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Mechanical Engineer State University

Allendale Charter Township, Michigan, United States
October 04, 2016

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Seeking an opportunity to work as a mechanical engineer where, I can utilize my work experience and education to improve company's operation and make myself more skillful for future endeavors.


Master of Science in Engineering – Mechanical Major Expected: December, 2016

Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI


Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore. Tamilnadu.

Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. Sept 2006 - Jun 2010

Visvesvaraya Technological University


Software’s: - Solid Works, Mathematica, Scilab, MATLAB, Star ccm+, Ansys, Arduino, Minitab, Mimics.

Tools: MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Outlook.

Hands on experience: Bench Mill, Manual lathe, Manual milling machine, Welding, Laser cutting.


Fifth Engineer. (Wallem Ship Management India Pvt ltd). Oct 2012-June 2013

Job Responsibilities:

First Assistant: On regular watch on Main engines and Boilers.

Hands on experience working with marine machineries and equipment.

Hands on experience with troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and overhauling of machineries.

Experience working with multinational people as a team.

Was recommended for Promotion by Chief Engineer.

Data collection assistant: VoiceGR powered by Johnsons center for philanthropy.

Standard Patient: Cook Devos center for Health Science, Grand Valley State University.

Presently working as graduate lab assistant in simulation center of CHS, Grand Valley State University.


1.Semi-truck drag reduction- Design of semi- truck and drag reduction tools to reduce the drag and hence improving fuel economy. Software’s used- Solid Works, Star CCM+.

Simplified model of full scale 53 feet generic semi-truck developed in computer aided design software.

Drag reduction tools are added to reduce the drag coefficient.

Simulation was performed to study the flow for both city and highway speeds.

15% less drag coefficient was achieved with the help of drag reduction tools.

2.Wall Interference for High Blockage Vehicles in Closed Test Section Wind Tunnels. Software’s used- Solid Works, Star CCM+.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study of a full scale 53 feet semi-truck in order to assess the wind tunnel wall interference effect.

A closed wall test section was used for the study.

Use of CFD to calculate corresponding drag corrections on the basis of wall-signature method.

3.Structural and Modal analysis of Shock Absorber Spring using FEA

Two Wheeler shock absorber was designed in solid works.

Structural analysis and modal analysis were done on the shock absorber by varying material for spring, phosphorous Bronze and ASTM A228 High carbon spring wire.

4.Changing the existing approach of data collection using Business Process Reengineering Tool.

Improving the way of approach to surveying to get more data.

Analyzing the data collected and recommending the steps for improvement.

Surveying approach was optimized with the help of Business process reengineering tool.

5.Man machine interaction ethics and issues.

Ethical issues related to man machine interaction were studied.

Remedial measures to be considered and recommendations to avoid the problems originating from ethical issues have been proposed.

6.Automatic agitator for yogurt machines- Design and production of food graded agitator for yogurt machines and automation with the help of Arduino. Software’s used- Solid Works, Ansys, Arduino.

Agitator mechanism was incorporated on the Lid of the yogurt machine.

IR range finder was used to track the level of yogurt in the hopper.

Agitator mechanism was designed using computer aided design software and manufactured with the stainless steel which is food graded and welding is done with the help of TIG welding (food graded).

7.Driving Assistant: Assistive device for personal and commercial vehicle drivers, which would prevent accidents due to driver sleepiness/drowsiness. Software’s used- Solid Works, ANSYS WORKBENCH, Arduino.

To facilitate an effective and successful design, survey was conducted and a comprehensive list of customer requirements were defined based on survey results and with the aid of house of quality then transformed into quantitative engineering specifications.

Model was designed with the help of computer aided design software and prototyping was done with the help of 3D printer makerbot.

The effective application of different engineering design tools and techniques paved the way for the development of assistive device, such as house of quality, back ground research, patent search, similar product search, brain storming, pugh matrix, failure mode and effect analysis(FMEA).

Design incorporates IR sensors which keeps track of eye blinks, tilt sensor to monitor head nodding and buzzer for audible alarm.

8.Simulation of blood flow in Patient specific aorta.

3D segmentation of aorta from the MRI scanned images using Mimics.

Blood flow analysis was carried out using star ccm+.

Industrial Project:

Design and CFD analysis of arterial cannula: Designing the arterial cannula used in cardio pulmonary bypass and analyzing the effect of cannula design on the flow structure of the blood in the aorta.

Extensive research on the existing cannulas and design recommendations from various publications.

Design of generic aorta was done with the aid of design software.

Conceptual designs of cannulas were selected with the aid of brain storming technique.

Various designs of cannulas were modeled with the help of computer aided design software.

CFD analysis of blood flow inside aorta was performed with the help of simulation software.

Final design was selected based on analysis results and with effective application of design tools and techniques.

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