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Engineer Technician

California, United States
October 02, 2016

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Art E Jacobson

Engineer Tech


AA degree at diablo valley college Plesent Hill Ca with chemistry and physics taken at San Jaquine community college Stockton Ca 1998-2000

Employment Mare island Naval Shipyard Mare Island Vallejo Ca 1981 to 1995

I optioned employment through the cooperative work and college program I was hired full time at once my Electronics digital and analog associated degree was complete Drafting music and welding were electives.

Engineer technician I operate instrumentation coupled to accelerometer with amplifier coaxial cable to record acoustics produced by said machinery operating at specified speed load or unloaded taken from motor end and pump end data is then analyses and chart record to produce 0hz to 500 hz amplitude vs frequency peaks are labeled and amplitudes are compared to acceped level of critical ball bearing frequency such as Inner race / outer race / ball spin / rotation with balance 1xrotation. Commutator noise etc!

Recommends with engineering judgment appropriate solution for the maitanance program of all noise critical machinery on submarine

Test are preformed at sea wall on submarine and also structure Bourne of our submarine at sea during sea trials with air Bourne analysis noise produce in machinery space spending many days out at sea Travel details to other shipyards also

Metrology program coordinator for the purpose of cirtian calibration of the test insturmentation

Maintains electronic repaire with clarification of results and varify the dependability of the instrumentation Recorders Analysers Amplifiers Cableing Plottors computer production report

Cummincates with officers for line up prior to test and to shop personel and to engineers in written and verbal

Utilize computer Microsoft word program to produce reports "not a programmer " to provide information to required personel

Reads blueprint and drafting with some cad cam experience

My interest are battery technology geothermal solar hydro power generation with efficiency and longevity as the move to alternative energy is becoming a required reality !

I am able to travel for duty as required

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