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Interpret, pr, manager

Arvada, Colorado, United States
October 04, 2016

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Yoana Hristova Todorova

Arvada, CO ***** *303-***-*****


Università degli Studi di PERUGIA May 2016

Master of Science in Economics and Business Management with an emphasis in Business Administration

*Cumulative GPA 3.43

Relevant Projects: Approaches of intercultural negotiation in some countries of East Europe, an empirical survey in some Bulgarian companies. For concluding the project, I did One-year research on the subject and spend three mounts in the capital of Bulgaria where I intertwined different company managers, with the objective to understand how the Bulgarian companies relate in an international markets. I try to understand the way this company has related and guide their international negotiation meetings. Based on the research of P.Herbig “Intercultural negotiation’’ 2003, I made a survey between the theory and how the companies of East Europe approaches their international partners. There was no information on how this companies relations in the international business field. During my research emerged some significant differences between American, Japanese and Bulgarian negotiation style. Emerged some new models of doing business, which I called flexible dynamic, which mean that the companies adopt their products and way of negotiation in base of the different culture

Relevant Courses: Statistic for business, Intellectual property law, Economics of innovation, Web marketing, Economics of multinational firms, Economics and management of human resource, Innovation management, Corporate finance, Corporate communication strategy, International marketing, Industrial economics and dynamics.

Università degli Studi di PERUGIA May 2013

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

*Cumulative GPA: 3.55

Relevant Projects: Theatrical research regarding the topic of Economic and Financial crisis during 2008 my work discus the monetary policy of FED and the effects of it on the world markets. In detail, I try to explain, how the American monetary crisis was ‘’transported’’ in to the whole world true toxic assets. Give sample of possible solutions offered by Paul Krugman, C.Montesi, L. Pennacchi, and J.M.Keyns

Relevant Courses: Business economy, Microeconomic, Low, Economy of firms, Macroeconomic, Statistic, Financial Economy, Industrial economy, International economy, Marketing, Political Economy, Finance, Competitive Strategy

Trakya University of Stara Zagora November 2008

Bachelor of Science in Rural Development

Cumulative GPA: 4.00

Relevant Projects: I write a thesis about the possibilities to develop an alternative tourism in Bulgaria. I developed a business plan that give an idea of how certain areas could be developed true tourism. In particular, how to take subsidies from European Community and renew the family hotels and create connections with the bigger cities, and advertise the beauty of the area and make from it a central tourism area based on climbing, caves hiking and family hosting, this way creating a unique alternative tourist experience.


Full Scholarship Winner for the years 2010/2011.

Full Scholarship Winner for the years 2011/2012.

Half semester scholarship winner for September 2012/ May 2013.

Full year scholarship winner for the years 2013/2014.

Full year scholarship winner for the years 2014/2015.

Half semester scholarship winner for September 2015/ May 2016.


Best Union, City, State/Country June 2013-April 2016


Organize the agenda of business meeting and prepare to represent the buyers company.

I Guided the Buyer to the stand that he book to visit and introduce him to the manager or official representative of the Exhibitor Stand, Translating simultaneous from Italian into Bulgarian Language and vice versa, as well as translating from English to Bulgarian, sometimes from Russian to Italian Language and vice versa.

I help for the smooth and structured running of the business meetings (30 minutes each).Help the Buyer to complete a survey about the fair and the business meeting and express his satisfaction about the organization of the Fair and if he/she fined the business partners, he/she come to search in Italy.

During this, three years’ work for Best Union I worked in different fields and I had the possibility to assist various international business events like ECOMONDO, SUN, TENDE&TECNICA, RIMINI WELLNESS, SIGEP and KEY ENERGY. I had the unique opportunity to work in completely different sector use different terminology in fields of Ecology, Purification of urban waters and waste, Machinery and technology, urban internet chains, interior and exterior design, hotels interiors furniture, kitchen equipment, ovens and cooking equipment, artisan ice-cream sectors, cafe and drinks, sports and wellness, tourism and travel. I had to study every time I go to work the particular glossary in every language that I may use Bulgarian, Italian, English or Russian. I translated for municipals or big industries with high level of market share and influence in their domestic markets. I have learned how to use my body language with different cultures and relate in base of the culture of the buyer. I have learned to swish from one language to another easily, be very concentrate, and perform higher level of interpretational service.

Redazione Lungavita, Firenze, Toscana, Italy September 2008-May 2016

Public relations, Hostess, promoter, recruiter

Responsibility: The scope of my work includes

Promoting informative products to the Exhibitors and visitors, about the Automobile, Retro Mobile and Cycling & Italian traditions, during a weakly events and communicate with clients and business agents in the sector, have to speak and represent a product or company and sell advertisement spaces

Responsible for the sells, offering Add spaces in our newspaper, calendar and website.

Preparing and supervising my new coworkers by training and guiding them how the company want them to work.

Working with a money and make a daily reports for my job and the job of my coworkers

Advertise an event develop the company image, I did send a feedback observation of our customers and business partners as well how the other competitors in the sectors are doing all this functions helped me to be part of marketing development team.

The position ware connected to traveling all over Italy: Rimini, Milano, Roma, Torino, Perugia, Reggio Emilia and work in different environment.


Proficient in Microsoft office, power point, internet, email and basic knowledge of Html.

Fluent in Bulgarian, Italian, Russian, and basic understanding in Greek.

Very good communicational skills gained through my experience with sales and promotional activity.

Organization/ Managing skills: I have some experience as a leader in my work as a supervisor for Lungavita.


During my university education in Bulgaria, I make six mounts of lifeguard course and I complete it with success.

Voluntary in Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center from June 20011 to October 2011. My voluntary position in the Ashram was a lifetime experience. I did helped as a "karma yogi" for few hours a day and I had the privilege to take a yoga classes every day with the best yoga teachers in the world. As well as living very strict regime including waking up at 5 am, and following the program of meditation and chanting mantras every morning and every night before sleep. I worked with my Ego and I have the unique opportunity to assist some Puja’s (Indian blessing rituals), guided by Brahmin. I could listen professors for all round the world and work on developing myself as better person and a human being. Like the most life, changing experience is very hard but teaches me a lot of how to let go and remember that nothing is personal. This time I spend in the Ashram toad me how to forgive, love, and accept the other human beings without judge them for their mistakes or imperfections. I feel very thankful to all the persons I met during this period, because true you I have learned a lot! Thank you Sivananda Yoga Vedanta center!

During the summer time last few years I Spend about a mount in the nature living in tend, hiking and climbing. Being in the nature with no phone and computer going to sleep with the sun and working up with the sun and nature sounds is wonderful it’s make me feel close to God and my Soul.

I love yoga, art and nature. I run few times a week and try to do different sport activities. I try ones a year I book a trip and I visit a town or country alone, is like a gift I make to myself. I really like museums in particular I love modern art.

I did worked all this years to pay my University’s and life expenses.

I am positive and communicative, I love to read and travel. The perfect ambient for me is a multinational and a multicultural global company. I dream to work one day as a Global Manager. I am inspired to work in areas of international communication, relationships and negotiations in intercultural ambient.

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