploma cum laude) in Biochemistry from Belarus State University PERSONAL

• US Lawful Permanent Resident.

References available upon request.

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