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Manager Assistant

El Paso, Texas, United States
$13.00 an hour
September 03, 2016

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Teresa Crittendon

Resume for Employment

Medical and otherwise

August 2016


Current Employer

Las Palmas Medical Center

**** ***** ****** **.

El Paso, TX 79902

Job Title - Hostess/Assembly

Job Description – Work with food service and take dish machine temperatures to insure patient safety. I serve the patients their diet ordered by their Doctor or nurse. Patient confidentiality is always at 100%. Maintaining HIPPA confidentiality at all times. While preparing the patients diet I make sure they get their proper food in the proper way. For example; thickening beverages (, tea, milk), mechanical, chopped, puree foods. All prepared to standards. Working with co-workers for food quality. I communicate with the nurses if the patient wants their diet changed.

Length of employment

September 2015 to present

Supervisor – Jose Hernandez – General manager 915-***-**** or 915-***-****

Aperion Nursing Facility

1101 East Coolspring Avenue

Michigan City, IN 46360

Job Title - CNA/QMA

Job Description - The Assistant is responsible to assist the professional staff by performing various resident care activities and related nonprofessional services necessary in caring for the personal needs and comfort of the residents. Responsible for the delivery of resident care (baths, personal grooming, feeding) as directed by the Instructor, Manager, RN, or LPN. In the case of the student “as directed by” the instructor. Maintains established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance program, safety, environmental and infection control standards. Strives to incorporate the philosophy and mission of The Facility and to incorporate the Facility’s goal of quality care in a personal manner with total regard for individual human dignity.


1. The Assistant provides personal care assistance to residents as directed:

(bathing, grooming, feeding, and toileting)

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria:

Demonstrates ability of administering complete/partial resident baths. This would

include bath, oral care, dentures, Foley care, hair/nail care, shaving, bed making and

cleaning of utensils used.

Assists in the toileting needs of the residents, records outputs accurately. Empties drainage collection devices and completes documentation of BM Book, toileting scheduling, Rehab and nourishments.

Follows Facility protocol for admission documentation. Demonstrates skill in the nursing process. HIPAA Competency – Protects resident’s privacy by insuring resident charts or items with resident data with protected health information (PHI) are not left unattended or left opened.

Demonstrates ability to read, understand and follow individual resident care plans.

Collaboration Performance Criteria

Maintains harmonious relationship with unit and co-workers, providing support and assistance to co-workers to ensure quality resident care.

2. Prepares resident for meals; serves and collects trays, assists in setting up

and feeding residents; serves fresh water and nourishments when indicated.

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria

Completes meal assessment sheet and records oral intakes accurately.

Utilizes proper lifting and body mechanics to prevent personal injury.

Collaboration Performance Criteria

Demonstrates attitude of cooperation and professionalism when working in the Department.

Planning/Timeless Performance Criteria

Organizes work to complete assignments within the required time frame.

3. The Certified Nursing Assistant helps residents with transferring and lifting, raising

residents in beds and turning residents. May apply restraints as directed.

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria

Maintains confidentiality of all resident, Facility and/or physician related information

Maintains resident confidentiality and does not discuss resident in public areas, such

as cafeteria, hallways, elevators, etc.

Demonstrates ability to lift, transfer and transport residents in wheelchair, bed or

care, etc. Utilizes appropriate transfer device.

Demonstrates ability to apply restraints as directed by nurse following the Facility

policy and procedure guidelines.

Communications Performance Criteria

Reports problem areas to the Supervisor

Collaboration Performance Criteria

Identifies when help is required in providing resident care and seeks it appropriately

recognizing own limitations.

4. Obtains temperature on residents whose medical conditions warrants such

monitoring. Obtains urine samples, weights, intake/output.

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria

Demonstrates ability to obtain and record resident’s temperature, pulse, respiration,

weight, intake/output as directed by nurse. Demonstrates the ability to assist with specimen

collection (urinalysis, etc.)

Conducts job duties in accordance with departmental standards

Recognizes and reports changes in resident conditions to a nurse, demonstrates knowledge of complications and asks appropriate questions to clarify the situation.

Communications Performance Criteria

Verbal ability to express ideas and views effectively. Must posses the ability to make

independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.

Record Keeping Performance Criteria

Reports accurate results to achieve the best possible resident care.

5. Regularly checks on residents insuring comfort, dignity and privacy.

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria

Answers call lights promptly; responds promptly to resident inquiries, reports any

abnormal findings or complaints to primary nurse.

Acts as an advocate of the Patient Bill of Rights and assures resident and family

understanding. Demonstrates mission of the Facility by providing quality care

in a personal manner with total regard for individual human dignity.

Communications Performance Criteria

Communicates clearly and tactfully with residents and their families.

Collaboration Performance Criteria

The Certified Nursing Assistant cooperates with other personnel to achieve

department objectives and maintains good employee relations, interdepartmental

objectives, and infection control policies.

Resident Relations Performance Criteria

Maintains confidentiality of all resident/staff nursing home information.

6. Performs related Nurse Assistant duties as assigned for efficient unit operation.

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria

Prepares resident room for admission. Responsibilities include resident orientation to room, providing admission pack supplies, assisting resident with dressing as indicated.

Demonstrates the ability to assist the nurse with various duties as directed. Example of this includes removing and replacing TEDS, reapplication of oxygen, application of specialty mattresses, turning and positioning immobile residents every two hours.

Upon discharge assists resident with dressing and packing. Cleans room of supplies/linen prior to terminal cleaning by housekeeping. Demonstrates ability to assist with post mortem care.

Communications Performance Criteria

Listens well and effectively communicates in writing and orally

Resident Relations Performance Criteria

Maintains and improves resident optimal level of functioning and nursing rehabilitation. Recognizes changes in resident’s condition and asks appropriate questions to clarify the situation. Reports changes to Unit Manager.

1.Attends all in-services and meetings as required

Application of Knowledge Performance Criteria

Projects poise, authority, and a positive image. Wears appropriate clothing and accessories, giving proper attention to personal hygiene. Wears Facility ID badge while on duty.

Infection Control Competency: Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to all infection control procedures including proper hand washing techniques, contact with blood spills and standard precautions

Attends all mandatory in-services. Attends department meetings as required and scheduled.

Length of employment

May of 2011 til August 2015

Crystal Fields/Staff Scheduler 219-***-****

Reason for leaving – Moved to Texas

Previous Employer

Indiana State Prison 2000-2011

Job Title – Correctional Officer

Job Description

1) Guards inmates in penal institution in accordance with established policies, regulations, and procedures: Observes conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes.

2) Inspects locks, window bars, grills, doors, and gates for tampering.

3) Searches inmates and cells for contraband articles.

4) Guards and directs inmates during work assignments.

5) Patrols assigned areas for evidence of forbidden activities, infraction of rules, and unsatisfactory attitude or adjustment of prisoners.

6) Reports observations to superior.

7) Employs weapons or force to maintain discipline and order among prisoners, if necessary.

8) May escort inmates to and from visiting room, medical office, and religious services.

9) May guard entrance of jail to screen visitors.

10) May prepare written report concerning incidences of inmate disturbances or injuries.

11) May be designated according to institution as Correction Officer, City Or County Jail; Correction Officer, Penitentiary; Correction Officer, Reformatory.

12) May guard prisoners in transit between jail, courtroom, prison, or other point, traveling by automobile or public transportation and be designated Guard, Deputy.

Reason For leaving – Career change

References Available upon request. Thank you for viewing.

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