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Manager Engineer

Santo Tomas, CALABARZON, Philippines
October 02, 2016

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Ana Maria C. Gilaga

Home Address: Blk **, Lot*, Phase3A, San Antonio Heights Subdivision, Sto. Tomas Batangas, Philippines

Mobile: +63-915-****-***



Nineteen (19) years of experience in the electronic semiconductor manufacturing industry

In-depth Project Management technical skills and capable of managing high pressure in the development of the product from Planning, Designs, Risk assessments until launching to mass production.

Extensive technical leadership and in-depth technical knowledge in company start-up, process setup, Capacity expansions, Process characterization and optimization.

Broad knowledge and experience in the operations (from raw material incoming upto Customer assembly).

Strong team leadership of Engineers and Middle Managers to drive Best Quality of products from inception to delivery to customers at a shorter lead time.

Have established good customer and vendor relations during the course of the projects up to high volume manufacturing by achieving mutual deliverables.

Comprehensive experience in Quality Assurance, specialized in Quality Systems Certifications and Statistical Process Control Coordinator in Integrated Manufacturing Assembly.

Statistical consultant for Engineering Statistical Tools and Techniques.

Demonstrated an empirical dealings to any levels of the organization and business associates.

Comprehensive knowledge and experience in TPM practice, Quality Operating Systems and Quality Certification Audits (QOS, ISO Audit, QS, PQA).

Licensed Chemical Engineer


Group Manager April 2011 – July 2016

New Product Development Group and Design Team

Ibiden Philippines Inc.

Managed both the New Product Development Group and Design team for PCB substrate (40 to 110 employees), from Technicians, Engineers, Leaders to local and Japanese managers.

Developed all the high-end PCB products for chipset for Personal computer with ultra-thin core (0.1mm/0.2mm), ultra-fine line-space designs for Intel products.

Achieved a new customer qualification on FCCSP for smartphones for Samsung products.

Team manager to make as the first supplier of fine-line chipset products by achieving the highest quality & reliability among all other competitors with On-time delivery and high technology advantages.

Overall operations lead to new product qualifications from raw material preparations, process optimizations/characterizations, quality and reliability assessments, ensure all input/output parameters are achieved/monitored, ensure resources are in placed and have regular updates to customers.

Handled Quality and Reliability of all new products being developed, give strategies from incoming inspection until the Final Visual Inspection using AOQL/AQL and other metrologies (Wyko, Nexiv, 3D microscope, Hyper QV, BHAST, HHBT, TSD, MET and Hammer Test.) used to mitigate any risk at customers.

Spearheaded customer Quality System audit for new products that included preparation for all documents and procedures such as: PCP, OCAP/RFC and all documents/procedures.

Conducted company-wide audit to check overall readiness for mass production and for customer qualifications.

Technical lead for customer complaint response for new products and established a good relation to them through regular customer’s development-working group meeting / conference and business trips.

Assessed existing machine/process capability based on the future design-rule requirement and proposed investments for future products.

Analyze a new product profitability by conducting product cost simulation and performed cost reduction activities.

Lead and ensure total yield is achieved at an early stage prior ramping-up.

Establish a long range plan for new products based from market trends/demands in coordination with the customer sales team.

Establish an organizational change and implement group policies, objectives and KPIs.

Develop several leaders and managers both for customer integration and internal team integration.

Deputy Group Manager April 2008 – April 2011

New Product Development Section ; Design Team

Engineering Change Control Section

Ibiden Philippines Inc.

Developed the first thin core PCB (0.4mm core) for chipset for Personal computer fine line-space designs and stricter aspect ratios for Intel products.

First to develop new material for solder resist for the next generation product to improve reliability, thus become the first supplier of Intel for chipset substrate.

Handled Quality and Reliability of all new products being developed, give strategies and identify metrologies to be used to mitigate any risk at customers.

Lead Auditor and overall champion for quality system for New Products by conducting company-wide system and quality audit.

Overall Product & Equipment Development Pillar chairman for 8 years, which enhances strong cooperation of all Managers and Leaders in New product development activities

Expertise in system improvement by establishing an 8-development NPI system that yielded to smooth mass production ramp-up and improved profitability at an early stage.

Led quality improvement and received twice a bronze award at TPM convention.

Set group policies and objectives and ensure KPIs are achieved

Established the first technical training program for Engineers through e-learning.

Developed several leaders and created a team to handle the rapid expansions of customers and new product platforms.

Section Manager April 2005 – April 2008

New Product Development;

Design Team; Engineering Change Control

Ibiden Philippines Inc.

Led customer integrations and had become the no.1 supplier of PCB for chipset makers for Intel.

Team Lead for new process set – up for capacity expansions, and optimization for new advance technology challenges.

Spearheaded the new customer qualification like NVIDIA and TI(Texas Instrument)

Developed more than 80 products including test vehicles and HVM products

Supported the qualifications for the new process (Tin plating) for new customers

Enhanced the overall company systems for new product by establishing 8-development steps system.

Assistant Section Manager April 2003 – April 2005

New Product Development;

Ni/Au Plating Process;

Engineering Change Control

Ibiden Philippines Inc.

Set-up New product development Group of the company, established the Systems

Set-up the Design Team of the company

Spearheaded and pioneered the first new product certification of the company.

Led a successful parallel full company certification for several new customers.

Led new factory set-up and process optimizations for capacity expansions.

Team lead for material sets change to comply RoHS requirement for all products that were qualified by customers.

Senior Process Engineer September 2000 - April 2003

Ni/Au Plating Process ; Engineering Change Control Section

Ibiden Philippines Inc.

Pioneered the company start up and machine set-up until it became high volume manufacturing.

Set-up the surface-finish Ni/Au Plating Line, O2 Plasma and Soft Etching Line.

In-charged for the process operations, improved quality issues, yield improvement, established quality controls and technical procedures of the plating process.

Technical adviser for DIG process (Direct Immersion Gold) to assigned local Engineers.

Company’s first representative to join a working group taskforce between customer and competitors for surface finish-solder-joint improvement in the overseas.

Established Engineering Change Control section and its system to manage all technical changes/improvements within the company, suppliers and customers.

Established the first Process Control Plan (PCP) and the first generation of OCAP (Out of Control Action Plan Procedure) or RFC (Response Flow check sheets), Process FMEA and Process Control Standards (PCS).

Spearheaded the company set-up technical reports to customers and internal Design Review Reports to Top management for qualification and approval.

Trained all set-up Engineers, Facility and Manufacturing staffs on Statistical Process Control which was held in Japan.

Process Engineer 2 February – September 2000

TABGA Department

Amkor/Anam Philippines

Key Contributions:

Process Engineer in-charged for Front End (Dicing, Die Attached and Wire bond Processes)

Qualified a new type of wire for wire bonding which was presented to the customer and was approved.

Improved quality issues of the process, troubleshooting and optimizations.

Established a wire bonding program training materials for newly hired Engineers.

Plating Engineer June 1999 – November 1999

Sumitomo Metals Industry-Electronic Division (SMI-ED)

Key Contributions:

In-charged of Ni/Au Plating lines; process characterization and optimization to achieve the optimum condition for quality and reliability.

Ensured process/line stability during the qualification lot loading.

In-charged of Interplate plating line; supported the investigation of quality issues by doing (SEM/EDX and cross section analysis)

SPC Engineer 2 / Quality System OIC February 1997 – June 1999

PSi Technologies, Inc.

Spearheaded the SPC Implementation of the Company and served as a Statistical consultant and trainer to all stakeholders including customers.

Led the first certification for Philippine Quality Award (PQA) of the company.

Elemental champion and supported the ISO certification of the company.

Officer in-charge of Quality System section (Continuous Improvement team, Internal Audit team, Document Control section, Quality Certifications and SPC Section)

First to introduce SAS JMP Software to the Company and generated Training module of Engineering Statistics using the software.

Conducted the training to all Engineers on Design of Experiment (DOE), SPC, FMEA, MSA and 8-Discipline Training for all employees

Overall champion for Cp/Cpk improvement of the process, company KPIs and regularly report to different customers.


College Degree:

B.S. Chemical Engineering

Graduated: March, 1996

Licensed Chemical Engineer: November, 1996

President: J-PICHE-Panay Chapter, 1995-1996

Vice President: Engineering Honor Society

Granted: University Scholarship

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