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Mechanical Power Plant

Onești, BC, 601045, Romania
October 05, 2016

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• First name and last name: GABRIEL FRUNZA

Date of birth: 12-December -1968 / Romania

Nationality and residence : Romanian

Current address: Emil Rebreanu street, no:9, ap: 46, Oneşti city, Bacău

county, (code number: 601060), residence country, Romania .

Contacts : E-mail;, and Skype ID:gabriel.frunza1



Home phone: 004**********

BOSIET(OPITO) +TEMPSC valide certificate,(Offshore).

PC.Operating knowledge:(XP Home,Maximo, MS Office, Internet Surfing,


certificate(B category),HSE Certificates, etc.

Education and Specializations: Petrochemical Technical School (ONC),

’’CAROM”,Onesti city,Romania,certificate qualification:Mechanical Sr.

Technician, rotating&static equipment (Oil&Gas Plants, Offshore and


power plants,etc.,everything in Oil&Gas plants department).

Foreign language :

English:advanced level,(speaking,reading,writing), Italian,basic level,French, basic level,and Russian entry level.

Positions,for applications : Mechanical Sr. Technician,

Mechanical Commissioning&Pre-commissioning

Sr.Technician,Mechanical Supervisor, Mechanical Rotating Sr.

Technician, Mechanical Foreman, Mechanical Maintenance

Supervisor, Mechanical Construction Technician, etc.,in Oil&Gas

plants, Offshore,Onshore,Petrochemical&Chemical plants, LNG,

FPSO., Refinery, Energy Power Plant,Coal Fired Power Plant, Gas


Professional experience in abroad :January 2013 – July2013 : Work

place,Africa, country Libya, offshore at Sabratha Platform,(Gas).


Maintenance Supervisor, work scope:Plant mechanical maintenance

services,support of implementation and compliance of HSE correct rules

services,for mechanical technician team PM(preventive maintenance jobs),

and CM(corrective maintenance jobs),in accordance with the maintenance

manual,(Maximo maintenance planning),services and shutdown, in

mechanical department,at all offshore platform, for rotating and static

mechanical equipments(gas&air compressors(flash gas),pumps,vessels,

inclusive the life boats, generators,EDG(emergency diesel generators),

GTG(group turbines generators), cranes,turbines Siemens cold washing

cycle,fan coolers, replacement, overhauling,shutdown, etc) .

January 2012–January 2013:


OB/OB Gas Power Plant(NGL)Rivers State,client: NAOC,(Nigerian Agip Oil

Company),position held:Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, in shift

system, work scope:Plant mechanical maintenance,shutdown and

overhauling services.Corrective and preventive jobs(PM+CM),in

accordance with the maintenance manual.Support of implementation in

compliance of HSE correct rules services, for mechanical technicians team

for intervention at rotating and static equipments (maintenance at

centrifugal pumps, different types,plungers pumps, fan coolers,multistage

compressors, heat exchangers,fire systems, filters,vessels, striners,

valves,piping, etc.),in mechanical department and maintenance planning .

2011-2012; FourQuest Energy Inc.;work place,Asia: Country:Kazakhstan,

Kashagan Experimental Project,Bolashak Plant(Onshore), Karabatan

Refinery,client Agip-KCO. Work area:Sales Gas Area,TurboExpander,

Utilities Area, Gas Regeneration,Gas Sweetening Unit, Sulphur

Area,Amine Area,(Train 1& Train 2),client, AGIP-K.C.O., Position held:

Mechanical Sr. Technician Commissioning in: Chemical Cleaning,Chemical

Flushing, Boil-out,Degreasing,Oil Flushing,Nitrogen Filling Services,

Purging&Packing,Air Pressure Testing, Fluid Pumping,Steam

Blowing,Rinse Flushing,Flushing Lines&Vessels,HydroTesting, Air

Blowing,Lube Oil, Demi Water Transport,Commissioning and Pre-

commissioning(mechanical department).

2010-2011; Holding Company AGIP- K.C.O. (client), main contractors:

Aker Solutions, and Ersai, in Kashagan Experimental Project,

(Offshore),work place,Asia:Country, Kazakhstan, artificial Island D,

(Offshore), Caspian Sea, in construction, mounting, assembly, machinery

alignment with dial gauge,(finally laser with a vendors

presence),etc.,centrifugal pumps, air(HVAC) multistage compressors, type

LMF(Austrian), diesel generator(Ingersoll-Rand,type), gas centrifugal

compressors and gas turbine afferent type Siemens, and installation

related, following a vendors indications.In PUA and Module 5,(injection

pumps, oil booster pumps in Module 5,etc),fan coolers. Static

equipment(including vessels, mounting and assembly filters equipment

Schoepentoeter and Costacurta,etc., valves and coolers related).In pre -

commissioning and commissioning phase,( air blowing line,flushing

line,cleaning vessel, air pressure testing, chemical cleaning,etc.). Position

held; Mechanical Rotating Sr. Technician Pre-commissioning (Millwright)

2008-2010:Company,IGS-SICIM.Spa., work place,Asia: working in

Kazakhstan,Aksai city, (onshore): at 4th Stabilizations &Sweetening Train,

Project LNG in K.P.O,(Karachaganak Petroleum Operating,client), gas

plant. Position held: Millwright and Static Sr.Technician:On static

equipment(mounting and assembly vessels,tanks,boilers,coolers related,

etc.), and pipeline, connections in pipe brack,valves and flanges

related,connections between 4th Train and K.P.S.refinery, mounting valves

and vessels in work positions after vendors indications). Main contractor,

PETROFAC.Ltd, in construction phase. On rotating equipment: mounting,

assembly and machinery alignment,(different types of

pumps,compressors,gas turbine, fan coolers,oil filters and installation

related), pre-commissioning phase(blowing line, air pressure testing,

flushing lines, cleaning vessel, hydrostatic testing, chemical cleaning,etc.)

and commissioning phase.


country,,onshore. Client: Karachaganak Petroleum Operating(K.P.O.).

Position held: Rotating and Static Equipment Foreman(rotating&static


Main responsibilities: I have worked for the company “BONATTI” Spa.

In performing the works of overhauling, shutdown, construction,

assembly, piping, (reliability and revamping pipeline size

24”,18”10”,inch, tk. 15,14,12,10,mm.,elbows,flanges,valves related

and connection with others pipe brack,new construction,etc.,of the

vendors drawnings,mounting and assembly static

equipment(vessels,tanks,valves,filters,coolers related, etc.)

Mounting,assembly and machinery alignment,(pumps,compressors,

gas turbines,fan coolers,different types and installation related),pre-

commissioning, commissioning,revamping,replacement, repairs,

rehabilitation and maintenance at the Refinery Karachaganak

Petroleum Operating (K.P.O.) gas plant,(LNG) .

-Skills; H2S certificate,Confined Space certificate, and Firewatch

certificate (training and course), ISCIR certificate (LPG), WAH certificate,

safety industry course, demi water transport training course, facilities

training, millwright and steel erector foreman certificate, HSE induction,

assessment, etc.Agip-KCO,HSE Passport,KPO, HSE- Assessment, Good

collaborations with the vendors, able to work in hard weather conditions,

good working experience with multicultural and ethnics people in difficult

environment places, good application and understanding of the punch

list,test pack, PTW,P&ID,MRF, procedure system document,CMMS

understandig system,MAXIMO good knowledge system, able to make PC.

operating,resistant to stress, experience in Black Sea, Mediterranen Sea

and Caspian Sea(Offshore&Onshore), Africa and Asia onshore experience,

Certificate available obtain:BOSIET(OPITO)+TEMPSC and UKOOA+CDT

medical form valide certificates,Yellow Fever vaccination certificate,good

knowledge of implementation and improvement at safety rules,HSE

Assesement multiple certificates, experience in Africa,Asia and EU., etc.

- Romania(EU): 2002 – 2007: Trading Company “CRIMBO SAV GAS” Ltd.

(Refining petrochemical plant). LPG, installation plant,client:RAFO. SA.

(Oil&Gas Refinery).

Positions held:Mechanical Rotating Sr. Technician,

surveyor,maintenance,repair,and Mechanical Senior Technician

(ISCIR certificate LPG refilling 26l +).

Main responsibilities: Mechanical Senior Technician maintenance and

millwright technician, static equipment(vessels, valves,etc.,related)

and rotating equipment, (overhauling, assembly, maintenance,

revamping, replacement and repaired, etc.).

- 1987 –2002 ROMANIA(EU): Trading Company “CAROM” SA.

Shareholders. (Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical Plant).

Position held: Mechanical Senior Technician, (rotating&static


Main responsibilities: I have worked in the position of maintenance,

mounting and repair Mechanical Senior Technician for rotating and

static equipment, replacement, piping,vessels,alignment, assembly,

revamping, pre-commissioning and commissioning,overhauling,etc.

Professional experience in Romania:

During 1987 – 2002: I have worked at Trading Company “CAROM”

Shareholders (refining and petrochemical plant) in the position of


precommissioning,commissioning and repair Mechanical Senior Technician

for rotating(Millwright) and static equipment.(vessels and valves related).

The following works have been carried out:

Repair, maintenance and mounting of centrifugal pumps (single and

multiple rotors), type; Met65, Lovara, Safag, Siemens, Aversa,

Vikers.Marelli, Nuovo Pignnone, Gabionetta, etc, and alignment.

Fixed and assembly centrifugal pumps (different types), in position

Maintenance of pumps: gaskets,bearings,couplings,mechanical

seals,rotors, shaft, all applications .

Pumps complet overhauling,rehabillitation mounting, replacement,


overhauling,alignment,assembly,pre -commissioning,commissioning,

repair single and multi-stage gas compressors,turbodetentors.(Lucas.




alignment,assembly, commissioning,pre-commissioning,etc.

Mounting,assembly,auxiliary for compressors and gas-turbine

installations, air compressors, fire systems,fan coolers pressure

valves, oil coolers, supply water, oil filters, safety pressure valves,

relief valves,airfin coolers, air blowers,etc.

Maintenance, mounting, assembly, precommissioning,commissioning

and repair of steam boilers, type Termorom, (15t/20bar/h), steam

boiler burners of Saake type(supply of black oil) with rotating cup,

precommissioning, commissioning, etc.(including related pipes and


Maintenance, mounting, assembly,alignment and pre -commissioning

of pumps auxiliary to steam boilers; heaters, water pumps, supply

water, proportioning pumps, dozing pumps, air coolers, oil coolers,

ignition, plunger pumps, reciprocated pumps, air blowers, pressure

safety valves,fan coolers, belt conveyer, hammer crusher,etc.

Static equipment; I have carried out the following works:

Overhauling, mounting, assembly and pre-commissioning, (hydro

testing, blowing line,leak testing, etc.),commissioning of the following

all vessels types: condensers, evaporators, piping, pipeline,

(24”,18”,2”,10”,inch,tk.12,10,15mm.),heatexchengers, oil,gas and air

filters, tanks, separators, columns, (all types), filter vessels,all type of

valves, etc., everything in static equipment. Mounting,


precommissioning and commissioning valves and pipelines .

Manufacture, assembly, hydro testing,blowing,line,alignment,leak

testing, flushing line,etc.,(pre-commissioning),commissioning of pipe

layouts with related fittings: taps, valves, non-return flaps, check

valves; change and overhauling different type of

valves(PSV,MOV,PCV,etc.) replace or positioned another new.

Repair of mobile fittings and valves, replacement and sealing of

mobile fittings, gasket replacement etc.,- 1987-2002 Repeat all

applications and operations in mechanical technical department,

(rotating&static equipments in oil&gas plant,refinery and

petrochemical industry plant),etc.

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