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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
$70/per hour
October 03, 2016

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Ankamma Chowdary Tummala




8+ years of IT experience with increasing levels of responsibility. Experience managing a Global IT infrastructure team. Significant experience with outsourced IT service providers.6+ years of budget responsibility. Experience with high volume, high performance database systems. Experience with enterprise-scale data warehouse systems. Experience saving money and time based on new solutions and proposals. Experience in the design, maintenance, and administration of ORACLE 12c/11g/10g/9i. Experience writing, creating, and tuning SQL. Experience in monitoring and runtime optimization of applications, data jobs, replication, and ETL activities including Informatica, SAS, & Maestro.

Proposed, sold, designed, documented, and deployed many infrastructure projects saving the client significant money in managed cost and cost avoidance. Solutions proposed, architected, deployed include HP-UX to Linux platform migration, New oracle VM farm, disk snapshot and clones, advanced compression, Real Applications Clusters (RAC), Database migrations

Development and implementation of Enterprise database services standards, guidelines, processes & procedures, and best practices.

Extensive knowledge on database administration for ORACLE 12c/11g/10g/9iwith experience within very large scale database environment and mission critical large OLTP and OLAP systems

Expert with planning, creation, administration and troubleshooting of ORACLE 12c/11g/10g/9i OLTP (multiple instances)/OLAP databases in production.

Handful of experience in Oracle Installations, Upgrades, Patches, Critical Patch Updates (CPU’s) in various environments.

Worked on HP-UX, AIX, and Sun Solaris, RED HAT Linux and Oracle Linux and Windows environments.

Implemented OLTP COMPRESSION, PARTITIONING, Hybrid Columnar Compression for databases on EXADATA, and the basic, low, high compression methodologies.

Installed, configured and maintained databases on EXADATA X2-2 half rack.

Applying patches using OPatch and OPatch Auto

Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration, troubleshooting Golden Gate EXTRACT and BIDIRECTIONAL REPLICAT issues.

Solid experience in disaster recovery, Database backup concepts and options such as user-managed backup, RMAN-managed backup with or without catalog, operating system backup, cold and hot backup, full backup, incremental, cumulative backup and implementing backup and recovery strategies.

Backup, Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN also profound in using the new oracle 11g features in these utilities, physical database modifications.

Writing scripts in the UNIX based environments for managing the user's roles and privileges, scheduled backups (using Data pump /cold backups), manage statistics, Disk space management Data transferring and Refreshing with export/import utilities, Data Pump and data loading using SQL*Loader and External tables.

Performance tuning of the database - SQL Tuning, Used Tuning utilities like STATSPACK, UTLESTAT, AWR, ADDM and Tuning of SGA, Distribution of disk I/O, Sizing of tables and indexes.

Expertise in Using EXPLAIN PLAN for query optimization and Performance diagnostic tools like SQL Trace and TKPROF.

Experience in writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions Packages and Triggers, various scripting languages such as Perl, awk and UNIX Shell Scripting, geospatial queries.

Experience in advanced Oracle features such as table partitioning, Oracle Streams (Replication).

Extensively used BMC Remedy and Service Now Ticketing systems for monitoring.

Excellent interpersonal and strong analytical, problem-solving skills combined with strong customer service attitude.

Proven abilities in establishing effective task priorities, working independently, and participating as an integral part of a team in fast-paced and multitasking environment.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems

HP-UX 10.x,11.x, Sun Solaris5.8,8,9,10, AIX 5.1,5.2, Red Hat Linux 4.x,5.x,6.x and windows 2003/2005


Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i, Oracle 11g Real Application Cluster (RAC), ASM

Tools and Utilities

RMAN, OEM, TOAD, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, Data pump, Query builder, Net Backup, SQL Tuning/Access Advisor, SQL Performance Analyzer, Data Guard, Cloning, Migrations


C, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX/NT Shell Scripting, Awk Scripting, Perl.

Tuning Tools


Web Technology

Web Portals, BMC Remedy, HP Quality Center, HP Java ITO (OVO) console

(ANTHEAM INC),ATLANTA,GA Mar 2015- Till date

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Anthem Inc. is an American health insurance company founded in the 1940s, prior to 2014 known as WellPoint, Inc. It is the largest for-profit managed health care Company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. It was formed when Anthem Insurance Company acquired WellPoint Health Networks, Inc., with the combined company adopting the name WellPoint, Inc. trading on the NYSE for the combined company began under the WLP symbol on December 1, 2004. On December 3, 2014, WellPoint changed its corporate name to Anthem Inc., and its NYSE ticker changed from WLP to ANTM.


Installed, configured and maintained Oracle 11GR2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) 3 node RAC.

Performed administrative maintenance, monitoring on Oracle database systems in a global 24x7 operational environment

Migrating single Instance Databases to 3 Node RAC environments.

Performed the 12c Upgrade of RAC cluster ware from 11g.

Duplicated issues and tested solutions to make sure problems were resolved properly

Assisted Development and Business analyst teams by capacity planning and cloning of databases to the test environments so they could develop custom applications and perform a variety of tests for quality assurance and issue resolution

Installed the 3 node RAC for the 12c database and administered the 12c databases on these RAC server’s.

Managed testing, assisted Developers, and created backups by Exporting and Importing tables when needed

Established performance tuning best practices used by the DBA and Development teams

Performed the Instance caging for the Exadata databases.

Modified configuration settings when needed due to growth, upgrades and changes to keep system resources adequate

Proactive performance management, optimization and capacity estimation of database environments

Investigation and validation of New database services technology

Manage customer relations on a daily basis.

physical database modifications

Attended Developer’s code review meetings and made recommendations to improve Efficiencies

Streamlined and improved job efficiency by creating scripts for common maintenance tasks

Kept team members and management updated on major issues so they have a clear picture of situation

Worked on databases on EXADATA various compression methodologies including

OLTP compression


EXADATA Query specific

Evaluate all Performance tuning tools used by the team including Toad, Sql Developer, and OEM.

Performed quality control audits

Worked on SRDF (EMC STORAGE) Technology for the replication of the data from source to target.

Supported development teams by providing SQL statement Tuning and removing load and query performance bottlenecks by using tools EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, and TKPROF.

Create repeatable consistent processes used by Developers and DBA’s to ensure a quality and efficient product that enables productivity from non-experts on day one.

Tune Oracle databases and application code using various techniques geared for their unique purposes:

Retek: RESA, RMS, RSS, REPLISMENT, POS, and customized modules.

Data Warehouse: Large extracts, Rollups, Data Mining.

Dot Com: Online high concurrency transactions.

Enterprise Customer: Analytical.

Customer Database: Exploratory and Adhoc reports.

Customer relationship management of performance requests (ensure customer is aware of the plan, vision, and scope)

Ensured that the system was Secured according to company policies and procedures by granting and revoking privileges, giving and removing responsibilities, and defining system profiles for users

Installed and configured EM12C CLOUD Control and Installation and maintenance of Oracle 10g, 11g Data Guard.

Worked extensively on Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Statistics.

Installed STANDALONE servers on ASM, Red hat LINUX.

Provided a positive impression of support center by documenting, tracking, and following-up on all solutions making sure end-user problems were resolved to their satisfaction

Extensively used the Database Resource Manager on the Exadata Server’s and Backup and recovery using RMAN.

Worked on Exadata Production databases and providing the Technical support to Application Support team for performance and database related issues.

Worked on Servicenow Ticketing system to resolve the incidents based on Seeverity.

UNIX shell scripting as and when required based on the requirement.

Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration, troubleshooting Golden Gate EXTRACT and REPLICAT issues.

Worked on SOX compliance establish internal controls and procedures for financial reporting to reduce the possibility of corporate fraud.

Provided appropriate security for users of databases, applications, servers, and systems, by setting and managing accounts, keeping sensitive data secure

Provided on-call support 24x7 for any issues with system by receiving text messages when an issue arose and logging in remotely to resolve those issues

Applying PSU Patches and interim patches whenever required to make the database software up to date.

Creation of new scripts to automate the procedures to generate statistics on database space management for proactive monitoring.

Worked with Oracle Support on more complex and unresolved issues


Oracle12c/11g/10g/9i, Oracle EXADATA X2-2 HALF RACK, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, RMAN, SQL server, Data Guard, Golden Gate, OEM, Grid Control, STATSPACK, Patching, AWR, Explain Plan.

HomeAway Austin TX Nov 2013- Feb 2015

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA


HomeAway, Inc. is a vacation rental marketplace with more than 1,000,000 vacation rental listings in 190 countries, and has 1588 employees. It has operated through 40 websites in 22 languages as of December 31, 2014. The company offers the most comprehensive selection of rentals for families and groups to find accommodations such as cabins, condos, castles, villas, barns and farm houses. Founded in February 2005 and headquartered in Austin, the company became publicly traded company in 2011. On November 4, 2015, Expedia, Inc. announced its intention to buy Home Away.


Performed Upgrades, Bug fixes, Enhancements, and regular maintenance to system by researching, planning, as well as applying patches to databases and E-Business suite to keep them up-to-date.

Provided Technical support and issue resolution to Enterprise applications, hardware, networks, and databases by root cause analysis, assessment, development, and implementation of solutions that meet the needs of users and kept them productive with minimal disruption

Kept databases, applications, and operating systems up-to-date through assessing, planning, and implementing upgrades and patches

Improved the database integrity and increased data accuracy for end-users and management by proficiently using SQL language to troubleshoot, query, insert, update, and delete table data

Installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle 10g and 11g database on OEL.

Supported more than 130 production and development databases

Upgraded the Oracle 10g database to 11g version and also applied patch set and interim patches whenever required to make the database software up to date.

Monitoring Day-to-Day Backups, Log’s & recovering them as per the requirement.

Successfully implemented Backup & Recovery using RMAN, Hot and Cold backups.

Taking the RMAN incremental and cumulative backups.

Scheduling the databases backup using Cron tab and VERITAS net backup.

Extensive experience in RMAN recovery in RAC and standalone database.

Implemented Data Guard with maximum availability, protection and performance configurations and worked with Data Guard Fail over and Switch over cases at the times of up gradation and migration.

Managed and monitored the Oracle Real Application Cluster (2 node RAC) running on VERITAS storage.

Developing conceptual, logical and physical data models using data modeling software including the facilitation of modeling sessions.

Performed Tuning, coding and Monitoring for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) nodes, Production Standalone Servers via Toad.

Implemented DRP (Disaster recovery plan) for critical databases using Streams.

Provided Instance level performance monitoring and tuning for Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical I/O and Memory Usage.

Always monitoring the Oracle Instances, Users, Tables, Tablespaces, Memory structures, and Rollback segments, Redo logs, Archived Redo logs and Alerts.

Created, monitoring database objects like Tables, Indexes, Views, Users, and DB Links etc.

Responsible for capacity planning, recovery planning and installing patches.

Worked extensively on monitoring 10G grid control database, configuration of error notifications, installing listeners, and adding them to the grid control.

Assisted users with performing their job functions more efficiently by installing, configuring, problem solving, maintaining, and uninstalling software on servers and laptops

Environment: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Grid Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control, TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL*Loader, NT, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, ASM.

Penn DOT (Transportation), Harrisburg, PA Aug 2012-Oct 2013

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA


Penn DOT is under the process of migrating their legacy databases and applications from UDB Mainframe to Target systems Oracle and Java respectively. Our team is responsible for designing and developing the schema structures for Target applications, Migration of legacy data to the target database and providing on going production support


Worked on Performance Tuning Oracle DBA (11g &10g) on Solaris 10, AIX 5.2.

Performed administrative maintenance, monitoring on Oracle database systems in a global 24x7 operational environment.

Installed and upgraded Oracle10.2.0.1 database to

Developed a bunch of Index monitoring scripts in order to sort out the unused space occupied in table spaces.

Implemented advanced features of Oracle 10g such as Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) for monitoring database performance. Modified and updated the Performance tuning scripts.

Tested database performance issues (monitoring and tuning) to ensure database optimization.

Managed and monitored the Oracle Real Application Cluster (2 node RAC) running on VERITAS storage.

Created custom services for RAC database for distribution of load across the nodes.

Performed Tuning, coding and Monitoring for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) nodes, Production Standalone Servers via Toad.

Creation of materialized views and fine-tuned them for better performance.

Working Experience with latest TOAD having new features PLSQL & SQL Script Debugger, Database Health Checkup, ASM Manager, Diagnose Extents, Segment Advisor, SGA Trace, Query Builder.

Tuning SQL statements using Explain Plan and STATSPACK.

Modified SQL*Loader control scripts to eliminate while spaces generally used for data loading.

Installed & managed 10gOEMgrid monitoring solution and deployed agents.

Performed Logical backup using and full/partial export/import and Data Pump.

Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups.

Performed Schema as well as Table Level Replication using Oracle Golden Gate and also did set up Disaster Recovery solution using Golden Gate.

Created bit-map Indexes for data warehouse databases.

Involved in the error checking and testing of the ETL procedures and programs Informatica session log.

Worked with ETL group for understating mappings for dimensions and facts.

Configured Physical and Logical Standby database for reporting environment.

Implemented database refresh with the hot backup using full export. Used EXPORT/IMPORT to do table level and full database defragmentation.

Clear documentation was prepared on all the processes like program specification, bugs fixing log & change requests for future reference.

Proactively managed the databases; set up notifications, alarms using shell scripts for managing any exceptions in day to day management of the databases.


Oracle 11g/10g, Solaris, VERITAS, OEM, EXPLAINPLAN, TKPROF, AIX, Oracle 12c RAC, TOAD, Dataguard.

AVIVA Investors, Iowa Sep 2010-July2012

Role: Oracle DBA

Aviva Investors is an asset management company and is part of the Aviva group. It has global assets under management of over £269 billion, including: equities, fixed income, property investments and cash.


Installed and Configured Oracle 10g databases on Linux and also Upgraded Oracle databases from 9i to 10g version using Opatch.

Maintenance of around 200 databases combined on all the production, development and testing environments on various databases (DB2, SQL servers 2005).

Converted a single instance database to Oracle RAC 10g.

Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle 10g RAC.

Involved in RAC administration including 10g Database cloning, tuning, patching and monitoring concurrent manager processing etc.

Configured Oracle Data guard for Oracle Disaster recovery.

Achieved High Availability, Data protection and Maximum performance by maintaining both physical and logical standby databases.

Restoration and Recovery of databases at the times of occurrence of critical failures.

Responsible for installing, upgrading and configuring the Oracle environment by creating databases, storage structures and objects, monitoring and optimizing database performance.

Implemented Oracle database backup & recovery solutions using RMAN.

Extensive use of Oracle Data pump utility for moving data among the servers.

Created User accounts, Roles and granting required access permissions and privileges to the database based on the applications they are accessing.

Configured and implemented Oracle Streams (Advanced Replication) for high availability.

Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups.

Performed automated backups and scheduling using scripting.

Written Stored Procedures and Triggers for database maintenance and management using PL/SQL

UNIX Shell Scripts for backups and Supported more than 300 production and development databases

Experienced in performing Point in time recovery using RMAN.

Used oracle configuration assistants like DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) for Creating databases, DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant) for Upgrading databases and NETCA (Network Configuration Assistant) for creating a Client-Server environment using Listener, TNS names etc.

Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.

Automation of data load and data parsing using Pl/Sql procedures, Korn shell scripting and Sql*loader.

Tested database performance issues (monitoring and tuning) to ensure database optimization.

Involved in gathering requirements from end users.

Continuous monitoring of database performance during peak and non-peak loads using STATSPACK.

Estimate growth of database size by detail analysis of the company's future policies and generating reports for the management to act in advance.


Oracle 11g/10g, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x and 5.x, AIX 5.2, OEM, Oracle 10g RAC, Sybase, STATSPACK, EXPLAINPLAN, IBM Data stage, C++, Web logic, SQL Server 2005.

ICICI BANK MUMBAI June 2007- Aug 2010

Role: Oracle Developer


Database monitoring and performance tuning using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) and Statspack.

Installation, Maintenance and administration of Oracle 10g on Red hat Linux.

Implemented Data guard and administered the production database.

Installed Oracle 10g RAC database on RHEL and applied all current patches.

Database Restore using RMAN, Cold Backup and Export/Import.

Responsible for planning, testing and implementing different backup and recovery strategies.

Used Flashback table to restore tables which is a new feature of Oracle 10g.

Performance tuning i.e. Tuning RAC, tuning applications, shared pool, I/O distribution, rollback segments, buffer cache, redo mechanisms.

Extensive application tuning through STATSPACK, explain plan, SQL*Trace.

Implemented scripts to capture high resource utilization queries.

Implemented Oracle Advanced Security Options.

Maintained multiple terabyte databases on Oracle.

Cloned the production database periodically to the testing databases through RMAN.

Used Enterprise Manager on Oracle10g for diagnostic summary, host CPU utilization, finding wait events, alert Log errors etc.

On-Call 24x7 DBA support for production databases.

Extensively used SQL Queries (Sub queries, correlated sub queries and Join conditions) to handle data mapping.

Tuned the SGA. Monitored the shared Pool, Database buffer cache and Redo log buffers. Monitored Tablespaces and Segment fragmentation. Performed trouble shooting activities, created new users and assigned privileges and roles to users.


IBM AIX 5.3, RHEL, Oracle 9i/10g PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, Exceed 6.2, Oracle Enterprise Manager 9.2.0/10g, Quest Software (5.0), VERITAS Cluster, RMAN.


Bachelors of Technology JNTU INDIA.

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