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Sr DevOps Engineer

South San Francisco, California, United States
October 03, 2016

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Vlad Sarnatsky

Phone: +1-415-***-****

Currently located in Walnut Creek, CA

Professional Profile

As a seasoned programmer with solid DevOps experience, I am eager to become a member of a dynamic company in SFBA. I specialize in developing reliable applications for automation in the financial sphere (Automated Trading Systems) and I have a passion for work with machine learning.

I won the Regional Olympiads in informatics (programming) and economics.


Designed and developed multiple automated trading systems with Java and Python – specialized reliable applications for Windows and Linux (CentOs, Ubuntu).

Organized and lead a group of developers in the creation of new products and software.

Designed and developed provisioned by Chef / Puppet automated infrastructure (incl. Hadoop, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS ec2), Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration process and monitoring (Zabbix).

Moved infrastructure to AWS: ec2, s3, elb, autoscaling, SG, IAMRoles, AWS serverless architecture (lambdas),

Taught student programmers.

Obtained two patents from the Russian Federation.

Back tested and cross validated trading strategies for traders and trading companies using specialized software.

Took part in the Algorithmic Trading Conference as a speaker concerning technical risks.

Programming Skills

OOP, TDD, Threads, Algorithms, Patterns, neural networks, Sockets, Web-Services, OLAP, REST, JSON, Protobuf, GUI, JUnit.

Java, Spring MVC, Java Swing, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Hibernate, C#, My-SQL, MS SQL Server, VBA, XML, html, Java-Script, Python, AmiBroker, IB API, IQFeed API, Wealth-Lab, Ninja-Trader, AutoHotkey.

IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, SVN, Git, Vagrant, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Hiera, Jenkins, NGINX, lighttpd, Apache Maven, Gradle, SBT, npm, MSBuild, VirtualBox, VMWare.

Learning Go and R.

Trading Skills:

Stocks, Futures, Options (Greeks, Black Scholes model), cross-validation, back-testing, developing automated trading systems, Monte Carlo simulation, risk control.

Work Experience

Senior DevOps Engineer at Yapstone

Payment Processing, Walnut Creek, CA January 2016 – now

- Puppetized (automated) company's infrastructure,

- moving infrastructure and company's services to AWS: ec2, s3, elb, autoscaling, SG, VPC, IAMRoles, AWS serverless architecture (lambdas),

- worked with QA team, DBA team and programmers on their requirements,

- took part and automated deployments (with Jenkins and Python) and rollbacks,

- worked with application's logs (Java), Apache Kafka, Apache Samza,

- security: updated ciphers and ssl protocol to TLS1.2 for lighttpd

DevOps Engineer at Attensity

IT Company, Redwood City, CA October 2014 – November 2015

Attensity is a pioneer of sentiment analysis.

- Provided High Availability for Attensity services: social media monitoring and NLP processing,

- Designed and developed provisioned by Chef automated infrastructure (incl. Hadoop, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySQL, AWS ec2, Apache Spark),

- Reduced and control technical risks by creating rollback plans and failover systems,

- Worked with developers, QA and system administrators, resolve conflicts and integrate the system,

- Optimized costs by Data Center consolidation,

- Participated in and automated deployment process,

- Disaster recovery, find bugs, work with Support team and developers in this case,

- Understand the big picture and how the entire system works,

- Used Docker in production,

- Established and tune monitoring by Zabbix and Icinga.

Sr. Software Engineer (DevOps) in Red Book Connect

IT Company, San Francisco, CA May 2014 – August 2014

- Organized the whole cycle of software development, took part in Agile process,

- Designed and developed provisioned by Puppet and Hiera Continuous Deployment (and CI) process and Infrastructure, including AWS and Mongo DB,

- Collaborated with other team members to clarify their needs in CI,

- Built automated smoke testing process, using Jenkins, Bitbucket, AWS, JFrog Artifactory,

- Reviewed source code using Bitbucket and Git,

- Prepared VMs for testers and developers using VirtualBox, Vagrant,

- Investigated and resolved dependencies. Builds: Used Gradle for Groovy projects, SBT for Scala, Python setup-tools to build Python tests to rpm, npm for Nodejs and Java-Script.

Principal Developer, Automated Trading Systems

Independent Consultant, Saint Petersburg, Russia January 2011 – April 2014

- Served an international array of clients in the United States, Switzerland, Australia, and Russia. Clients in US: Hull Capital Management, Ted Hearne Associates, Conjune LLC, RiDeV, etc. and private traders.

- Designed and developed ATS (automated trading systems stock market bots) for private traders and companies using Java, Python, databases: My-SQL, MS SQL Server, broker's (including TWS by Interactive Brokers and Ninja Traders) and datafeed APIs, C++, Threads, Algorithms, OOP;

Automated trading system consists of two parts: the core which has an access to data-feed and has an ability to operate with orders, and the trading strategy, provided by trader;

- tested trading strategies using Amibroker, Wealth-Lab, proprietary software; undertake Stock Market research using Amibroker, Wealth-Lab, java, Excel + VBA, back-testing, cross-validation, wealth management, math statistics and theory of probability, including Monte Carlo Simulation;

- interacted with clients (private traders and companies) and their programmers, using SVN and Git as a version control system and cooperative work;

- conducted data mining, data processing, parsing and web scraping using Java and additional libraries, Hibernate, databases, REST, Protobuf, XML, html, java-script;

- provided trading signals to traders using Web-Services, NGINX, Java.

- refactored “spaghetti code” using OOP paradigm, Patterns, Java and SQL; and develop installers using Java and wrappings for different OS: Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

- used Python to make prototypes for software products, and automation, for data mining.

- Created unique projects such as special messenger for marketing purposes with YouTube API and browser incorporated using C#, My-SQL and a bunch of techs.

- Select projects (~17) and feedbacks from clients are on display in my oDesk portfolio:

Lead Developer at Polyphon Ltd.

R&D company, Saint Petersburg, Russia January 2007 – December 2010

- Organized a group of developers, lead research and developed a new product (ultrasonic transducer) and special scientific software for it using Java, C++, Math-Lab, databases, SVN for version control and collaboration, Ubuntu.

First software product included signal interpretation to be able to work with the transducer via laptop,

The second software product included signal analysis using Fourier Transform and Spectral analysis.

- Registered several patents (intellectual property of a company) and was awarded three government contracts for R&D and software development.

Lead Developer at Auditing, Starter Ltd.

Accounting company, Saint Petersburg, Russia January 2005 – December 2006

- Negotiated contracts with clients, collaborated in design and development of software for accounting automation and managerial accounting (business intelligence) for clients' needs, using Java, databases, OLAP, XML, SOAP, CSV, special clients' accounting software, interact with clients' developers.

The tasks included data processing, data storage, data conversion, automation of forms and reports.

Software developer

Sole Proprietorship, Saint Petersburg, Russia May 2000 – December 2004

- Researched and developed a variety of software products, including one of the fastest poker-calculators in the world, using c++, algorithms, memory management.

- Took part in development client's pokerroom server, using Java, databases, c++, sockets.

Trainee, Infocon Ltd.

Software company, Saint Petersburg, Russia January 2000 – April 2000

Company specialized in developing web-sites and providing web-services to it's client. As a trainee took part in the team work, using html, CSS, interacted with other developers and programmers.

Programming Teacher

Computer Training Video Center in Peterhof, Saint Petersburg September 2000 – May 2002

- Created training plans, developed testing tasks, taught and mentored students and reviewed students’ knowledge.


AIESEC, International student organization, Saint Petersburg local committee September 2001 – May 2003

- Took part in organizing international internship program and other team activities.


Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance September 2000 to December 2004

- completed four years, studying economics and management

- specialized in Rational Unified Process (RUP)

- won the Regional Olympics in informatics (programming) and economics

Additional Courses & Training

- multiple AWS events, workshops and meetups

- Java SE 7 Programmer certification

- JavaRush, online course, including over 400 mini-tasks

- Internet technologies at Federation of Internet Education and Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

- Accounting and taxes at BASIS International Ltd.

- Semi-professional poker player

References available upon request

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