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Engineer Process and Product

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
September 10, 2016

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Charles D. Miller

**** *********** *****, ******, ** 27713




Process Engineering, New Process and Materials Development, Capital Purchase, Equip- ment Engineering, R&D and New Product Integration

EDUCATION Master of Science, Materials Science and Engineering University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson Texas, 2010 (GPA 3.8) Bachelor of Science, Physics

Muskingum University, New Concord Ohio, 2007 (GPA 3.9) Minor: Mathematics



Process Engineer II 2013-present

Wolfspeed (a.k.a Cree Research, Advanced Devices, Power & RF; soon to be Infineon)

• Performed rapid process development during production ramp of the Wolfspeed silicon carbide power and GaN RF wafer fab/foundry

• Ownership of all thermal processing and wet cleaning/etching processes and tools, in a role encompassing new process development, R&D process integration, equip- ment engineering, and process sustaining responsibilities.

• Developed new and improved materials and procesess:

– Implemented an improved oxidation process for silicon carbide, including working with Tokyo Electron to purchase a custom oxidation furnace

– Developed BCl3-doped polycrystalline silicon films and integrated them into new and existing products, improving film thickness uniformity over 50%, reducing resistance nonuniformity over 200%, eliminating three process steps and two tools from the production sequence

– Developed a critical acid etch process, including purchase of customized equipment, for a yield-critical process, doubling throughput, improving etch- rate Cpk by over 3X, reducing scrap, saving $60,000/year on etch chemicals, and avoiding $400k+ in capital expenditure

– Developed and qualified a streamlined RCA-type wafer cleaning process across all product lines, reducing yield loss from gate failures by 50%

– Developed and qualified a sulfuric acid cleaning process for organic residue removal, supplanting up to 4 other production steps.

– Transferred a laser annealing proces in-house by designing and purchasing custom UV laser marking and millisecond annealing systems, surpassing o -the-shelf solutions in footprint, uptime, and versatility, at a savings of

$1.5M+ each vs. o -the-shelf solutions.

• Managed 19 capital purchase projects from $200,000 to $2M+ each to support si- multaneous product line ramps, prioritizing competing projects to balance evolv- ing production, R&D, and business needs. Ownership of all phases of capital projects including need identification and budgeting, equipment configuration and modification, purchase negotiation, vendor auditing, equipment installation, integration with factory automation systems, process development and qualifica- tion of new and improved processes, training of operators and technicians, and development of operating and maintenance procedures. Semiconductor Fab Engineer 2010-2013

Texas Instruments DMOS5

• Both equipment and process ownership in DMOS5 Di usion, owning metal sinter and anneal, copper anneal, silicide formation, wafer marking, and OCR processes

• Worked with, improved, and modified equipment including sinter and anneal furnaces, wafer markers, Cognex OCR, magnetic anneal, and rapid thermal pro- cessors.

• Responsible for wafer starts and wafer marking. Continuously improved the equipment. Introduced new metrology, including automated inspection sampling system to balance labor, cycle time, and risk. Introduced new wafer marking and OCR workflows, including consolidation and standardization of over 500 production routings. Developed new OCR and automation systems to mark wafers adaptively based on scribe legibility, saving cycle time while reducing customer returns.

• Supported purchase of capital equipment for laser marking and magnetic thin-film annealing

• Continuously improved processes, reduced non-value-added operations, and re- vised preventive maintenance practices to increase productivity, equipment avail- ability and reliability, including ongoing consumable cost savings of over $100k/yr through PM reductions.

• Worked with the DMOS5 Fab-IT team to create server and web applications to improve decision-making and productivity, such as improved SPC and change- control systems. This involved drawing information from legacy mainframe ap- plications, Factory Automation, web applications, typically using Linux servers, Python, Perl, awk, and bash, and large amounts of SQL ACADEMIC


Research Assistant 2007-2010

University of Texas at Dallas

• Graduate research on thin-film photovoltaics including CdTe and α-silicon

• Designed a low-temperature PECVD chamber to study amorphous silicon depo- sition with disilane.

• Created an automated solar-simulator for departmental use for solar cell testing, including creationg of standardized data formats and I V reports, per NREL specifications, to aid collaboration and comparison between groups and projects.

• Explored iron-catalyzed growth of multi-walled carbon nanotube forests, includ- ing extrusion of said forests into CNT yarns and fabrics.

• Performed device design, process flow and mask creation for MEMS research team, involving the creation of nanowire FETs with functionalized gates for de- tection of bio-marker chemicals.

• Employed many material characterization techniques including XRD to charac- terize PECVD silicon crystallinity, SEM and TEM to study CNT morpholoy and chirality, AFM to test mechanical properties of CNT forests, FIB for creation of TEM samples, contact printing and e-beam lithography to define nanowire transistors.

National Science Foundation REU 2006

Montana State University

• Researched proton-conducting perovskite ceramics for solid-oxide fuel cell appli- cations, exploring synthesis and molding techniques, and characterizing mechan- ical and electrical response to various dopants and sintering processes. Research Fellow 2005

Muskingum University

• Refurbished high-current DC PSU and Vibrating Sample Magnetometer for study- ing ferromagnetic materials.

• Created automated control, data aquisition, and reporting tools for the VSM using LabView to control old hardware, capture data, and extract B-H curves.

• Performed machining and woodworking support for Physics Club projects in fulfillment of duties as president of Physics Club



I use Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Sharepoint products for departmental commu- nication and collaboration. I am proficient with JMP, JSL, Perl and SQL for data extraction, data analysis and web programming. I have experience with Python and C++ in the context of the PIL and OpenCV libraries for machine vision. Robots are my hobby, and I enjoy writing C for AVR 8-bit microcontrollers in process con- trol, timing, and sensing applications. I have experience using Linux and Solaris for webservers, cron scripting, factory control and automation, including using x3270 for screen-scraping legacy mainframe applications. I use html, CSS, and Javascript to create websites for training, reporting, and inventory tracking. I also have experience with LabView, AutoCAD, gnuplot, LATEX, Spotfire, and COMSOL. LANGUAGE


Foundational Japanese (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services proficiency test

(JLPT), N5, passed 2015)



programming, machining, homebrewing, obsolete photochemistry and photographic processes, fishing, science fiction, record collecting, history, farming HONORS AND


Featured Speaker, Muskingum University Science Week 2012 misc.

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