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Operator Manager

October 02, 2016

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Senior High School (physic)


Defensive driving truck


Fishing Operating

PCL(pipe conveyed logging), Tool Pusher

Grease injection tool operating(Pressure control Eg)

Rigging up procedures

OH hoist/Reel operational responsibilities and procedures

Ch. hoist/reel operating responsibilities and procedures

Basic down hole equipment case hole

Maintain core gun

Preventive Maintenance

Redress a setting tool

Source handling procedures

Calibration equipment

Wire line re head

Truck FIT (Fast Inspection of tools)

Off shore/on shore

Active participant in team work

Hard worker and capable of acquiring new technologies and concepts

Ability to work under pressure

Driving Forklif.

Extensive knowledge PM I,


All Indonesia area(sumatera,jawa,Kalimantan,Irian jaya)

Brunei darussalam,Malasya,Australia,Midle east(Qatar, Iraq),Vietnam, Papua new guinea


Halliburton Worldwide(PRL)-IRAQ :11/10-07/2011

Baker Atlas/Baker Hughes Jakarta Indonesia :10/00-10/2010

Halliburton Logging Services-Duri Central sumatera : 05/93-10/2000

Schlumberger-Duri Central Sumatera : 05/89-04/1993


Employer: Halliburton Worldwide{PRL}-Papua New Guinea

Located in Kiunga, Heli Rig, Remote Location

Position: Supervisor, Crew chief

Key Responsibilities:

Tool maintenance checks, preparation and deployment.

Surface equipment including hoist unit and ancillary systems application and maintenance.

Control and management of specialist surface operations such as Tool Pusher, Powered Sheave, Seismic, Pressure Control Equipment on a semi sub.

Paperwork, inventory and HSE organization.

Employer: Halliburton Worldwide(PRL)-IRAQ

Position: Svc Slickline,Crew chief wireline,TCP operator(11/10-07/2011)

Located in Basrah Iraq

Responsible as Crew chief wireline,Loading TCP

Under general supervision, receive established instructions on routine work and detailed instructions on well site activity.

Perform basic duties at the well site and shop.

Perform maintenance, job preparation, tool pre-job and post-job checkouts, tool maintenance, rigging up and rigging down, job site supervision of operators, training of operators and maintaining a high level of safety awareness

Maintain records and communications as required by District Manager.

Complete proper job-related paperwork and other records for self and assigned crew.

Ensure compliance with all Government, Country, State, Local and Wire line regulations applicable to Wire line explosives operations.

Drive Company vehicles in a safe manner, observing all company and government regulations, and arrive at well site or other designated destination at scheduled time.

Participate actively in quality improvement efforts with respect to ballistics operations.

Promote and maintain good customer relations.

Carry out all required responsibilities safely as described in Managing Base Operations, Managing Well Operations, Managing Equipment and Logistics manuals.

Perform other related duties as required.

Conduct all business activities

Employer: Baker Atlas/Baker Hughes Jakarta Indonesia

Position: General Operator(L/P) (10/00-10/2010)

Located in Jakarta Indonesia(all operation Indonesia off shore and on shore)

On Loan to overseas (Brunei,Malasya,Australia,Qatar,Vietnam as Crew Chief wireline)

Off shore and on shore job.

PCL (Pipe Conveyed Logging) Tool Pusher.

Grease Injection job.

Pipe Tag job

Case Hole and Open Hole Job

Handle Explosive for job

Employer: Halliburton Logging Services

Position: Operator/Senior operator(Crew chief) (05/93-10/2000)

Located in Duri Central Sumatera,Riau Indonesia

Driving Truck


Wire line re head

Maintenance Cable wire line

Core Gun maintenance

Cleaning and Servicing tool

Prepare Fishing equipment

Rig up and Rig down procedure

Employer: Schlumberger

Position:Junior operator/operator

Located in Duri Central Sumatera,Riau Indonesia

Basic knowledge of hand tools and equipment to perform the job,ie.sheave wheels,pipe

wrenches,spanner,call out to rig up on location

-call out to shop time

-information required prior to leaving

-residence i.e. change of clothes, food

-arrive shop to roll out time


General knowledge of what logging and perforating

Identify specific location and job hazards

Identify Mayor truck components

-Logging body

-Hoist and logging cable

-Hydraulic generator and reservoir

-Tool racks

-Measuring head

Identify mayor rig up component

-rig floor




-dog house

-mud pit and shale shakers

-mouse hole

-cat line

-knowledge of wire line rig up equipment

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