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SP3D, PDMS Version 11.6.SP 4,Cadworx, Microstation/autocad

Houston, Texas, United States
October 03, 2016

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Ron Kaley

Lead/Senior Piping Designer/Checker

Cell 832-***-****

Distinguishing Qualifications

** ***** ** ****** ********** in the petrochemical, offshore, marine, ethanol, and pharmaceutical in addition to gas and Industrial water plants. My expertise includes overseeing projects throughout their lifecycles, participating in preliminary project formulation, and negotiating project scopes. In addition, I have been responsible for writing proposals, developing and designing deliverables, and negotiating administration contingencies.

Selected Experience

CH2M HILL – Houston, Texas, USA 12/13 to present

Piping Lead/Senior Designer/Checker – Water Group Department

Celanese (FEL3 and FEL4 detailed design) (3D Cadworx 15)

Holly Frontier (FEL 3) (3D Cadworx)

Dyno Nobel Energy - Field trip, modeling, and extracting Isometrics for construction. (3D Cadworx 15)

Dow CRW project. (FEL 3 and FEL 4 detail design) (SP3D 2 yrs)

Universal/Pegasus; Anadarko Project Cochina Gas Storage Facility – Houston, Texas, USA 04/13 to 12/13 Piping Lead/ Senior Designer /Checker - Worked on Anadarko Project Cochina Gas Storage Facility. Responsibilities included field site visits, layout of facility, modeling, isometrics, and checking project. (3D CADWorx 12 and 13)

Audubon Engineering; Enbridge Sweetwater and Nine Mile Projects – Houston, Texas, USA

05/11 to 4/13 Piping Lead for gas facilities for Enbridge Sweetwater and Enbridge Nine Mile projects. Other responsibilities included modeling, checking, and scrubbing for the ETC Jackson County project. (3D CADWorx 12)

CDI; ConocoPhillips/Borger Project – Borger, Texas, USA 12/10 to 5/11

Worked on ConocoPhilips Borger Project. Duties included gathering field information (routing lines and relocating equipment) and producing field isometrics for fabrication. Supporting field turnaround effort.(3D CADWorx 12 and 13)

KBR; Yanbu Export Refinery Project – Houston, Texas, USA 09/09 to 12/10

Worked on the Yanbu Export Refinery Project, modeling equipment along with designing multiple area then dropping Isometrics for checking. (PDS)

Nana/Worley Parsons; North Slope, Prudhoe Bay – Anchorage, Alaska, USA 05/09 to 09/09

Worked on the North Slope, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Duties included upgrading well sites, gathering stations, flow stations, and storage facilities.(3D CADWorx/AutoCAD 2009)

KBR – Houston, Texas, USA 10/08 to 05/09

Conoco Philips Borger, Texas Project. Duties included traveling to field gathering information returning to office to model field sketches into PDS working model. (PDS)

Leaf River Project – Modeling/checking/scrubbing (3D CADWorx 12)

ExxonMobil (Technip) – Houston, Texas, USA 10/06 to 10/08

Worked as checker/designer for ExxonMobil Zero pound Flare Header Project. Duties included field walk down on existing lines and equipment. LFM Server/Lazer Gen, View Bubble, and Smart Plant with PDS software. (PDS)

Jacobs Engineering – Houston, Texas, USA 09/05 to 10/06

Piping Lead – BP San Juan Project. Piping Lead on the BP San Juan Project, adding Water Gathering and Salt Water Removal Systems to 160 new well sites in Durango, Colorado. (PDS Version 8.0)

Also attended Jacobs 6 week PDS CLASS.

Worked as Lead on TGP Stations 241,245 & 249 Horsepower addition. Installation of two 3550 HP engine driven compressor units at each site. (3D Bentley)

Western Refining; Cooling Water Project/Hydrogen Unit – El Paso, Texas, USA 9/05 to 2/06

Senior Piping Designer - Worked on the Cooling Water Project. Replacing all underground cooling water lines in there FCCU, Crude, and Coker Units and adding new Cooling Water Headers in existing racks. Field routing all lines from existing users to new Headers. Developed new offsite rack for new Hydrogen Unit. 3D CADWorx/AutoCAD/Board)

Marathon Oil; Veco Engineering Water Storage Building – Kenai, Alaska, USA 4/05 to 9/05

Senior Piping Designer - Designed, developed, and produced Water Storage Building for Marathon in Kenai, Alaska (3D Bentley/AutoCAD)

Jacobs Engineering – Lakewood, Colorado, USA 1/05 to 4/05

Senior Piping Designer – Designed and developed 3D Rebis/AutoCAD piping drawings, equipment layouts, and piping isometrics for refinery projects as well as field walk downs. (3D Rebis)

CBI Howe-Baker; Bantrel Sulphur Removal Project – Tyler, Texas, USA 6/04 to 12/05

Senior Piping Designer - Designed, developed layout and detail equipment using 3D Rebis/AutoCAD for sulphur removal project for Bantrel. (3D Rebis)

Delta-T; Plant Expansions and Grass Root Ethanol Projects – Williamsburg, Virginia, USA 1/04 to 8/04

Senior Piping Designer - Designed and developed several 3D Rebis/AutoCAD piping and structural models, related shop fabrication drawings, orthographic, and piping isometric drawings for multiple projects consisting of plant expansions and grass root Ethanol projects, and skid units. (3D Rebis)

Paul Mueller Company – Springfield, Missouri, USA 8/02 to 10/03

Senior Piping Designer - Pharmaceutical Piping and Structural Designer for a new pharmaceutical facility, Eli Lilly Company, Humalog Project, Puerto Rico. Designed and developed 3D Rebis structural and piping module units. Produced shop fabrication drawings and details. (3D Rebis)

Lauren Engineers & Constructors – Houston, Texas, USA 1/02 to 8/02

Senior Piping Designer - Responsible for conceptual equipment and piping layout and development of all detailed plans and section drawings. Also generated detailed isometrics for construction. (3D CADPipe/AutoCAD)

Nepco Engineering; Southaven 3D Modeling – Bothell, Washington, USA 8/01 to 1/02

Senior Piping Designer - Worked on the Southaven 3D modeling of high pressure, low pressure, and medium pressure steam systems. Checked all systems as well. (Rebis AutoPlant 3D /AutoCAD)

Bender Engineering; Cargo Transfer and Cargo Stripping Piping – Mobile, Alabama, USA 2/01 to 8/01

Senior Piping Designer - Design of Cargo Transfer and Cargo Stripping Piping. Developed model and work areas from model and extraction of isometrics (3D Rebis and AutoCAD)

Jacobs Engineering; Fiona Polystyrene Project – Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 9/00 to 2/01

Senior Piping Designer - Grass root project for Fiona. Worked on the polystyrene project. Layout and 3D modeling of tank and treater areas and associated racks (3D CADPipe and AutoCAD).

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals – Providence, Rhode Island, USA 4/00 to 9/00

Senior Piping Designer - Layout of High Purity Piping in Harvest Area (3D Rebis and AutoCAD)

Koch Refinery; Turnaround Project– Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA 5/99 to 4/00

Piping Designer (Fluor Daniel) - Turn around project for the plant. Koch Refinery - Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Unocal; Offshore Platform – Gulf of Thailand 4/96 to 5/99

Piping Designer (Mustang Engineering) - Piping Design layout of an offshore 250MMSCRD gas production and process platform in the Gulf of Thailand for Unocal Facilities. Included membrane CO2 removal system, compression and liquid extraction equipment (3D AutoCAD).

Jacobs Engineering – Houston, Texas, USA 5/95 to 4/96

Piping Designer - Layout and CAD work for the offsite effort. Provision of plans, sections and ISOs (2D and 3D CADPipe and AutoCAD)

Dow Chemical; Oyster Creek Sites – Houston, Texas, USA 12/94 to 5/95

Piping Designer - Field work at Freeport and Oyster Creek sites. Added Hydrogen gathering system, plans, sections, and ISOs (Microstation Intergraph)

Fluor Daniel; Yukon Project – Houston, Texas, USA 7/94 to 12/94

Piping Designer - Layout on board of rack and air coolers for the Yukon Project. Drawing stress ISOs, piping plans and sections (CadPipe AutoCAD)

CPI / Skanska – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 5/94 to 7/94

Piping Designer - Piping design included adding pumps (HCL), heat exchangers, and associated tie-ins. Field design (2D AutoCAD/Board)

Eli Lilly; Added New T-29 Unit – Shadeland, Indiana, USA 11/93 to 4/94

Piping Designer (Foster Wheeler) - Assigned to the Eli Lilly project adding new T-29 unit in Shadeland, Indiana. Piping design included layout, preparing plans, sections, and isometrics (Microstation Intergraph)

Dow Chemical Company – Houston, Texas, USA 2/93 11/93

Piping Designer - Prepared plans, section, and isometrics (Microstation Intergraph)

Badger Engineering – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 1/92 to 2/93

Piping Designer - Layout of air coolers and pipe racks. Drafting and developing electronic piping models for automatic generation of general arrangement and isometric drawings. Assisted in checking and back checking plans and isometrics (Microstation Intergraph)

Panhandle Eastern Corporation – Houston, Texas, USA 1/91 to 1/92

Piping design included layout of compressor stations, preparing plans section, details and isometrics (Microstation and AutoCAD)

Transco Company – Houston, Texas, USA 4/89 to 1/91

Piping Designer (Fluor Daniel) - Piping design layout, key piping plans and isometrics. Worked on pulp and paper project, and added compressor station for Transco Co (AutoCAD Version 10)

Amoco Chemical; Modernization Styrene Unit – Houston, Texas, USA 6/88 to 4/89

Piping Designer (Litwin Engrg) - Piping design on the expansion of Amoco Chemical modernization styrene unit. Revamp work consisted of locating new equipment and tie-in to existing equipment and existing lines (AutoCAD Version 10)

Vista Chemical Corporation – Houston, Texas, USA 10/86 to 6/88

Piping Designer - Layout and isometrics (Board).

S. F. Braun – Houston, Texas, USA 9/84 to 10/86

Piping Designer - Piping drawings for skid units for offshore platforms. Drawing ISOs and material take off (Board).

Chemic Engineering & Constructors, Inc. – Houston, Texas, USA 2/83 to 9/84

Piping Designer - Piping in several of the existing new units. Added new equipment and routed new pipe to existing and new equipment (Board).

Additional Qualifications

Specialized Software Training:


PDMS Version 11.6.SP 4, Houston Community College

PDS Version 8.0

Microstation / Intergraph


3D CADWorx

3D Rebis

3D CADPipe

3D Bentley



CH2M hire date: December 17, 2013

Reference upon request.

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