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System Software Engineer

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
October 01, 2016

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Introduction 704-***-**** (Cell)

**** ********** ****, **********, ** 28075 or 3713 Rolling Road Rd, High Point, NC 27265 I am looking for a position in the Charlotte, Greensboro (NC) or up state South Carolina areas. I have a very diverse computer background, I am a very analytical individual. I know how things work. I am a very good C#/C/C++ software engineer, I am good at applying computers and computer technology to solve problems from small office solutions to complete office/plant/machine automation, from simple camera controls to large machine control systems. The majority of my work has been hands on programming and problem solving. My experience encompasses a wide range of microprocessor and computer related work; from low level programming for microprocessors at the assembly (and C) level including handling interrupts and interacting with support chips to office automation systems under Windows and Unix. I have experience with multiple real time/embedded kernels and RTOS including an introduction to INtime (by tenAsys), VRTX and AMX, as well as

“bare metal” experience.

Full Life Cycle Development (15 yrs) Many of the projects I have worked on in the past included full product development. Including contact with the customer for requirements, creating specifications, system selection, application design, tool selection, application implementation, testing, documentation, customer acceptance, and ongoing technical support and system maintenance.

C# (7 yrs), Maintenance work on Standalone services, client server applications and data mining presentation and back end support.

C and C++ (15 yrs),windows device drivers, real-time control systems, GUI development. From small projects of a few hundred lines to projects with 150,000 or more lines of code. Assembly (8 yrs), from the 8 bit Pic 16F1938 in C to the 8 bit world of Intel 8080, Motorola 8600, Zilog Z80 to the 32 bit world of the Intel 80386 family. Creating assembly level routines to interface directly to the registers on supporting hardware when necessary. Unix(4) I have developed applications based on HP-UX, SCO-Unix and AIX. The projects ranged from an inventory management system using Embedded and dynamic SQL, to a boot loader for a remote system over an HPIB interface.

Windows (12)I have developed multiple applications to run on the various Windows platforms, using windows 7, XP, 2000 applications. These are complete projects including the GUI interface as well as code development. I have also developed DLL’s for use by other developers. Projects have included the use of FTP and TCP/IP to communicate to multiple remote systems simultaneously. My experience also includes exposure to INTime a real time OS that runs with Windows. AMX-VRTX (10) Real time operating Systems by Kadak and Ready Systems, hosted on Intel processor platforms. Applications include CNC control, Dye machine control, Chemical dispensing system, Hot water control.

SQL-Informix/Interbase/Sybase/Microsoft (6) I have developed system using embedded SQL for inventory management and purchase order tracking, as well as a chemical dispensing system using an SQL database for chemical recipe storage. I have a familiarity with stored procedures and triggers. Multi-threaded (15) Applications. During my career many of the applications I have developed have been multi-threaded applications, often requiring real time multi-tasking and multi-system synchronization.

Trouble Shooting (15) Over my career I have gained the ability to quickly identify and solve “bugs” in software. I have experience with various local/remote debuggers as well as in circuit emulators, and logic analyzers.

RSView + Visual Basic + PLC (2) for development of man machine interfaces for use in the automotive and aerospace industries. This project also included an introduction to the Logix 5000 system. Bare-Metal processors (3) I386, Pic 16F1938, I8080, Motorola 8600, Zilog Z80. I have 15+ years in the computer/computer programming field, a degree in Electrical Engineering and a degree in Math and Computer Science. With my experience and in-depth knowledge of computers and how they operate, I feel able to quickly learn any new computer related technologies. Thanks for taking the time to review my following work history and accomplishments! Work History 704-***-**** (Cell) - Tim S. Connell Objective

To become involved with a progressive organization as a software design/developer/mentor. Education

University of North Carolina Charlotte. B.S.E.E, B.A. Math and Computer Science. Experience

MTS (contract) Lexington, NC

Mar/16 to Jun/16, Software Engineer

C# Software development. Some experience with Microsoft compound document format. Software modifications to Embedded shock test machine.

Lionel LLC Concord, NC

Oct/13 to Jan/2014, Sr. Software Engineer

Embedded software development, Atmel Assembly and C. Worked on various projects, including a hand held remote control and Crane accessory, participated in production status meetings and weekly planning meetings. As well as a small amount of embedded “C” development for PIC microprocessors. Troy Group Pinehurst, NC

Oct/13 to Jan/14, Sr. Software Developer

Software development C/C++, firmware for HP printers. RF MicroDevices Greensboro, NC

Dec/05 to Sept/2013, Sr. Software Engineer

Primary Responsibilities include software development in C#, C++, and SQL. Responsibilities also included maintenance, software requirements, and system analysis/design. Software projects have included bug fixes and enhancements and new design of a test data parsing program the parser processed an industry standard binary (STDF) file and placed in a database for later analysis. My current project is a user interface including extensive use of the .NET virtual grid and simple graphics representation of a wafer map.

Mercury Data Systems (Contract to Lowe’s) N.Wilkesboro,NC June/04 to Dec/05, Team Lead/Developer

Responsibilities included coding, analysis, management of work assignments and technical direction. System aspects include concepts for moving data between mainframe and multiple Unix servers. Reviewing QA packets, reviewing BSD (Business Solutions Documents) for adherence to SOX requirements, and assure TSD’s (Technical Systems Documents) are followed. Projects included a small amount of development under Unix. Cyril Bath Co.

Oct/01 to 1/04, Sr. Software Cyril Bath Co. Engineering Responsibilities included design and documentation of user interface software for stretch forming machines for the automotive and aerospace industry the major tool used was Borland C++ Builder and Allen Bradley RSView.

Scholl America Charlotte, NC

June/93 to Aug/01, Project Manager

Responsibilities included hiring personnel, personnel reviews, management of contract personnel, project management, departmental management, interaction with customers, vendors both presale and during startup. The position has also included evaluation, purchase, and installation of software for in house use. During my tenure the department has created a real time control system platform with remote network I/O capability, and five products based on the control system. Technologies include: Borland Builder C/C++, the Metaware C++ compiler for the real time control system, Windows NT, Windows 95, TCP/IP, Unix, Windows 3.11, Dos, Phar Lap Dos Extender, and the KADAK-AMX real time executive with TCP/IP stack. Computer Design Solutions Statesville, NC

Jul/91 to Jun/93, Special Projects Engineer.

Responsibilities included software/system design/development. Customer interface, including on site installation of software and customer training. Job proposals and time estimates. Also performed contract engineering when needed.


Jul/86 to July 91, Software Development Mgr.

Responsibilities included design/develop real time platform for wire cut EDM control system. Platform was 8036 based and used the VRTX Real Time OS. Host control system was written in C++. System hosted interpolator axis control boards and communicated with the Unix CAD system for motion control path. Created boot Roms for PC board to boot VRTX RTOS from HP-UX CAD system vial IEEE-488 bus. 8407 Wellington Lane - Harrisburg, NC - 28075 - 704-***-**** (cell) - 704-***-**** (fax) Work History 704-***-**** (Cell) - Tim S. Connell Major Projects include:

Test data management for IC testing system. This involved unattended retrieval of files from remote locations, processing industry standard STDF binary files, and placing the test results into a database. Logs were created for tracking data. Responsibilities also included a C# .NET application to provide user ability to view and export test information to statistical analysis tools, the test data viewer included extensive use of the Microsoft Grid View in virtual mode. I also created a code level communications interface to an Electroglas 4090 wafer prober. The interface made use of National Instruments IEEE-488/GPIB hardware and driver. The C# interface included multiple threads to handle transmit and receive. The project also included the development of a prober simulator for debugging.

Technical lead for enhancements to a large sales system involving multiple (1000+) retail locations. The system includes concepts for redundant operation, data movement between retail locations, interaction with a distribution management system, and mainframe, reports, ordering and receiving stock, and sales. Designed and implemented a general purpose control system for controlling textile dye machines. The control is DOS based using the PHAR-LAP DOS extender and the KADAK AMX real time executive. The system handles multiple user interfaces, and provides user configurable data logging capability. The system is highly configurable, and will, based on assigned IO, self configure for handling various options and different types of machines. The system includes a set of C++ classes for controlling Digital/Analog/Counter/Frequency I/O, as well as control variables and timers. The project included Windows drivers for arcnet, making use of the windows interrupt call back features, and a DLL interface to the arcnet driver. The system also includes TCP/IP for control to control interaction and coordination of activities, as well as host monitoring. The base control has been used for a chemical dispensing system, a hot water control system, and an automated dye dissolving system, a user interface front end for dispensing and a dye machine control system.

Ported VRTX, a real time kernel to an Intel 80386 processor (AT hardware compatible). This included writing all interrupt handlers for the normal AT hardware, some proprietary devices and the high level (“C”) kernel interface along with documentation. This also included the design/implementation of a communications link to an HP/UNIX system over the HPIB (IEEE-488, GPIB) bus. The system was used to control a wire-cut EDM machine. Design and Implementation of a Real Time Data acquisition system for a Yarn Entanglement System. The system is MS-DOS based, and provides operator control and report generation capabilities. Included in the system are interrupt handlers for the DOS system tick for timing dependent operations, Serial interrupt handlers for an industrialized keyboard interface, and communications drivers for an ARCNET network interface to the control system. The system was a turnkey system and included all user documentation. Design and Implementation of an Operator Control/Data Acquisition system for the Textile Dyeing Industry. The system communicates with a data concentrator device, gathering data, generating reports and allowing operator control. The system runs on an IBM-PC, CPM, and a multitasking version on the PDP11. The multitasking version includes shared memory, inter-task messages for module to module communications. Design and implementation of a circular knit pattern design system. This system was DOS based and allows the user to create a patterns larger than memory. It has an automatic memory paging algorithm for larger patterns. The system is basically an editor which provides for multiple files and cut and paste between multiple files. It also provides a download program which communicates with a knitting machine for transferring patterns directly to machines for execution.

Co-designed/implemented an SQL (Informix, Unix) based parts management system for a leading race team. This system provides inventory management, automatic ordering of parts based on usage, automatic purchase orders, reconciles received parts with open purchase orders, allowed parts to be associated with jobs, job management and costing. Other advanced features include a text based windows management system with context sensitive help and security/logging on a per menu/per screen item basis. The system uses the Informix database engine and runs on a Unix operating system.

Software design and implementation for a Z80 based remote control for a camera surveillance system. The system consist of two Z80 based systems. One system was used as an operator interface, the other provided remote digital I/O to control motors for positioning. A serial link (via RF modem) was used for data exchange between the two systems. The communications link was designed for speed and is completely fault tolerant. The system was written in “C” and was ROM based.

8407 Wellington Lane - Harrisburg, NC - 28075 - 704-***-**** (cell) - 704-***-**** (fax)

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