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Software Developer Service Representative

Chicago, Illinois, United States
October 27, 2016

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**** *. ****** ***.

Home Phone: 773-***-****

Chicago, IL 60619

Cell Phone: 773-***-****


OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a Software Developer and System Test Engineer or a position that best suits my qualifications and experience. SKILLS

Proficient in Perl, XML, HTML, XHTML, XSLT, AJAX, CSS, SOAP, Z, UML, C/C#/C++, JSP, ASP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, SQLJ, ORACLE (11g), ColdFusion (CF), PLSQL, MYSQL, MS .NET, ASP .NET 3.5/4.0, Spring/Struts MVC, WEB Service JDBC, Python, PHP, LINUX/UNIX Shell, Web Server: TOMCAT and Application Server JBOSS.

Proficient with lab skills and debugging tools, EES, SMITS, ANT, JUNIT, TES, and TMS Database

Excellent experience with System Testing

Familiarity with Wireless Technology, Common Channel Signaling No. 7 (SS7).

Knowledge of Data Networking, Webb Development (Python), TCP/IP, NT, Voice over IP (VoIP).

Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Highly flexible and excellent team player.


Self-Education June 2012 still now

After I finished my education knowing that technologies is evolving, I consistently engage myself in an online Schooling taking advantages open source application to write and compile code written in Java, C++, Python, MYSQL, JUNIT and other related new applications in today Technologies market. COMPUFIND, INC. March 2003 to June 2014

As a self employed currently, I’m an information System consultant for this company. I handle all the computer system operation. Work including updating and repairing Customers computers. Teaches four group of staff members Computer basic languages; C, C++ and Java. Since Technology is evolving, I constantly update my knowledge by reading Technical books, including wireless Technologies. Familiarity with JavaEE application, MVC(Spring) and MVC(Struts) . Using open source software to write and compile code written in Java, Java Script, VB Script, Python, HTML, C, C++ and Sqlj. Making sure the program works and bug free. Apache Ant is used to automate this process. Lucent Technologies November 1997 to November 2002 5ESS Core Switch Maintenance

Software Developer for Message Handler Ethernet Interface Bus (MHEIB) Responsible for High Level/Low Level Design, development and testing of (MHEIB) trigger functions for ENETPIPE, ENETLINK, and ENETGW.

Software Developer for Dual Packet Switch Unit (DUALPSU) Responsible for High Level/Low level design, development and testing for Peripheral Fault Recovery (PFR) for both North American and International markets. Executed deliverable test for PFR, and provided fixes for bug found during deliverable and feature test.

System tester for PSAX project

Responsible for installing new load, and acceptance testing for IWGS and PSAX for Core Switch Maintenance.

Regression Tester for Large Tandem Switch OIU-E1 – INTL/CM3 N*TMS Regression test Optical Interface Unit (OIU-E1) in International labs to ensure non-breakage of existing functionality.

System Tester for Message Handler Power PC (MHPPC) Responsible for writing test procedures for Program Update and Application Call Processing which included Billing/Echo Cancellation and Message Transport with MHPPC.

Software Update Coordinator

As an SU (Software Update) coordinator, I participated as an SU tester for our group and was also responsible for IMRs from subsystems SMIM, SM, and CM to be SU tested in North America and International for our department. Coordinated an average of 6 IMR’s a week. Manpower/IBM US ICAR October 1995 to November 1997 Technician responsible for fixing equipment used in the field for IBM engineers. Job included: troubleshooting; understanding schematic diagrams; and understating a variety of parts such as chips, diodes, capacitors, and inductors. Worked with 453/454/465/475/2445/2465 Tektronix scopes used for monitoring signals in equipment, and six different types of circuit boards. Worked with digital Multimeters including: 8020/ 8060/8062 Fluke meters. Field engineering uses this equipment for measuring resistance, current, and voltage.


DePaul University

Masters Degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) Winter 2008 Northern Illinois University

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1990 PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION

Successfully completed the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation Certification Testing. Engineer in Training (061-023045), 1990 PERSONAL

U.S. Citizen

Sports Activities: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, and Jogging REFERENCES

Tom Denton 630-***-**** Lucent Technologies Leo Rasberry 630-***-**** Lucent Technologies

George Hart 630-***-**** Lucent Technologies (peer) Carolyn Rattliff 630-***-**** Lucent Technologies 2000 N Naperville Rd,

Naperville, IL 60566

Andrew Asunmo 773-***-**** COMPUFIND, INC.

3828 N. Broadway

Chicago, IL., 60613

Pat Reese 312-***-**** IBM US ICAR

Ron Holt 708-***-**** IBM US ICAR (17/493), One IBM Plaza Chicago, IL 60611

Vicki Styer 312-***-****

Service Representative

Manpower Chicago, IL, 60611

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