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Engineer Plant

Houston, Texas, United States
October 03, 2016

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Frank Boyd

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Spring, Texas 77379


Senior Process/Project Engineer position that is dedicated to the continuous improvement of safety, quality and efficiency of processes.


An engineer who loves the challenge of an ongoing effort to improve products, services, and processes in a chemical plant. Has over 20 years of experience helping operators, technicians, and management understand how to resolve problems that can occur in plant instrumentation and equipment in order to achieve efficient solutions that increase the quality and safety of the plant environment.

Is unpretentious, honest, and pragmatic, often having a good understanding of how mechanical things work. Can be a veritable storehouse of information on unit operations due to research and a broad background of plant experience. Self-leading and quite adaptable to changes that occur during projects, uses available resources to arrive at practical solutions with a good sense of timing.


Increased production 5% on a 50 ton per day Sulfur Recovery Unit at Atochem by installing a H2S/S02 Tail Gas Analyzer, upgrading the pneumatic control system to electronic developed a Statistical Process Control program to insure maximum efficiency and trained plant operators on the new process.

Developed a custom Cost Estimation Excel spreadsheet that linked all the sheets and included factors for different hourly rates for crafts, management and engineering, taxes and working conditions. These changes saved days in completing the cost estimate and improved the accuracy.

Technical Supervisor for the I&E (Instrument & Electrical) department for 9 years in a chemical plant where trained the technicians on new equipment and procedures, scheduled work and coordinated work between departments.

Saved $1.2 million annually by redesigning sulfonification process at the Fort Worth plant to eliminate solid waste and develop liquid/liquid separation techniques using micro filtration and hydrocyclones. Project included resizing pumps, replacing control valves, upgrading process instrumentation, line sizing and specifying heat exchangers


Resolution Engineering - Kingwood Texas 2003-2014

Industrial Insurance

Project/Process Engineer

Engineering support for Insurance Adjustor on Industrial Claims duties included determination of damage caused by the incident, cause of the incident from process data, cost estimation of damage and review of invoices to insure only incident related cost are reported to the Insurance Adjustor. Claims Processed on Gas Plants, Ethanol Plants, a Coal Processing Plant and a PVC Plant.

Designed a control system for a PVC plant using Allen Bradley PLC's. The control system was for 24 batch reactors and include batch software so that different formulas and operating conditions could be customized for each reactor.

Saved $6,000,000 on an Insurance Claim by determining that twelve (12) batch reactors were not damaged in a fire and could be reused by applying API-579 and API-510.

Measurementation - Coldsprings, Texas 2000-2002

Process Analyzer Systems

Project Manager.

Formed and led a team responsible for design and construction of Process Analytical Systems, which included the sample system design, electrical system design, contract review, scope documentation, customer contact, budget control, scheduling, construction, testing, start-up, shipping, equipment specification, purchasing and document control insuring the project was completed on time and budget.

Design and supervised construction of twenty-six (26) process analyzers installed in Brazil, system included eight (8) gas chromatographs, two (2) H2S analyzers, eight (8) O2 analyzers, four (4) CO analyzers, four (4) moisture analyzers, one (1) house complete with HVAC, pressurization system and alarm system, four (4) shelter and eight (8) racks.

Witco - Houston Texas 1997-1999


Process Engineer

Member of a team of experienced plant personal which did special projects to improve both the efficiency and quality of different processes.

Upgrading a sulfonic acid pilot plant by adding a SO3 generator and instrumentation to collect data for new process development. Duties included writing scope and bid documents, cost estimation, cost tracking, specification and buying of equipment, red line plant drawing, supervise construction and tested system after completion.

Wingo Equipment Company – The Woodlands, Texas 1996-1997

Process Analyzer Systems

System Design Engineer

Designed custom sample systems for process analyzer used in the chemical industry. This included equipment specification, cost estimation, construction and compliance testing.

Designed a system that had eight (8) sample points in room exhaust ducts from different locations in a plant that went to two (2) UV Analyzers that measured the CO and O2. Specified all components in the system, including designing a switch board that would turn each of the sample points on or off. Wrote a PLC program that interfaced with the switch board and complied with the customer’s sequencing requirements.

Fine Organics – Baytown, Texas 1995-1995

Ethylene Amine

Instrumentation Engineer

In charge of the plant instrumentation system which was based on Allen Bradley PLC and Wonderware for control.

Update the operator screens and added control points when new field instrumentation was added.

Added a gas compressor to the plant and updated the control system.

Fluid Data - Angleton Texas 1994-1995

Process Analyzers

Project Engineer

Designed custom process analyzer systems including equipment specification, cost estimation, construction, document control and compliance testing

Designed a sample system for a Class 1 Div. 2 Group B location that required the sample pump motor to be in an enclosure with a X-Purge with meet NFPA 496 requirements.

CDI Stubbs Overbeck @Union Carbide - Texas City 1993-1994

Ethylene Plant

Project Engineer

Coordinated the different engineering disciplines’ and scheduled projects including order of work, man-power loading and cash flow. Developed bid packages and equipment specification.

Replaced the existing two (2) 450,000 lbs/hr deaerators with two (2) 700,000 lbs/hr deaerators that provided water to four (4) 1,500 lb boilers. Calculated the NPSHA for the pumps which required adding height to the structure.

Installed low NOx duct burners on two (2) boilers and updated the burner management system to ensure that it complies with NFPA standards.

Evalca of America – Pasadena, Texas 1991-1992

Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH)

Process Engineer

Made process improvements and troubleshot equipment.

Decreased the batch processing cycle from 24 to 8 hours. The main bottleneck was cleaning and clearing the lines and driers.

Work with an outside contractor to determine the proper pneumatic velocity for conveying the dried plastic pellets.

Atochem North America – Houston, Texas 1981-1991


Instrumentation Engineer

Made process improvement mainly in the area of instrumentation and controls.

Built a Control Room for rail car loading which include a pressurization system to meet NFPA 496 requirement and Micro Motion mass flow meters for flow measure.

Designed and installed a liquid chromatography system for Dimethyl-Disulfide from the bottom of a distillation column. The system includes a pressurized shelter and data acquisition.


Degree, Major, Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas


AICHE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers

ISA - International Society of Automation


Crosby Quality College

Statistical Process Control

ISO 9000

Process Control & Instrumentation

HAZOP & Management of Change

Texas A&M Industrial Fire School

Centrifugal Pump Engineering ASME

Process Safety Management (PSM)

OSHA 1910


Cost Estimation


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