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Engineering Microsoft Office

Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
October 27, 2016

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Mohammed M. Ali

*** *. **** **., ***.*** 208-***-****

Kalamazoo, MI 49006 OBJECTIVE

Strong background in Electrical and Computer engineering courses and printed electronics such as Screen and Gravure printing techniques.

Two years of experience in designing, fabricating, testing and analyzing of different types of sensors.

US permanent resident since 2012 (Green Card holder). EDUCATION

M.Sc. Electrical & Computer Engineering (Sep 2014-Jun 2016) Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

GPA: 4.0

Thesis title: “Development of Strain and Pressure Sensors on Flexible and Stretchable Platforms” Advisor: Dr. Massood Atashbar

B.Sc. Control and System Engineering (Sep 2005-Jun 2010) University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Achieved rank 4th out of graduates in B.Sc. Engineering Project title: “Design and Construction of a Direction Finder System for the Sound Source” WORK EXPERIANCES

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Grader at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Sep 2016- Present

ECE 4500/5540 Digital electronics, under the supervision of Prof. Janos Grantner.

ECE 5450 MicroElectro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), under the supervision of Prof. Massood Atashbar. Safe Sense Technology, Kalamazoo, MI

Design Engineer, May - Jul 2016

Developed the design of impact pressure sensors using OrCAD PCB Editor.

Fabricated a tester pressure sensor using screen printing technology. Office Depot, Kalamazoo, MI

Sales Consultant, Aug 2014- Apr 2015

Worked as Tech Consultant of laptops, printers, and other electronic devices.

Fixed customers pc’s that have problems according to the policy of office depot.

Performed cashiering task and other additional tasks such as tagging, shelving and stocking. EF Education First Ltd, London, UK

Student affairs Assistant, Sep 2012- Mar 2014

Coordinated between EF school and the new students to complete their paperwork such as applications, financial papers and personal documents.

Followed up with the students to arrange the travel issues including accommodation, transportation and visa.

International Relief and Development, Amman, Jordan Archive Assistant, Jan2011–Jun2012

Organized archival records to facilitate access to materials using MS Word and Excel.

Resolved administrative problems by coordinating reports, analyzing data, and identifying solutions. SKILLS

Mentor Graphics, COMSOL Multilayers, IAR, MATLAB, LTSpice, PSpice, Lab VIEW, Automation, Electronics workbench, AutoCAD, C++, VB, PLC programming, Arduino, STM32 and Microsoft Office. AFFILIATIONS AND AWARDS

Member/ IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering) since 2014.

Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities (LAHC) Award for 2015-2016. B.Sc. COURSES

Advance Control, Adaptive Control, Process Control, Computer Control, Robotics, Interface, PLC, DSP, Microcontroller, Pneumatic, Communication, Mathematics, Microprocessor, Heat Transfer, Logic Control, Mathematics, Power and Electricity.


Electronic Instrumentation, Digital Electronics, Microcontroller Applications, State Space Control Systems, Modern Control Systems, Neural Networks.


1. Printed Flexible and Stretchable Strain Sensor (Thesis Project). 2. Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensor (Thesis Project). 3. Design a dual 4 4-Bit Register Bank (SRAM) and Design an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) (Digital Electronics).

4. Use an STM32F4XX microcontroller to Control the start, end and speed of the motor that drives the conveyor belt (Microcontroller).

5. Study of a Simple Neuron Circuit Model, Ion Channels, Resting Potential and the Nerve Impulse and Design of a Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network Classifier and Approximator (Neural Networks). PUBLICATIONS

Journal Papers:

[1] A. Eshkeiti, Z. Ramshani, S. Emamian, A.S.G. Reddy, B.B. Narakathu, M.M. Ali, M. Joyce, P.D. Fleming, B.J. Bazuin, M.Z. Atashbar, “Design, fabrication and analysis of printed wavy lines for stretchable electronic devices”, Advanced Materials Technologies. (Submitted)

[2] M. M. Ali, B. B. Narakathu, A. A. Chlaihawi, A. Eshkeiti, S. Emamian, D. Maddipatla, F. Aljanabi, B. Bazuin, D. Fleming, M. Joyce and M. Z. Atashbar, “Printed Strain Sensor Based on Silver Nanowire/Silver Flake Composite on Flexible and Stretchable TPU Substrate”, IEEE Sensor Journal. (In Progress to Submit)

[3] M. M. Ali, B. B. Narakathu, A. A. Chlaihawi, S. Emamian, F. Aljanabi, D. Maddipatla, B. Bazuin and M. Z. Atashbar, “Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensor Based on PDMS Substrate and Ga-In Liquid Metal”, IEEE Sensor Journal. (In Progress to Submit) Conference Papers:

[1] A.A. Chlaihawi, S. Emamian, B.B. Narakathu, M.M. Ali, D. Maddipatla, B.J. Bazuin, M.Z. Atashbar, “Novel screen printed flexible magnetoelectric thin film sensor”, 30th Eurosensors Conference, September 4-7, Budapest, Hungary, 2016. (Submitted)

[2] A. Eshkeiti, Z. Ramshani, S. Emamian, B.B. Narakathu, A.S.G. Reddy, M.M. Ali, A. Chlaihawi, M.K. Joyce, D.P. Fleming, B.J. Bazuin, M.Z. Atashbar, “A stretchable and wearable printed sensor for human body motion monitoring”, 14th IEEE Sensors Conference, November 1-4, Busan, South Korea, pp. 934-937, 2015. (Published)

[3] M. M. Ali, Binu B. Narakathu, Sepehr Emamian, Amer A. Chlaihawi, Farah Aljanabi, Dinesh Maddipatla, Bradley J. Bazuin and Massood Z. Atashbar “Eutectic Ga-In Liquid Metal Based Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensor”, IEEE Sensor Conference, 2016. (Submitted)

[4] Farah Aljanabi, Binu B. Narakathu, Sepehr Emamian, M. M. Ali, Bradley J. Bazuin, Paul D. Fleming and Massood Z. Atashbar

“Detection of Cocaine Using Gravure Printed Silver Nanoparticle based SERS Substrate”, IEEE Sensor Conference, 2016.


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