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Mechanical Engineer, concentrated in thermofluids

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
October 01, 2016

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Seeking for a full time role as a Mechanical Engineer in design & manufacturing related area. Available from August 30th.


Strong skills in 3D CAD modeling, CFD simulation, Thermal Analysis.

Hands-on experience with machines such as TG(Thermogravimetric) instrument.

Quick and avid learner, self-educated in data analysis tool SQL and web design tool HTML/CSS.

Self-motivated in a quickly changing environment.


Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Sep. 2014---May. 2016

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering concentrated in Thermofluids

GPA: 3.7/4.0

Main courses: CFD, Fluids Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Heat Conduction and Thermal radiation, Combustion

University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), China

Sep. 2010---June 2014

Bachelor of Science in Thermal Energy and Dynamic Engineering

GPA: 3.3/4.0


Intern Technician, CITIC Dicastal Ningbo Wheel MFG Co. Ltd. China June---Aug/2015

Participated in accident investigation and wrote the case study.

According to client’s feedback, improved the carriage shelf via designing a set of accessories to avoid scratches by using CAD, and finally this design was adopted by company.

Completed the work of collecting new products’ data from assembly drawings, and then interpreted the theoretical data into practical terms.

Organized relevant engineers to start the project of replacing slag-making material in coating process.

Intern, Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. China July---Aug/2013

Shadowed professional engineers to inspect conveyor belts, sinter plants, coke oven, blast furnaces, and electric furnaces.

Interpreted software and flow diagrams of each system of different plants, analyzed on-site systems' error-prone aspects.

Made an understanding of power plant equipment and control system.

CFD Simulation Designer, CFD course project, Northeastern, MA Fall 2015

Interpreted practical problems such as Convention-Diffusion problem, 2D Steady state heat conduction problem into Navier-Stokes equations that can be analyzed by simulation software.

Used MATLAB to solve Navier-Stokes equations to get the velocity profile at different time with given boundary condition, forecasting future tendency, with both explicit and implicit methods.

Rediscovered the results using varying schemes (i.e. FTCS, upwind, QUICK).

Assessed the numerical solutions from different schemes with analytical solution.

Fluent Simulation Designer, Aerodynamics course project, Northeastern, MA Spring 2015

Adopted C-Mesh (one of the most popular meshes) to simulate NACA 0012 Airfoil placed in a wind tunnel.

Used FLUENT to do physics setup then got numerical solution of this simulation.

Assessed this simulation, comparing result values to data collected from experiment.

Mechanist, USTB 6th Aeromodelling Competitions Sep---Nov/2010

2nd place among 24 participating competitors;

Designed airframe and wings of the aircraft with AutoCAD and fabricated with limited materials

Assembled wings, propeller blade and other supporting parts, then tested the stability, direction, lift, thrust, and propulsion

Manipulated the aircraft to compete with other opponents in the competition


Language: Mandarin (Native), English (Fluent), HTML/CSS, C++, Python, SQL.

Software: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MATLAB, ANSYS, Fluent, Origin, Microsoft.

Interest: Making model airplane, playing Piano, running

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