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Management Data Entry

Killeen, Texas, United States
October 27, 2016

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**** ***** **, *******, ** ***** H: 254-***-**** C: 254-***-**** Competent Logistical skills with over eleven years within the complex government supply operations, along with eleven years managing effective teams in logistics management in a warehouse setting. Efficient transportation logistics professional well-versed in materials management and inventory reconciliation. Highly organized and detail-oriented with a talent for accurate shipment tracking and problem resolution. Knowledgeable about logistics analysis, scheduling and inventory management. Held active Secret Security Clearance and valid Texas driver's license. 18 yrs service in the U.S. Army. trained in the Medical Field. Experience in many area's from patient care to administration. Honorable discharge in 2000. Currently, disabled veteran. Supply chain and resource management

Warehouse management systems

Materials accountability

Procurement specialist

Training and development


PeopleNet background

Natural mentor

Superior negotiation skills

Over-the-road transportation

Excellent time management

Skilled multi-tasker


Small parcels

Data entry expert


Responsible for maintaining medical records, prepared documents, sorting and filing completed doctor notes and putting patients history in those records. Assisted other clerks, cultivated a positive rapport with fellow employees, communicated problems with head Nurse,

Cultivated a positive rapport with fellow employees to boost company morale and promote employee retention. Monitored the flow of patients in a clinical setting, to assure no overcrowding in the emergency room. Gathered information, scheduled and re-scheduled appointments with patients, appointment dates and times.

.Prioritized patients by the seriousness of a injury or illness before presenting them to a nurse. Answered many questions referring to tri-care, and made patients feel as comfortable as they could while waiting to see a doctor.

Ensured all personnel in the clinic were safe, and security was on hand. Assisted nurses with moving patients or loading them on a gurney for movement from room to room. DIRECTOR, 02/2001 to 10/2002


Supervised and responsible for maintaining the operation of the club. Maintained a monthly work schedule for a staff of six members, and prepared task for volunteers whom assisted in the club. Oversaw the daily activities and ensured the safety of the staff and children. Minimized damages in the club, placed work orders when items needed repairs. Handled disputes or issues with staff or the children, took corrective actions to maintain a cohesive and fun place to work.

Communicated and interacted with parents, about problems with a child, and how to handle these problems. Established a positive rapport with fellow employees, families, and the youth, and boost morale and promoted good child behavior with special projects, and listened to them about ways to enjoy their time in the club, to maintain the youth retention.

Wrote reports and gave oral presentations to keep employees up-to-date on company goals and achievements. Reported daily briefs to the, Executive Director for approval of upcoming events or activities, repairs, discipline issues, damages with equipment.




Determined the most cost-effective procedures and efficient ways, for the youth to help out in the clean up at the end of the day, and to instill pride in them for having a place they could be and feel apart of, a place they would want to come back to.


PROFESSIONAL CONTRACT SERVICES Inc. PCSI – FORT HOOD, Tx Maintained supply operations while down loading vehicles and issuing parts. Maintained a work station and utilized the Standard Army Retail Supply System(SARSS1), Material Release Order System(MROCS). Gathered, logged and monitored all shipping data.

Minimized damage and repair costs through careful management and preventative maintenance. Took corrective action in the case of accidents and delays to minimize extra expenses. Managed shipment schedules to maximize productivity and cut costs. Reviewed and analyzed data from companies in non-competing industries to amass strategic insight. Communicated with dispatchers, warehouses and customers regarding outgoing orders. Prepared documents for shipment claims submissions. Prioritized order security, accuracy and on-time pickup and delivery. Responsible to ensure customers received orders in a timely manner. Supply Clerk/Material Handler, 01/2005 to 07/2016


Gathered, logged and monitored all shipping data. Responsible for ordering, receipt, inventory and issuance of an excess of $10 million of Class IX repair parts via ULLS-A (E) Inspected various Modification Work Order Kits,(MWO) Blue Force Tracking Kits, (BFT) and the Common Missile Warning System, (CMWS) Kits.

Utilized ULLS to process air frame parts for OH-58 aircraft and UH-60 model aircraft. Prepared documents for shipment claims submissions. Conducted daily vehicle logs performed Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) on forklifts, gators, and other wheeled vehicles. Record and report all discrepancies to maintenance for repairs. Oversaw the operation of the tool room. Conducted inventory and researched special tools and equipment valued at $1.5 million.

Oversaw return and exchange processes from customer to supplier. Prepared hand receipts and ensured they were place for tools that are signed out for extended periods of time enhancing accountability.

Responsible for more than $6.5 million of special tools and equipment with zero loss or inventory discrepancies at FT.Sill, OK.

Recommended over peers to relocate for 5 months to enhance logistic operations of the tool room improving inventory accuracy by 75% at Ft.Sill,OK.

Trained as the assistant calibrations clerk for all equipment requiring calibrations. Spearheaded transportation operations during the transport of items to various MWO sites, also coordinated shipments to be shipped globally, in support or the MWO teams. Inspected all kits throughout the transition of shipping and receiving process. Maintained over 1500 lines of bench stock aviation repair parts for OH-58 aircraft's. Selected above peers for TDY duty at Ft.Bliss,Tx, 11 days to assist with the transfer of equipment for movement to Ft.Hood, Tx. Responsible for inventorying all supply assets, and accurate accountability of Bench Stock and Shop Stock. Assured all hand receipts were current and equipment was accountable by hand receipt holders Planned, coordinated and conducted numerous supply section social functions to build motivation and create camaraderie within the supply section.

High School Diploma: N/A

Central Texas College - Killeen, Tx

Continuing education.

High School Diploma: N/A

Hutchinson Community College - Hutchinson Ks.

Certificate of Completion: Timekeeping, April 9,2013 Certificate of Completion: AT LEVEL 1 Awareness Training, May 22, 2013 Certificate Of Training: Annual DoD Awareness Challenge Exam (NON CAC) June 25, 2013 Diploma: 2013 Code of Ethics Awareness Training, July 16, 2013 Certificate Of Training: WNSF-Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Course, July 24 2013 Certificate of Completion: Phishing Awareness, July 29, 2013 Certificate Of Training: WNSF- Phishing Awareness v2.0, July 30, 2013 Certificate Of Training: WNSF-Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Storage Media v2.0 Certificate of Completion: 2015 Timekeeping: Accurately Recording Time Worked v4 Course ID 2314, May 5, 2015 EDUCATION


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