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Management Sales

The Netherlands
October 02, 2016

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Muhammad Amin

H # D/** Ghazikoot Township Mansehra KPK Pakistan ■ +923********* ■


University of Technology – Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Masters in Engineering Management, July 2015


Risk management, Quality Planning Analysis, Operations, Managing projects, Managing work & People, Judgment and decision making,, System Engineering, Innovation & technology management, Accounting

Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan

Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering, April 2010


C++,C sharp SQL,Data communication & Networking, Engineering Statistics, PHP, HTML CSS & Dot Net(C#), Data Structures, Data Base Management System), Project management and engineering management

Professional Experience

IT Devices Lahore

Business Development Manager


Implementing, developing, supporting and analyzing e-commerce strategies for driving online sales growth, creating best-in-class strategies for product sales and develop an ecommerce experience that maximizes and encourages increased site visits.

Multi-channel services and solutions, Catalogue expansion by doing market research and competitor benchmarking.


SEM (Google, Yahoo and Bing PPC), SEO, retargeting, Comparison Shopping Engines (including Google Search [Organic & inorganic] Google Shopping, Bing, Yahoo, Nextag, Pricegrabber), business development, strategic partnerships, email campaigns, social media and viral marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn), and multi-channel marketing.

Analyzing metrics and KPIs with focus on optimizing ROI/ROAS and maximizing revenue.

Email Marketing:

Creative development, market segmentation, establishing calendar, campaign approval and deployment and reporting.

Managing creative and production resources.

Business Development:

Defining and driving strategic development for company, utilizing relationship management and collaboration skills to forge strong alliances both internal and external, and managing partner relationships.

For new business initiatives: identifying growth opportunities, conducting market research, competitive analysis and lead generation, negotiating terms, and targeting acquisitions.

Team Management:

Managing, developing, recruitment, and retention of Sales, R&D, Procurement, and accounts team.

Creating and structuring commissions, and bonus programs.

Devising and implementing processes to identification of potential in clients, helping and guiding sales team achieve the maximum output from potential clientele.

Producing and analyzing reports measuring team performance. Keeping abreast of latest trends in Sales and marketing.

(Lahore) USA Back office, Pakistan

Jun 2015 till date

Chaudry Transport Service & Automotive industry Sydney, Australia

Administrative Manager / Service supervisor/ QA & QC

Responsible for managing fleet of 35 Cars.

Supplier & Distributor audits

Operations of Automotive service.

Managed meticulous data of car services and spare parts. Designed and maintained databases, queries, reports, graphics and data analysis tools; performed data entry, check reviews, database audits and coding; and defined and validated study protocols.

Managed claims such as accidental claims and driver history to provide customers with highest guarantee.

Prepared roster for drivers on daily weekly and monthly basis.

Negotiated and executed with insurance companies to attain best arrangements for both parties.

Customer service and quality assurance.

Preparation of technical issues Checklist and handover to auto mechanic.

Acer Inc. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Nov 2014 to September 2015

Field service Engineer & coordinator

1ST dec2014 – 2nd feb 2015

Responsible for the migration of Windows XP to Windows 7 for government departments which included both software and hardware. Managed the creation for this build, which included the OS, signed drivers, configurations/settings, and core applications. Provided users with assurance without disruption of daily operations.


Islamabad, Pakistan

Junior Business Analyst & Technical Engineer

February 2014 to July 2014

Responsible for generating innovative solutions to bridge the gap between business and IT to meet company objectives.

Collaborated with Senior Business Analysts in multiple project phases such as: planning, designing, programming, testing, and implementing client projects which supported a successful project management operation.

Developed In-depth technical knowledge, participated in agile project development, and information modeling techniques to streamline projects across the company.


Islamabad, Pakistan

RF Manager, Coordinator &Technical Engineer

1st Jan 2010- 30th July 2014

Engaged in multiple projects with ZTE Corporation, Nokia Networks, and Telenor.

Coordinated with BSS Teams to resolve Issues, such as Handover Failures, Frequency Interference, Faulty & Low Power TRXs, and Sector Swapping. In addition, managed field teams for successful completion of area redesign activity.

Prepared site verification reports, analyzed the log files from the conducted drive tests using ACTIX & MapInfo. Identified problems were mentioned in these reports. By developing a standardized process, identified issues were resolved quickly.

RF & IT support when required.

Providing Customer services for issue verification after site visit.

Preparation of weekly progress reports and presenting it to customer.

Training of newly hired employees.

Assigning of day today tasks and keeping track of them.

Help client in getting things done in due time negotiated with clients on required resources.

Planning, managing and directing a project team to accomplish the objectives of a project with limited, local objectives.

Coordinates schedules and assigns project tasks.

Maintains working relationships with client functional areas outside of IT.

Reviews, evaluates and formulates project plans, schedules and budgets

Relevant Experience


Islamabad, Pakistan

GIS Route Designer

1st June 2011– September 2011

Develop different routes for France roads.

Gps navigation.

Integrate maps with Google earth and provide support to telecom companies for signal testing on specific routes..

Testing & mapping of digital routes on Google earth.

Modification of old routes and areas (Area definition in clusters)

I was responsible for coordination and delivery of weekly report to customer.

Casual Work


Sydney, Australia

Islamabad, Pakistan

1ST Sep 2015- Sep 2015

Level 1 support for IT & Logistics

Responsible for the migration of Windows XP to Windows 7 for Corporate clients eg Westpac which included both software and hardware. Managed the creation for this build, which included the OS, signed drivers, configurations/settings, and core applications. Provided users with assurance without disruption of daily operations.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited: Exchange & Customer Care

Islamabad, Pakistan

IP core, coordination and management

23 July 2009-30th Dec 2009

Making SRS for corporate customer

Document requirements when finalize and approved by customer.

Looking after IP core and providing remote support.

Alarm monitoring.

System Audit.

Coordinated with field technicians to assign them tasks and rook updates document them


Language Skills: Fluent in Urdu, English

Computer Skills: SQL, Microsoft Office Suite, MS project, Windows Troubleshooting,

Project Management & operations: Kano Analysis, House of Quality, FMEA, Critical Path Analysis, Performance analysis and management, foster team work and trust and Resource Leveling


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