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IT Technician

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
October 27, 2016

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Tristan Herrera

**** ****** **.

Cheyenne, WY



Mechanical Skills

-Electronics; Built functional gaming computer, Replace various faulty hardware

components from various generations of technology from IDE hard drives and DDR1 memory to SATA3 and DDR3, Repair electronic clock radio.

-Electrical; Basic circuitry, Cable management for entertainment setup.

-Mechanical; Repair vacuum cleaner, flagstone path laying, carpentry work on desk’s,

shelving unit, aide in roof repair, subflooring, and sheetrock.

Software Skills

-Diagnostic Tools; Use of diagnostic programs for troubleshooting

ex. Command Prompt, Computer Management, Event Viewer, Resource Monitor,

etc. in Microsoft Windows. Use of Linux programs and command line utilities ex. ~chntpw,~cp, ~install, ~du, etc. Use of third party utilities such as Hyena and various remote desktop programs.

-Networking; SOHO setup and management, troubleshooting connectivity issues in

LAN, and PAN, Administrative networking using Hyena, was just being trained to use as I was leaving.

-Productivity Programs; Course on how to use features in Microsoft Excel and Word.

Interpersonal Skills

-Communication; Regular communication with people due to full-time volunteer work

to teach people how the bible can benefit them.

-Teamwork; Maintain structure in a hierarchical environment to support leader or being leader to maintain productivity.


Major Employment

-IT Technician; 2-9-2016 ~ 7-22-2016 for Invictus Healthcare Solutions aiding

in technical support for client businesses. Hardware repair and troubleshooting, Network printer setup, Software install and troubleshooting, Internet connectivity resolutions, and Deployment and setup of new computers and Sohos. Left due to external family matters, family moved across country, I with them.


-Help family and friends with personal technical problems, updating software,

installing applications, virus removal, replacing CPU motherboard and hard

drives, turning on televisions and changing channels.


-Former Employer

-Johnny Compean, Founder of Invictus Healthcare Solution




-High School Diploma; Credits in higher maths of Calculus and College Algebra,

Partial schooling in International Baccalaureate program for two years,

Graduated one year early in Junior year of high school and in the school’s top

ten percent.

-Post-High School; COMPTIA A+ certification, Training school for full-time activities in volunteer work for religious organization.


I would like to thank you for considering this resume and convey my desire to improve my skills in the IT field, to continue to progress, learn more, and gain a better understanding of the field. I may not have much long-term experience from my former employment due to moving across the country, but I wish to seek such experience to make myself a more valuable employee.

Thank You,

Tristan Herrera

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